Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 300 Grant His Wife Pleasure

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Time seemed to have stood still for Li Meirong as she awkwardly slipped her hands between their bodies and placed the bulbous tip of the c.o.c.k right underneath the juncture of her thighs.

Without any further thought, she pressed herself downwards the moment she felt his blunt intrusion probing at the entrance of her channel.


A sharp, stinging pain left Li Meirong gasping for air as Zhu Qingyue flexed his hips forward, rising to meet her, sliding deeper inside her. She could feel her body straining and stretching to accommodate the foreign object into herself. 

At this point, it was useless to mention that Li Meirong was not very knowledgeable about s.e.xual relations between men and women. In her previous life, she had never reached that far with any man. In her current life, she had only slept with Zhu Qingye under the influence of drugs, and couldn't recall much of the encounter. Considering the fact that this wasn't the first time she had experienced intercourse, especially with the same man, she sought to convince herself that the process wouldn't be so arduous, despite his intimidating girth.

But as it were, the cause for her anxiety was spot on.

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Peeking at where she and Zhu Qingyue were joined together, Li Meirong saw, to her growing dismay, that only the tip of him was inside of her! 

'This is impossible! I thought that if I was the one in the lead, it'll be easier, but maybe I can't do this after all.' Far too daunted to advance, Li Meiorng gradually began to dislodge herself from Zhu Qingyue. 

She shyly peeked at him with a side-long glance, an apologetic smile gracing her lips.

However, before she could remove herself entirely, she felt Zhu Qingyue's strong hands gripping her firmly in place at the waist.

The upper part of his body carried a fine sheen of sweat, and his eyes were open now, boring into her as they flashed eerily in the dark. His mouth was set into a thin, grim line. 

"It is not my intent to cause you pain. Should I do anything you so dislike, tell me, and I shall stop," said Zhu Qingyue. "But do not deny me my duty. It is this Husband's responsibility to grant his wife pleasure." 

As he spoke, the brows on his pale face furrowed with an internal struggle.

Li Meirong looked at him with distress plainly written across her face. She actually wanted to stop altogether, in spite of Zhu Qingyue's unusual choice of words that actually sounded quite sincere, and even flattering. 

She was a person who strived for comfort when it came to all things in life. If something was too difficult to obtain, then she would give up and seek an alternative route. If a task was too painful to endure, then she didn't wish to undergo it in the first place. 

At that instant, however, as she stared back at Zhu Qingyue's matchless countenance, she thought she saw a look of anguish, of near desperation, reflecting from within the depths of his beautiful eyes. 

Somehow, them joining their bodies together seemed like it was a merging of tremendous importance to the senior cultivator, far more than she initially gave him credit for.

Her throat suddenly felt incredibly dry. She just couldn't say no to that look on his face.

Following a breath of time, Li Meirong shyly tilted her head and offered a silent nod of permission. 

At her consent, Zhu Qingyue's lips fell upon her like a ravenous wolf, touching and kissing and licking everywhere he could reach.

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