Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 42 His Point Of View

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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As Bai Qingyue "fell" down to the lower realm, he hadn't expected to find himself in an unusual predicament such as this.

He was no mere mortal, nor a low cla.s.s demon, but a high G.o.d from the celestial realms. As such, his healing capabilities were unmatched. Not to mention, having been so thoroughly spoiled and lavished with attention befitting his status, by now his wounds were nearly gone. All save for the large aching gash still stretched across his back, and even that was already beginning to scab.

He was usually a very level headed and calculating individual. He would plan his actions, consider consequences and weigh the risks. However, his wish to find his woman again led him to be uncharacteristically hasty, it seemed. He had acted rashly upon his desires, and now, recalling his foolish impatience, regretted not thinking of countermeasures for the difficulty he was now in.

He stood on all fours. His snout aimed at the ground as his golden eyes gazed at a pair of fluffy white paws.

How astounding it was, to find himself once again in the body of a winter fox...

With only one tail protruding from his backside. He wasn't even a spirit fox.

Just a regular animal!

Even cursing all the seven layers of h.e.l.l would not be a hex sufficient enough to describe how wretched he felt in that moment!

Bai Qingyue crawled through the overgrown berry bushes in which his slender fox form landed, until he reached a familiar looking path. Realization dawned upon him. Gloomy and dark. Overgrown trees and th.o.r.n.y shrubs, predators lurking in the shadows, patiently waiting for unsuspecting prey to pa.s.s by. He confirmed it with a nod of his furry muzzle. It was definitely the same place he stayed, before his mother ambushed him elsewhere in the woods. It hadn't escaped his notice that there, where the healing springs were, the climate was cooler by far.

He couldn't help but wonder where he went wrong. He tried to organize his thoughts. He had been left with very little cultivation after having lost nearly half of his lifetime's hard work from the lightning tribulation, as well as providing his bride with what remaining force he had had. Was it the lack of internal force which caused him to end up like this?

He was a high G.o.d. Turning into a mere fox upon his descent was an unheard of disaster.

Incredibly, he could have sworn he had already caught the girl's sweet scent nearby.

Had he reached the point of delusion?

It seemed his unlucky circ.u.mstances were finally s.h.i.+fting to good fortune. Her unmistakable alluring scent grew stronger. She had to be near!

The G.o.ds of fate worked in mysterious ways indeed. He needn't even look for her, and his little "lamb" walked straight into his lap.

There was a pair of older humans wearing traditional sect robes walking further ahead of her on the path, they appeared young, but their human appearance clearly did not match their true age. Bai Qingyue did not care to a.n.a.lyze them, he simply wanted to avoid wasting this opportunity to stick with the girl. He hurried back into the nearby bushes.

With both paws he pushed aside the foliage obscuring his view and peeked his snout outside to observe.

About fifty feet behind the other mortals, his little "lamb" came into view, in all her dazzling beauty.

Knowing that time pa.s.sed differently between the realms, he still did not antic.i.p.ate how a mere few days could have made such a difference. Her once child like features had now transformed into those of a mature beauty. The scars on her face had disappeared, leaving not a even a trace of a blemish behind. Her pale skin resembled the smoothness and hue of a finely honed white jade. She now had a body of a woman having grown into herself, with an ample bosom, thin waist, and long, coal black silky hair spilling elegantly down her shoulders and back. Although her forehead was sweating and she stumbled occasionally as she walked, carrying a heavy looking sack on her back and a little pocket fastened to her waist, somehow, the girl still maintained a rather graceful appearance. She owned a pair of peach blossom eyes so dark they s.h.i.+ned with a soft glow.

He couldn't help but stare at her in astonishment.

Bai Qingyue may have lived for thousands of years, but he was a novice in the ways of love, having never experienced such a feeling before. He wished he could grab her and carry her away to his palace and be done with it. But he knew that under these circ.u.mstances, with so little internal strength left in his body, he had to first form a plan to fall under her good graces.

She was nearing closer and closer to his hiding spot. His little fox heart pounded faster in his chest and his paws began to tremble slightly. He cursed this feeble body for succ.u.mbing so to nerves and excitement.


He had little time to spare. Thinking fast, he quickly grabbed a mouthful of berries from the bush and squashed them on his fur, smearing his body with it. He'd lost most of his cultivation, but he still had enough power to conduct simple tricks, producing an odor masking spell to hide the fruity scent emitting from the berries. He concentrated his remaining qi as he manipulated his body, and watched his own limbs shrink into a younger version of his animal self . Small fluffy paws with needle-like claws, big puppy eyes and a little dark nose. His transformation into a fox cub form was now complete.

For the final crafty touch, he hurried to topple out of the bushes before his girl could notice.

Taking care to lie on the edge of the path, he sprawled out on his belly as he emphasized his "heavily bleeding" back. Bai Qingyue closed his eyes and eagerly antic.i.p.ated their inevitable encounter.

One second pa.s.sed. Two seconds pa.s.sed…

Time ticked by, yet there was no response at all.

Could his woman actually be so heartless as to ignore a dying little cub in the woods? He would have to put in more effort than he expected in order for his plan to work.

Slightly opening his slanted eyes, he tracked her whereabouts, only to notice the back of her lithe figure leaving his sight not long after she pa.s.sed him by.

A surge of irrational anger overcame him. All this time, his thoughts had been constantly occupied by her. Every waking moment, every breath he took had been filled with longing, to see her, to be near her, touch her again.

And now, when the moment of truth finally arrived and they had their chance?

The stupid woman left him behind!

He was conveniently forgetting, of course, in his ongoing rage that he had failed to introduce anything regarding himself to the mentioned bride, except for his name, in order for her to recognize him.

He picked a small pebble off the ground and hurled it at her without thinking. He felt a slight sense of satisfaction at the sound of the oblivious woman yelping in discomfort.

However, that feeling was soon replaced by guilt. He now hoped the impact wasn't too painful.

Whatever the intention, his act proved successful, she quickly turned around. He resumed his carefully calculated position on the ground, and shut his eyes once more.

"Oh no, poor little thing!"

Her melodious voice was like music to his ears. Bai Qingyue sensed his body elevate as a pair of soft hands took hold of his limp body. His nose was being pressed into the softest, squis.h.i.+est mounds he ever felt in his life.

Oh. The sensation was so addictive.

His paws rested on the tender pair of steamed buns. Having already experienced their softness once, it was hard to let go.

He opened his eyes slowly. She stared at him with her beautiful, s.h.i.+mmering black eyes, her long lashes fluttered like b.u.t.terfly wings.

His mouth suddenly felt dry. A warm sensation began to spread from the depths of his heart.

As they gazed meaningfully into each other's eyes, he came to a fine conclusion.

This situation wasn't bad at all...In fact, he secretly wished time would stand still for all eternity.

The snow fox cub let out the most adorable little yelp. He widened his slanted pupils, attempting to be the very picture of innocence as he fixed her with the most heart throbbing expression he could muster.

Just watch as I get you wrapped around my little finger with my sheer cuteness!

He may be acting a bit shamefully, but this was his future spouse. There shouldn't be reservations between a husband and his wife, right? Bai Qingyue silently justified his actions to himself.

His devious mind secretly plotted, Surely, once she was completely obsessed with him, he would be able to feel the sensation of her soft pale body whenever he so pleased?

Her hands handled him with utmost care. She hugged him even closer and whispered near his ears. "Don't worry little one, I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

Woman, because of you, something is already happening to me!

Bai Qingyue felt his heart nearly leap out of his chest. Surely, she was trying to seduce him.

His perverted thoughts came to a halt as he noticed her brows knitting in frustration.

Then she spoke angrily. "Stop it Chou, it's just a little baby!"

The sweet moment shattered in an instant. His golden eyes darkened, now resembling molten lava, as his gaze picked on a murderous glint, the corners of his long mouth curling upwards into a chilling smile.

Who, exactly, is this....Chou, hmm?!

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