Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 4 About To Be Raped

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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The burly man saw the girl, terrified like a little rabbit, and chuckled softly, making his way to sit on the bed.

"Take off my boots." He commanded as he removed his bow and arrows, and placing them beside the bed.

Li Meirong felt so dizzy that with one step towards him she nearly collapsed to the floor. She felt disoriented, senseless, but she followed through with his demands.

She approached him slowly, bent down and took off his boots one at a time.

With a trembling lip, she gazed up at the middle aged man, hoping to be met with sympathy. "Sir, I wouldn't know how to take care of your physical needs, but if you help me leave this place I will follow you as your servant. My cooking is not half bad and I can read and write." She spoke meekly, feeling as though she's selling herself once again, but at least this time with her own terms.

The "huntsman" frowned at her. She was supposed to be a maid serving the royal concubine, dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments was what those maids were known for. Since when did royal maids learn to cook, read or write?

"Girl, stop lying to me and do what you're supposed to. You know why I chose you? I had a run in with a fox demon, captured him and sold him for a hefty sum. I only wanted to stop by here for a quick drink, but when I saw you, I changed my mind." The man spared a few moments to explain himself.

"My lover was once a maid to a royal concubine such as yourself. Her fate ended in an untimely demise. Your past experience and looks reminds me of my sweetheart. Don't ruin my good moment now, I paid a lot for you. For tonight, you will be my Xiner and I won't treat you unkindly. Call me Zhou Shang." He was getting annoyed with her, yet still he went out of his way to be somewhat polite to this n.o.body. It had been so long since he lost his beloved, he just wanted to pretend he could experience one night with her again, and this wh.o.r.e was ruining his mood. Wasting his good money.

Li Meirong was resolved. However, she stood up quickly, shaking her head. Because of her dizziness she nearly stumbled again. No matter what, she refused to pretend to be someone she's not and she would not lie down with him! Seeing that sympathy wouldn't work, she spoke seriously a.s.sertively instead."Sir, this is not happening. I will not do it. Please call someone else, I'll work hard elsewhere and make sure you get your money back." She edged herself towards the door, regretting not thinking of bolting earlier when she had a better chance, but Zhou Shang quickly grabbed her shoulder and tossed her on the bed, then began ripping her clothes apart.

Li Meirong screamed in terror. Zhou Shang clamped her mouth shut with his rough hand as he towered over her. "I tried to be nice, but you're choosing to make this difficult! Do you know how many courtesans I could have called with 50 silver taels? You should be honored." The man growled at her.

Whatever happened to the meek and calm disposition of royal attendants? All this one did was cry and give him att.i.tude, she wouldn't attend to him at all.

Li Meirong found herself exposed with only her undergarments left to cover her intimate parts, she shrieked and screamed but her voice was m.u.f.fled by Zhou Shang's large hand. She tried biting him but he still wouldn't let go.

Zhou Shang quickly mounted on top of Li Meirong's small body and spread her legs apart, his face reddened with his anger.

"Such a waste of money!" He exclaimed venomously. He should hurry the deed and be done with it. Women are more docile after you manhandle them a bit anyway.

Li Meirong's mind was on the edge of an abyss. She already died once, she might as well try to die again.

In all her 25 years of life she had never had s.e.x. She knew that compared to others she was considered a late bloomer. She had boyfriends before, but she'd never felt comfortable enough to reach that point of intimacy with them. And now, a dead virgin transmigrated into the body of practically a child, only to have her first real s.e.xual experience be being raped by this mountain of a man. How could things possibly get any worse than this?

After another brief attempt at a struggle, Zhou Shang gave Li Meirong a ringing slap to the face. Tears streamed freely down her scarred bruised cheeks. Finally, she closed her eyes and succ.u.mbed to her fate, she tried not to think of the pain, or his wandering hands.

She could feel Zhou Shang's hands taking hold of her undergarments.

'It'll be over soon..' she told herself internally, 'just think of something else… anything else...'

Suddenly, she heard the unexpected piercing sound of metal slicing through flesh. Her carefully detached consciousness came rus.h.i.+ng back into her body, when Li Meirong's face was suddenly splashed with warm liquid.

She opened her eyes, and the sight before caused her to let out a shriek.

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