Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 70 Shameless Fox

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Captain Liang snapped out of her memories. Unable to control her tears, they fell from her eyes like a drizzle.

"Teacher Zhu Zhang…" Captain Liang confronted Zhu Zhang and pleaded, yet he paid her no heed. She went to him just as he stood up from his seat and grasped his wrist in desperation. If he would stand by her side, she would easily finish this incident. "We must apprehend Li Meirong! She is definitely a demonic cultivator! Who knows how many innocents have died under her hands!? For her to cultivate this fast, she must have sacrificed countless humans in order to advance! We-" She didn't even finish her sentence before her teacher flung her hand away in obvious disgust.

Zhu Zhang murmured dangerously. "Do not touch me again."

Even when he scolded her, he didn't even once look her way.

Feeling wronged, Liang w.a.n.g Yan vented her anger out on the closest available target, Li Meirong.

She bit her lips in frustration and pointed an accusing finger straight at her.

"You've plotted the whole journey to kill your seniors in order to use their blood for forbidden cultivation! Otherwise, why would you hide your powers until now, am I not right!??"

Shaking her head tiredly, Li Meirong was too exhausted to speak to this lunatic. For all she cared, No Eyebrows may as well continue telling lies, since n.o.body bothered believing her, what was the point of arguing back?

Li Meirong was safe inside the s.h.i.+eld and that's what mattered, she simply had to find the opportune time to escape. She tried to ignore her fears and focused her Qi on the s.h.i.+eld, forcing herself to remain cool-headed under such a large opposition.

Noticing Grandmaster Zhu Zhang's suffocating aura rising, the surrounding disciples backed away in hesitation, seeing as their leading Grandmaster had stopped the a.s.sault and that Li Meirong was unwilling to change her stance, they became doubtful.

Glancing sideways, Li Meirong's eyes turned bug-eyes as soon as she caught sight of s...o...b..ll trampling over the heads of several unconscious disciples as he paved his way to her.

What was he doing here?! Was he the one who made the ceiling collapse?!

That little fool jumped right into danger! Now she has to escape with him!

Seeing s...o...b..ll running towards her, Li Meirong made an opening in her s.h.i.+eld for him to cram through, but against all expectations, the fox changed course and dashed straight towards No Eyebrows!


The tormented shrill voice of Captain Liang echoed throughout the hall.

Unable to make sense of the situation, Li Meirong just stood there, absolutely stupefied.

s...o...b..ll toppled Captain Liang to the ground and viciously ground his claws against her face!

The little fox cub tackled Captain Liang directly by jumping on top of her and scratching her all the way from her forehead to her chin. It was so unexpected that the rest of the audience speechlessly stared, too dumbstruck to move.

Captain Liang gripped onto the fox's belly, trying to shove him off, but the cub was simply unmovable!

He was determined to rip her face off!

"Get this thing off of me!!!" Captain Liang cried out. Snapping out of their daze, several succeeding disciples in good relations with the captain rushed to a.s.sist their struggling comrade.

Zhu Zhang erected a barrier straightaway around Captain Liang and his son, preventing the others from approaching.

"Everybody stand back. Only I shall approach."

n.o.body dared to challenge Grandmaster Zhu Zhang and all decided to head back to their seats, spectating as the new drama unfolds.

By the time Zhu Zhang had reached the screeching Captain Liang, her face was already a b.l.o.o.d.y mess.

"Let go, let go! Let go of me!!!" She cried out, but the fox was unrelenting. For some odd reason, she was unable to summon her internal force to fight against him!

Her body felt heavy, subdued as if she was being controlled by someone…

Liang w.a.n.g Yan just couldn't understand it, the only one who was capable of incapacitating a cultivator on this continent was her teacher and he would never do such a thing to her!

Without her cultivation, she was rendered useless!

As another claw connected with her maimed flesh, Liang w.a.n.g Yan fainted.

The moment Zhu Zhang reached them and prepared to grab Bai Qingyue from clawing Liang w.a.n.g Yan's eyes out, a skillfully crafted arrow made entirely of flames was shot at him!

He instinctively stepped away from the danger and the arrow grazed his arm. Although Zhu Zhang couldn't even feel a scratch with his immortal physique, it was truly unexpected!

Turning around, he saw Li Meirong aiming a dozen of brilliantly flaming arrows, all pointing at him. Her brows frowned and her eyes were filled with toxic venom as she locked her sight on him.

"Don't you dare take even one more step." She warned him.

He would have laughed out loud if he didn't have an image to uphold. This little girl sure is gutsy!

Observing this new brave side of Li Meirong made him think better of her.

Unknown to him, there was another in the hall even more engrossed with her than him. Ignoring the old coot at his side, Bai Qingyue dropped the comatose, nasty girl's raw meat and prepared a bucket of tears for Li Meirong.

He avoided the Grandmaster and practised his weeping while sprinting to Li Meirong's side.

"Uuuwuuuuwuu...s...o...b..ll is so scared! That big baddie almost killed me...uwuuwuu."

Li Meirong nervously picked up her pitiful s...o...b..ll and hugged him tightly, dropping all her s.h.i.+elds due to lack of concentration. The flaming arrows dissipated into thin air.

"Silly s...o...b..ll, I told you to stay outside, didn't I?! Are you alright? Did you get hurt??" She began inspecting him, from the tip of his ears to his paws and everything in between. Bai Qingyue relished in the attention and miserably lifted his paw for her to inspect.

Sniff sniff. "I-I broke my claw…"

"Oh, my poor baby..." Li Meirong squeezed the delighted Bai Qingyue against her warm steamed buns as she patted his back gently.

"It's so painful, uwuuwuu…" He kept weeping while rubbing his muzzle against the pleasant softness.

All the disciples in the hall were speechless.

Who was this king of acting?! Wasn't he the one who just disfigured the unconscious Captain Liang simply moments ago??

The person more shocked than anybody else was Zhu Zhang, unsure of how many more surprises he would get today.

He couldn't even manage to close his jaw as he watched his offspring's inconceivable shamelessness!

Naturally, he would know whether his son was actually harmed or not. Zhu Zhang made sure to render everyone who dared approach the boy as useless and crippled Liang w.a.n.g Yan's meridians when his boy attacked her.

Was this shameless fox really his son?!

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