Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 50 A Common Animal Would Be Better Than You!

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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A man's first reaction when encountering a life-threatening situation would be to cower. Even a man as formidable as Sheng Jing Wu, an ancient demonic cultivator. He was well practiced in the devil's path, and already powerful enough to compete with a Nascent Soul early stage cultivator! At this point in his life, he was a force to be reckoned with.

On this continent, even highly skilled martial arts pract.i.tioners would think twice before even attempting to cross paths with him.

And yet, it was this very man, who felt his whole body grew taut like a strung bow, upon staring into this beast's piercing golden orbs, without a speck of spiritual aura to him.

Sheng Jing Wu's deep set of eyes had lost their usual perceptiveness.

Feeling apprehensive, his slate-gray skin turned into a chalk-pale shade. Unable to form a coherent sentence, he muttered, "Y-You are….?"

His question antagonized the furious beast, even more so. The silver-furred monster let out a deafening roar straight at Sheng Jing Wu's face.

Li Meirong felt the Jiangs.h.i.+ master's hold release, his attention fully occupied by s...o...b..ll.

She used the opportunity, and staggered towards "humongous s...o...b..ll". Her face portrayed exactly how dumbfounded this situation made her feel.

She couldn't help but entertain the thought that maybe, she might have jumped into an alternate reality, a world where she would be the protagonist, and a h.o.a.rd of men would aim for her heart, somewhat like Mo Cheng had been living his life since they met.

But the ones who seemed to aim for her never cared for her opinion. Two of them had their own harem, one of which was an insane psycho, and now...The third one is her little s...o...b..ll. A fox.

Somehow, in all this mess, Chou stood out as the most reliable guy from the whole lot she encountered.

How messed up were the people here, that a carnivorous plant made more sense than the others?

Her thoughts halted as s...o...b..ll's words echoed on top of the volcano.

"I am her husband. How dare you place your filthy paws on her?! Don't blame me for being impolite!" The ma.s.sive fox threatened, lowering his hind legs in preparation to pounce.

Sheng Jing Wu cast a quick glance towards Li Meirong as she made her way to the beast's side.

He frowned at her suspiciously, and couldn't help but ponder. Do they actually know each other…?

Li Meirong's cheeks heated up as she caught sight of Sheng Jing Wu's accusing stare. She couldn't believe that s...o...b..ll just uttered that nonsense!

What husband! Since when was she even married??

He wasn't even human!!

She only just saw the wounded baby animal in the woods today, okay!? They've never met before!

Chou was right, she got herself into a big mess.

While she had a thousand words to say, she decided to keep quiet. This misconception might make the loony lose his obsession with her.

Sheng Jing Wu misunderstood her expression. His mouth twisted into a sneer, "I see you've been very busy, s.l.u.t! To go as far as to seduce a common animal! Tsk."

Li Meirong puffed her red cheeks in anger and glared at Sheng Jing Wu's nasty look. This guy had a lot of nerve!

As embarra.s.sing as the situation became, she still didn't think this fellow was in any position to scold her!

She held her chin high, and had her arms crossed in an arrogant manner while she berated him, "Even a common animal would be better than hooking up with you!"

There's only so much bull**** one can take before they lose it! Humph.

Unfortunately for Li Meirong, in her rush of anger she had not considered what would happen when her opponent finally snapped.

Sheng Jing Wu's blood boiled. He clenched his fists in indignation, and his eyes glowed red, matching the vivid red snake pattern sewn on his black robes. Never mind the fox, after this insult, he had to murder this insolent girl!

Bai Qingyue felt slightly disoriented, his body faintly swayed after hearing those words.

His wife thought he was a common animal…

Another little piece of his pride cracked with that realization.

Yet her words elated him as well. She clearly has no feelings for this man.

He was not even a rival!

His long furry limbs shuddered in unexpected relief. How terrible would it have been if she had found herself a lover during the time he was in the upper realm? Then he would have had to kidnap her unwillingly!

Catching on the snake man's murderous intent, Bai Qingyue focused his attention back to his opponent. He wasted no time, lifted his front legs high in the air, and toppled Sheng Jing Wu to the ground.

Sheng Jing Wu felt his head was spinning due to the impact. Not a moment after his body got pummeled onto the smooth, scalding surface, he rushed to focus his distorted senses and summoned his internal powers. Grey smoke engulfed him like a transparent cloak.

Bai Qingyue snapped down his jaws on the man's neck, but instead of feeling Sheng Jing Wu's soft, tender flesh against his sharp fangs, he ended up clenching his teeth tightly.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d shapes.h.i.+fted into smoke...

Sheng Jing Wu would not have been Bai Qingyue's match, had he even an ounce of his G.o.dly cultivation, but alas, he managed to expand his strength on mere tricks alone and his force was not enough to take the Jiangs.h.i.+ Master down.

The only one who was capable of turning the tides right now was the oblivious Li Meirong.

She saw s...o...b..ll clench his jaws on thin air, while Sheng Jing Wu made his body disappear into mist.

Before she could even blink, the demented man materialized behind her. He grabbed her by the back of her collar and hurled her straight into the molten lava.

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