Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 37 Master Can I Eat Him Now?

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Mo Cheng sat on a low wooden chair in the cabin. Li Meirong busied herself with heating water. She prepared herbal tea.

The curious handsome man with bronze skin and body taut with muscles from cultivating with martial arts training sneaked a look around Li Meirong's home.

The walls were quite badly structured, he a.s.sumed that when it rained, water poured right through the cracks, you couldn't say this little wooden square was very well made, but it did give a cosy and comfortable feeling. There was a fresh earthy smell to the place, with sweet lavender and jasmine scent in the air. It lacked furnis.h.i.+ng, but there were a lot of cus.h.i.+ons, badly sewn thick woollen cloths were placed instead of seats. Only a pair of low stools were in the cabin, and he sat on one of them. A large coal heated pot was placed at the edge of the room for meals and beverage preparations. A stack of logs lay by the pot, readied for colder climates or heating up food. Mo Cheng found himself cringing at some of the designs. His girl might be clever with finances but when it comes to the arts a woman should have knowledge of in their society, she was truly terrible. Embroidery, music, poetry, painting, Li Meirong was a disaster in the feminine arts.

Well, he was used to ladies from prominent families to surround him, and after all, she was only a maid, he couldn't compare her to Shu Qianqian.

Thinking in Li Meirong's favour, Mo Cheng had to admit that the perk of being a furnace was better than anything another woman could provide him with. What was more important than being the strongest in a dog eat dog world? He would not treat her badly. She will have her every need catered for, her only concern should revolve around him. Her duty would be to have dual cultivation with him. The thought excited the man, causing his blood to boil in antic.i.p.ation.

His quarters were a world of difference in comparison to Li Meirong's abode. He was a succeeding disciple when all was said and done, she was an outer sect disciple, their treatment could not be appropriately compared. He had his own mansion with servants at his beck and call.

The woman he's been trying to win over had a soft spot for small animals. Upon his visits, he frequently found a wounded bird cared for, or a lazy cat asking for food. In the sword bearer's sect, animals were not permitted in the premises, but this was the bestiary coalition, after all, the rules differed.

He couldn't help but notice the stack of accounting books which lay on the mattress, but his curiosity was soon directed to his object of admiration.

Li Meirong cheerfully handed him a cup of warm Chamomile tea with a dab of honey. Mo Cheng held the cup with both hands and inhaled deeply, enjoying the aroma.

"Your tea always has the most pleasant and fragrant scent." Mo Cheng observed, his tone was low and somewhat intimate.

With the pa.s.sing years, he turned from a brave youth to a man with a force to be reckoned with. He also came up with new innovations that benefitted the sect aplenty.

Li Meirong often thought that Mo Cheng was like a protagonist in a novel, his life was prepared in advance for greatness.

She cast her gaze towards her own warm cup in her hands as she sat by Mo Cheng's side.

"Thank you, brother Mo, these Chamomile flowers were given by brother Mo Jing. They are of excellent quality." Her voice was soothing to his ears.

Mo Cheng couldn't help but notice how her long lashes fluttered like a b.u.t.terfly as she spoke.

"True, my brother is exceptionally skilled, however, the flowers I gave you are of rarer quality." He did not forget to bring himself into good graces during the conversation.

Li Meirong inwardly gagged. This boy's main flaw was always his vanity, and his constant need to be a.s.sured by women that he's valuable.

'Master, can I eat him now?' Chou's murderous words echoed like a child's whisper in her head.

She sent a glare towards her sleeve.

Be quiet, you.

From the moment Chou met Mo Cheng, he disliked the fellow. Later on, Li Meirong discovered that Chou disliked any fellow who seemed to have taken interest in her, like a well-trained guard dog.

Chao Dequan was his only exception. 'He has no evil thoughts about you' was Chou's response to her about the boy.

"Ahem, I came today to ask if you would like to join me for the upcoming spirit beasts quest through the Thousand Beast's forest. The divisions are partnering up for the task and many of my sword sect members are a.s.signed to aid the bestiary coalition's disciples during their journey to capture a spirit beast." Mo Cheng laid his thoughts flat out.

Journeying with Li Meirong side by side would provide him with the perfect opportunity to win her heart. He will have ample time to show his capabilities, save her from danger or care for her in the wilderness.

Truth be told, he most likely harboured feelings for her since the time he heard she saved Mo Jing and Shu Qianqian's life, her bravery perked his interest in her, but with his newly undiscovered feelings, it took him years to gather the strength to approach.

Surprisingly, Mo Cheng always got the feeling Li Meirong kept her distance from him.

Li Meirong casually sipped her tea.

Now how do I get rid of him? Exasperatingly, the raven-haired lady was plagued by a new burden.

'Master, that's not a bad idea! Then I can eat him, and no one would know!' Chou was excited about Mo Cheng's future prospects for entirely different reasons.

"Pffft-" She sprayed her tea on Mo Cheng's s.h.i.+rt.

This plant would be the death of her!

"I'm so sorry! Let me bring a cloth to dry you up."

Mo Cheng chuckled and scratched the back of his head, seeing the girl so fl.u.s.tered was rather cute. "Don't worry about it, it is no problem!"

Li Meirong profusely apologized and rushed to deliver a towel. How embarra.s.sing!

'Master, why are you always so clumsy? So beautiful yet so silly at the same time.'

She wanted to choke this stupid plant right now!

By the time Li Meirong returned, she saw Mo Cheng flipping through her accounting notes, an odd glint in his eyes.

He laid the notes down and stared at her all the more intensely.

What does this change of att.i.tude mean? His reaction made her flabbergasted.

She slowly approached and gently dabbed the cloth on Mo Cheng's garment, making sure to keep her distance. Mo Cheng had other plans, he placed his hand on top of hers as he gazed straight into her eyes.

His gaze was deep and profound.

Oh lord, this is not happening!

Li Meirong forced a smile to her face, she unclasped his hold on her and backed away.

Bowing slightly, she kept her act of diplomacy. It was one of the skills she worked on the most in this era in order to survive.

"Brother Mo, I am not an inner disciple but a servant. Servants are not allowed to search for their own spirit beasts since we are not even given the opportunity to cultivate. Fellow brother should find another partner to a.s.sist. I am not worthy."

Abase yourself, it's all good.

'Master, why are you always putting on a show? You are way more powerful than him, you should...You should eat him!..'

This annoying plant again. Li Meirong ignored Chou.

Mo Cheng's pa.s.sionate gaze changed to disappointment. "You do not have to be so reserved with me. I am a leading disciple of the sword sect, if I request to take you, no one would dare oppose."

Heck, Li Meirong really did want a spirit beast of her own. She had to keep Chou in hiding constantly, it would be nice to trot around with a formidable force to be reckoned with!

She cried inwardly, even if she wanted one, she couldn't get one. All the beasts hid from her!

"Please don't press the matter, I am not worthy."

Her rejection might have been polite, but it was a rejection nonetheless. Mo Cheng was a man not used to getting refusals. He did not handle it well.

His eyes turned cold. He turned his back towards Li Meirong and his voice lost its pleasant tune.

"Very well then, don't come to me later regretting your answer. I will see you next time."

Just as he was about to leave, he turned towards her once more, he seemed both upset and confused.

"Before I leave, I wanted to ask...The notebook you wrote in, is it possible that you're not from.." His words were hesitant as if he weighed them carefully before speaking.

"No, never mind. It can't be."

In the end, the question was not asked.

Mo Cheng flung his sleeves and dejectedly vacated the premises.

Li Meirong exhaled soundly, she didn't even notice her breath held back.

It felt like he was going to unravel a secret of hers for a second there.

After he left, Li Meirong s.n.a.t.c.hed her notes, the book was opened on mathematical equations.

How could he have recognized those? no one in this world has knowledge of such calculation.

She quickly dismissed the strange thought.

There were more important plans to consider. She absolutely did not want to journey with Mo Cheng, but she certainly did want to get her own spirit beast. She was considering who's powerful thigh to latch onto now without having to break her head in dealing with them.

Chou leapt out of her sleeve.

'I still vote for eating him! He's no good, I tell you.'

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