Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 74 She Wouldn't Be Able To Join You

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Inside the study chamber, a little snow fox circled the room as he chased an all-powerful Fox G.o.d.

The Fox G.o.d in question who was being pursued had tried to reason with his vigorous son, but every time he stopped moving, the boy would catch a hold of him and bite him, trying to rip his flesh off!

Eventually, Bai Zhang lost his cool, "Would you wait for one second?!"

Bai Qingyue caught hold of Bai Zhang's backside again and bit down hard.


He may be a small fox, but the murderous intent was still there! Bai Zhang's poor bottom probably had changed colours by now.

Bai Zhang groaned in despair, letting his son vent.

Feeling the cub's jaw was slackening, he lifted him by his nape with his long fingers and confronted him at eye level.

Bai Qingyue's ears drooped as he sulked. There was only so much he could do to avenge Li Meirong when he was just a powerless fox.

"I hope you'll be content, I'm certainly going to be left with purple marks on my a.s.s for G.o.ds knows how long!"

Knowing that did make Bai Qingyue feel better, but it wasn't nearly enough!

"You almost killed my wife!" Bai Qingyue shouted, swinging his paws at Bai Zhang's direction, but sadly he couldn't do any harm because he was being held at an arm's length.

Bai Zhang sighed, one day with his son and he had already concluded that parenthood wasn't easy at all.

He held his hand up to offer a truce but had his palm scratched the moment he was close enough to reach.

As Bai Zhang's blood dripped on the marble floor, he said, "What matters is that she's alive and well. I will make amends, as her father-in-law and as her Grandmaster."

Bai Zhang couldn't care less about common mortals, but Li Meirong had now become his son's intended, he had to change his att.i.tude towards her accordingly.

With his arms folded together, Bai Qingyue snorted in contempt, "Humph, you'll have to put in a lot of effort. I have a list of demands."

Bai Zhang already felt his back sweating, he knew all too well to never negotiate with foxes since he was one himself. They always have the upper hand in a bargain.

Seeing his son had grown more relaxed, he dropped him onto the chair again. His cut had already vanished as if it was never there.

The awkward family sat in front of each other once again while Bai Qingyue listed his set of demands.

With his claw extended, Bai Qingyue arrogantly began his extortions. "First, you must always side with Li Meirong and you must provide her with every and any comfort she desires in the time she vacations in your sect."

Blinking his eyes, Bai Zhang wondered what his son considered this sect as, a temporary trip from home?


"You must give Li Meirong the best position possible during her stay."

Zhu Zhang covered his forehead with his hand. This would take a while...he was basically asking him to breach protocols that he himself created!!

"Li Meirong was taken in as an outer sect disciple, with your powers merged inside her, naturally she would be skilled a lot more than necessary to become an inner sect disciple. However, I already have a cultivator sitting in the position of a succeeding disciple which is the highest rank in the division I control before my own. My succeeding disciple was the girl whose face you scratched raw."

Bai Qingyue huffed, feeling his reasoning was justified. "All the more reason to make some changes. You're harbouring such vile humans in the sect. Kill that tramp and put my woman at her position."

"It's not possible to make such a drastic change. Liang w.a.n.g Yan has remained loyally at my side since she was a young girl, it would be too much to remove her without a cause or reason." Before his son argued back, Bai Zhang quickly added, "But I can take Li Meirong as a secondary disciple, she's my daughter-in-law. I will treat her well."

Bai Qingyue glared at Bai Zhang as if to say "You better!"

The fox cub said, "I descended to the earthly plane due to a lightning strike tribulation and since then a large chunk of my acc.u.mulated energy was drained. The remaining strength I had left was transferred to my wife, so now I will need you to let me borrow your acc.u.mulated energy." Indefinitely.

Bai Zhang could already discern the meaning behind the word "Borrow", but it didn't matter to him. It was his son and the least he could do, but there were a lot of loopholes in his story and there was much he had yet to know about him.

"I have not yet head your name…" said Bai Zhang, purposefully avoiding his son's demand with his response.

"Bai Qingyue." Was the cub's curt answer.

Bai Zhang nodded, pleased. He was afraid for a moment that the Sovereign Lord of his clan was actually named "s...o...b..ll".

"A favourable name, Overturning The Moon. Our clan always had close ties with Chang'e, the Moon G.o.ddess." Bai Zhang said in appreciation as he held his hand to his chin and added, "I a.s.sumed you kept your status hidden from Li Meirong but now that you are married, that means she is aware of your position as Fox G.o.d. It's good that everything went smoothly with you and her. Very good! Certain humans don't take well to having relations.h.i.+ps with deities, they would rather have a spouse who is human, like themselves."

Bai Qingyue's golden eyes darted around the room, his tail nervously swished left and right as he said, "About the marriage...she doesn't know yet. She thinks I'm her Spirit Beast named s...o...b..ll."

"..." Bai Zhang was too speechless to ask.

How did they even marry?!

Bai Qingyue cleared his throat and said, "Well, are you going to transfer me your energy? I need to prepare my ascension. We will stay awhile but I cannot be gone from the clan for too long and Li Meirong needs to get acquainted with her new position as Sovereign Lady."

Bai Qingyue couldn't wait to get a human-like form again. He wanted to hold Li Meirong in his arms and tell her who he is. He wanted them to settle down together already and he's been withholding his ident.i.ty from her for the very purpose of reintroducing himself at his finest. There could be no accidents, she had to fall for him in order for his plans to proceed smoothly.

Bai Zhang hated being the bearer of bad news, but he came to realize his son's lack of knowledge at this point. Bai Qingyue gave Li Meirong his G.o.dly aura, yet that won't be enough for her to ascend. There were no shortcuts to becoming an immortal.

Unlike him, Bai Qingyue did not research about fated partners. He was far too engrossed with the clan's tasks and management and was left unaware of the necessary steps required should an immortal join in matrimony with a mortal.

"I will give you half of my lifespan's cultivation. You are my son and the Sovereign Lord, it would only be right for me to provide for you, although Li Meirong wouldn't be able to join you in the Celestial Realm."

Arching a brow, Bai Qingyue asked, "The reason?"

"Your providence of her powers has already given the girl a lot of cheats she may have been unable to pa.s.s through in terms of cultivation with her own physique, but to become an immortal is a journey she must go through, it cannot be handed to her and it would be impossible for the girl to ascend into the Celestial Realm without an immortal soul."

Seeing his son bristling, Bai Zhang comfortingly said, "It doesn't mean it's impossible, but it will not be easy. An immortal's soul is already built with a foundation mortals simply do not possess. Humans, animals and any form of enlightened consciousness have to strive for it and must have the willpower and mindset required. There's a reason why only one mortal amongst hundreds of thousands ascend to immortality. Most humans are simply not able to partake in such a difficulty, nor wish to."

After he finished listening, Bai Qingyue's whole face became shrouded in darkness. If he couldn't bring her with him, it would mean that he would have to make sure she cultivates to become an immortal!

Having already been acquainted with her laidback disposition, Bai Qingyue knew such a journey would be nearly impossible for her! She lacked any sort of drive!

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