Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 26 That's What It Means!

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Chou slipped his wobbly body out of Li Meirong's sleeve, where he has hidden himself during this whole time.

"Chou! You stayed with me!"

'Of course master, where else would I be?'

He had that tone again, that one that said she was stupid.

Li Meirong bit her finger and bled into his mouth. He excitedly flapped his vines around her arms like a bracelet. She then nourished herself with food, and drink, making sure to follow the doctor's instructions.

She didn't rest for long before she felt too filthy and forced herself to reach the bamboo steaming room, bringing along with her the new set of disciple robes she received.

Li Meirong glanced at Chou, he was a plant but he was a little more than a plant too..

Chou was seated comfortably on a pebble by the side of the tub, oblivious to his master's thoughts.

She did walk around her apartment only with her underwear at times as her cats were lazing about. It's probably the same now too.

Li Meirong disrobed and entered the tub, one leg at a time. She seated herself comfortably inside. Unknown to her, after seeing her naked figure, Chou hurriedly turned his body around to sit facing the bamboo wall enclosure. He was a gentlemanly plant!

The water was warm and soothed her aching muscles. There were a few rose petals floating on the water surface.

She sighed in contentment, leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Some of her previous thoughts surfaced. It was about time to ask. "Chou, why did you save me? And why did you want to follow me? Also…Why is it that only you showed yourself to me while all the others hid." Li Meirong disclosed her thoughts, her voice was low, close to a whisper.

Chou stayed quiet for a short while.

'Master is special. Master's blood is better than anything else Chou ever ate. Chou chose to save master because master didn't try to kill Chou after finding Chou. Master is so strong yet still spared me. Chou is grateful! That's why Chou didn't hide and chose to follow master.' The man eating plant responded. His voice was full of wors.h.i.+p.

Li Meirong opened her eyes and looked at the little plant monster. She was glad she was inside of the tub, lest her stress would show.

She thought of killing him several times, but the reason she didn't do it was not because she spared him, but because she was so weak! How would she even dare to? Chou seems to have gotten the impression that she's a mighty powerful cultivator.

Silence is golden. Li Meirong decided to keep the truth to herself.

"What makes you think I'm so strong?"

'Master sure is funny! Your G.o.dly aura shows. Master, Chou is a plant but Chou has feelings too. Please don't mock Chou.' He sounded bashful.

Li Meirong rolled her eyes at his response, but later on held her chin in a thoughtful manner. Maybe she's a rather special existence in this world after all. She had some special blood and G.o.dly aura, that sounded like awesome starting specs.

"Do you know why my blood is so beneficial for you?"

Chou Hopped up and down excitedly.

'Chou heard about people like master, they are called furnaces and they are especially good for helping other cultivators, spirits or even demons become more powerful in a very short amount of time! That's why master's blood is so tasty and full of essence. Chou heard furnaces give the best attributes while engaged in copulation, so early on whoever discovers furnaces usually covets them for that purpose, Chou thinks cultivators call this method dual cultivation, but Chou isn't certain, because after all…Chou is only a plant! Ah! Master, why are you so upset??'

Chou carefully explained his stored knowledge, but his master got so angry she stood up and all the waters splashed on him. Boohooo!

That's what a furnace means?! All this time…

Li Meirong's face turned entirely red with the realization. Her senior's response and that new disciple who approached her...The Jiangs.h.i.+ master who was planning on making her a concubine..It all made sense now!

My body is a tool for enhancing other people through s.e.x?!

All her good specs and attributes...

She felt so cheated now.

Not only is she herself not strong, she's only good for making others strong, and in such a shameful manner no less.

Thinking of the Jiangs.h.i.+ master who had such awful thoughts about her made her bristle further.



"That Jiangs.h.i.+ master in your belly, eat him up!"

'No can do, master…' Chou answered sadly.

"Why not…?"

'He was too heavy for me to carry, and I didn't know if you wanted me to eat him or not, I spewed him back to the forest before leaping into your sleeve as your fellow disciples took you away.'

Li Meirong covered her forehead with her hand.

Well, that's that…

She dressed into her new clothes, they were not that different from the previous set of robes she was given by the sect, but the colors seemed lighter now, and a white sash was attached to signal acceptance to the sect.

Li Meirong went back towards the pavilion. She found several sets of additions on the low stool by the bed. A wide toothed comb, and a simple hairband, even a small tube of rouge and an intricately crafted little hand mirror. A pair of new black leather boots were perched neatly at the entrance.

She eagerly grabbed the items and made use of each of them, she even applied a little of the rouge on her lips. Feeling a lot better about herself and a lot less like a wild woman.

Li Meirong brought the mirror to her face and was shocked to discover her perfectly jade like skin, with not a hint of imperfection.

She recalled Mo Cheng speaking about putting powder in her food, and wondered if it was a magical scar healing powder, or perhaps it was the medicinal waters he dabbed on her face.

She traced her fingers gently down her cheek, tapped her nose, pinched her chin.

Wow…Knowing what a furnace means now, she thought it might have been better to remain with the scars on her face to hide her features!

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