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Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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As if hearing her thoughts, the grandmaster's chill gaze slightly softened.

"This disciple really doesn't know about any power, I woke up in the thousands beasts forest and ever since then, strange things kept happening around me that relate to the aura you speak of. I really did not take it from anyone. I swear!" Li Meirong cried out with all the strength she could muster.

Her blood stopped flowing but salty tears took its place.

"Cease crying, it is nauseous." The grandmaster stepped back, it was an act that showed how repulsed he felt in her presence.

Li Meirong tried to force her shaking body to stop. She forced herself to calm down. Her tears ceased and only sniffles remained.

Every day is a struggle for survival, to bend, bow and ask to be forgiven for things she's not responsible for or never even committed.

Zhu Zhang, the grandmaster of the bestiary coalition had made his mind about the girl. He will keep her close by and inspect.

The grandmaster pointed his long arm to the disciple who maintained the placements of the new recruits. The disciple's hands shook as he held the scroll.

"Xi Lu, send Li Meirong to the Bestiary Coalition."

Verdict made. The grandmaster took her into his coalition.

Several seniors stood speechless. Some were outraged.

It was incredibly difficult to join the bestiary coalition! Disciples were rarely accepted, and if they were, only dual or single vein attribute powers were taken in thus far.

The grandmaster personally took this n.o.body into his coalition..

One of the senior disciples from the bestiary coalition sprinted to the middle of the hall, and knelt by Li Meirong's side. She spoke in haste while her head was bowed.

"Teacher and respected grandmaster, your succeeding disciple begs to revoke your verdict! Please cast Li Meirong away from the bestiary coalition!"

Li Meirong wished she would fail to recognize this woman, however it was impossible. Just like the previous times she saw her...No eyebrows lady, better known as captain Liang, cried out against her acceptance into the coalition in the a.s.sembly. Captain Liang's muscular form, wide shoulders and towering height made her formidable among other women.

Zhu Zhang, mighty and unfettered, walked slowly to his seat. He sat gracefully without a sound and held a hand to his chin, appearing unperturbed by the disturbance. Handsome and aloof.

"Oh, and why would you go out of your way to speak against this junior disciple, little Liang?" His voice was cold, as if he didn't really hold any interest in her response.

Captain Liang, the succeeding disciple of the Bestiary division gulped down as she felt the air get colder and colder.

"Teacher, this junior disciple is not only of average attributes, but has an unclean body. This disciple fears the coalition would get tainted by her!"

There was a unified silenced in the crowd.

She actually said it out loud..

Most seniors by now had heard the rumors of the furnace joining the sect. Majority of them were aware, but to boldly speak out loud of the matter, not only was it scandalous, but the biggest insult would be towards the new disciple, Li Meirong.

Now wherever she would go within the sect, she would first and foremost be known as a bed partner and not as a fellow sister.

Tarnis.h.i.+ng Li Meirong's name was exactly what Captain Liang was aiming to do. Not only did the wretched girl get accepted into the sect, she dares to join her division?! Dream on!

Only captain Liang who was known for being fearless and hateful of dainty flowery girls, empty that just used their looks to gain power and prestige, could come forward and speak such words.

This small sentence was enough to mar Li Meirong's reputation inside the sect indefinitely.

Li Meirong couldn't figure out why Zhu Zhang was so vicious towards her, but captain Liang was a whole new beast to deal with. Something about herself really seemed to tick off that woman.

She hung her head down in shame, her cheeks heated up.

She makes it sound like a prost.i.tute is going to join her division…

That's probably what she intended everyone else to think.

Li Meirong was embarra.s.sed to the core. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

Now she would be a junior with a senior disciple who hates her guts, and a grandmaster in charge who tortured her before even hearing her out.

Zhu Zhang rested his hand on the wooden seat's armrest, tapping his fingers on the wood in a steady rhythm.

Whatever vendetta his little disciple might have against the newcomer might work to his advantage in finding out the truth.

"Taking my succeeding disciple's words into consideration. I will proceed to receive Li Meirong into my division only as an outer sect disciple." He concluded the a.s.sembly. Rose up, and with a flap of his sleeve took off flying out of the hall.

The cold air in the hall disappeared with his departure.

The rest of the grandmasters bid farewells to each other respectfully and left in Zhu Zhang's heels.

Li Meirong's thoughts spun to how the situation just got worse.

Now she's not a fellow disciple with a woman who hates her guts, but her servant instead.

She caught captain Liang's smirk filled with evil intentions from the corner of her eyes..

Indeed, my "good" days are coming.

Li Meirong's hands curled into a fist. Her eyes chilled, and her lips squeezed tight. There is no way she would let herself be stepped on like a c.o.c.kroach repeatedly in this place that looks like paradise but is worse than than h.e.l.l.

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