Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 49 Hugged By A Large Snake

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Seeing the very same man she hoped never to cross paths with ever again, made Li Meirong's eyes light up with fury. She clenched her fists in silence, reigning in her emotions.

The Jiangs.h.i.+ master, otherwise known as Sheng Jing Wu, arrogantly stood upright atop of the active volcano. His pitch black eyes were like black holes, ready to consume everything in its path. The boiling lava behind him made the edges of his shadowy figure gleam. His contrasting dark robes and ink black hair cascading down his back, produced a terrifying image to behold, as the smoke from his materialization surrounded his being, like living essence.

Sheng Jing Wu's smile resembled that of an alligator. He lazily stretched his pale arm, and grabbed s...o...b..ll by his foot, dangling his body in contempt.

"I a.s.sumed tricking you with those foolish sect members would be enough to drag you here, but who would have thought that a furry coat would do the trick instead. This is great! I do need a change of clothes though." His voice held a feminine tone, and his words were accentuated with a certain lilt.

As if they were friends, talking about nonchalant concepts while drinking a cup of coffee together.

Li Meirong bit her lower lip hard, calming her nerves.

"Let. Him. Go." She uttered every word slowly and carefully.

Sheng Jing Wu chuckled. Ignoring her response, he covered his mouth with his empty hand, in a nearly coquettish manner. "I see you have made your body appear rather pleasant to the eyes. Mmhmm, you look so much better than the last time I have seen you. Did you prepare yourself for me? I was planning on treating your skin, but it seems that you took care of it for my sake! It warms my heart to know that you have thought of me as much as I thought of you."

As he kept speaking, it became evident for Li Meirong that the man was completely deranged.

She spoke slowly, once again, her tone softened. "Please let the cub go, he has nothing to do with this."

Her insistence and calm demeanour only made him all the more enraged, "Stop telling me what to do! You want me to let him go!? Very well!"

He dragged s...o...b..ll by his foot right on top of the bubbling lava, in an evident threat.

"No! Please don't do this!" Li Meirong cried out, she tried to grab hold of the Sheng Jing Wu's attention, "What do you even want from me?! Why go to all these lengths-"

Shen Jing Wu cut her off mid-sentence, "Hahaha, I was going to make you mine, and you had your plant nearly devour me! Now, you ask me what do I want from you?! Let me tell you, no one has ever dared to make an attempt on my life. Women line up offering themselves to me, and you…" He pointed his finger at her to emphasize his point, his finger shaking with anger. "You tossed me away like tras.h.!.+ It would not be so easy to get rid of me!"

Li Meirong blinked her round eyes. Once. Twice.

She couldn't really believe what she was hearing. Why did it sound from this deranged lunatic's words, like he was the betrayed, discarded wife, and she was the womanizer who trampled on his feelings?

Wasn't he the one who nearly killed her, and was about to suck her blood dry, or make her some s.e.xual slave for his s.a.d.i.s.tic pleasure?

It seemed her relations.h.i.+p issues followed her transmigration…

"I won't toss you away! Please bring the cub over here. We did not really talk properly before, we have so much to discuss." Her approach towards the Jiangs.h.i.+ master changed entirely, her voice took on a pleasant tune. Seeing her submissive att.i.tude made the demonic cultivator pleased. Heeding her words, he made his way casually towards Li Meirong, lifting her soft body easily with one arm closer to him, while still holding the fox with the other arm.

"You should have acted this way previously, and I would have never resorted to plot against you. Let me tell you, that fire drake you blew up is a rare and expensive beast, but I will forgive your foolishness this time." Sheng Jing Wu said "dotingly", as his arm encircled her waist in a vice-like grip. His face was close to her ear, almost seeming like a lover, whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Li Meirong did her best not to cringe, it was not that he was repulsive, he was quite simply horrifyingly scary in her eyes.

She felt like she was being hugged by a large, venomous snake.

She swallowed her saliva and replied, "Ahh, I'm so sorry about that! It was a mistake on my part, a mistake." He clearly only cared for the drake he hid in the woods and gave no thought to her seniors, who were manipulated by him.

The best course of action would be to please this deranged man and to aim to escape once she grabbed hold of s...o...b..ll, seeing as he has no intention of killing her at the moment and knowing she couldn't depend on Chou, left Li Meirong with no choice but to change tactics.

Sheng Jing Wu's fangs gleamed as he smiled, he dropped the furball heap to the ground as he grasped Li Meirong's bruised hands. He stared, captivated by her long beautiful lashes and large irises, making her appear adorable to him. He noticed her delicate lips were chapped, her skin was dripping with sweat, and yet somehow, she was more alluring than the finest beauties who were clean, perfumed, and eagerly awaited his advances back at his court.

Li Meirong attempted not to show weakness as her hands were grasped, but a painfilled moan still escaped her lips. Her skin was red and raw with small blister b.u.mps, a resultfrom her climbing the scorchingly hot wall.

She could feel Sheng Jing Wu's hot breath on her lips, as he brought his face closer to hers, their noses nearly touching. He kept whispering, "From now on, I will take care of you, but if you dare displease me again, you know what will happen…" He ended his sentence with an undisguised threat.

From an outsider's point of view, all one would have seen at this moment was a pa.s.sionate embrace between lovers, making their eternal vows as the awe-inspiring mother nature framed them majestically, bearing witness to their love.

Bai Qingyue slowly opened his eyes, after getting knocked out cold by a snake-like man, all he could feel was a constant stream of agonizing heat. Finally regaining consciousness, such was the scene his golden orbs beheld.

Li Meirong's dainty lips were nearly plastered against the same demonic man's mouth who captured him, as the man embraced her body.

Coldness seeped through all over Bai Qingyue's furry little form. He felt a chilling murderous rage, engulfing his blood, causing him to grow larger until his body reached twice the size of an average man. Still unable to transform into his human shape, he retained the features of a fox, now in its demonically huge, adult form.

His elongated canine snout drew dangerously close to his prey. His muzzle, filled with sharp, glistening fangs remained open as he exhaled his breath onto the back of the ignorant Jiangs.h.i.+ Master.

Li Meirong, bearing witness to the whole transformation, had her mouth hanging open in complete and utter shock.

Her little s...o...b..ll just woke up and turned into a humongous s...o...b..ll!

Sheng Jing Wu felt a hot flush of air brush across his neck, but he had no interest in looking back. After all, it was not an unexpected feeling, heat surrounded them here everywhere. It was Li Meirong's stunned and silly expression, which made him feel that something had gone awry and alarmed him enough to turn his head around and see which disturbance manifested, only to gaze straight into the open jaws of an immense, silver-furred beast with demonically slanted, golden eyes, glinting with bloodthirst.

A carnivore gazing at his prey.

The beast roared, his voice was low and dangerous as he said, "How dare you touch my woman!?"

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