Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 244 No Eyebrow's Spirit Beas

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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The deeper they went into the island, the more still and quiet it became. There was no longer any comforting sound of splas.h.i.+ng waves nor the caress of a gentle wind. Only soft footfalls could be heard from time to time as Shu Qianqian and Li Meirong stepped on a branch or a pile of dry leaves, along with the accompanying buzzing of insect wings.

The familiar sight of the ocean had long since disappeared, lost behind an impervious screen of foliage. A strong sense of foreboding began to creep up on Li Meirong. Although she was not afraid, she was definitely on high alert.

'Chou likes this place. It reminds Chou of home…' The Pitcher Plant pointed out, appreciating the surrounding environment.

Shu Qianqian brought forth an oil lamp and summoned a flame upon the wick inside with a simple flick of her fingers.

Tall trees and thick vines flanked the uncharted path on which they walked. Li Meirong looked around and a.s.sumed the place was some sort of Caribbean jungle.

"We're almost there. Brother Jing is right up ahead." Shu Qianqian announced.

Li Meirong stifled a laugh. Seeing how hard Shu Qianqian tried to stay in character was almost comical. "That's good. We should reach him as soon as possible." She replied almost dryly, marching ahead.

They reached a small clearing, bereft of trees, with the only way forward being the entrance to a stone cave.

Shu Qianqian lifted the lamp, blew out the fire and declared, "He's right ahead!"

The sudden disappearance of any light source had caused Li Meirong to turn momentarily blind, as her pupils dilated, adjusting once more to the darkness.

She heard Shu Qianqian play her whistle, and within a flash, the familiar flapping of a Crane's wings could be heard.

Li Meirong blinked once, and when she was able to see again, Shu Qianqian was already gone.

'... Master, is this how you want to show your might? The baddie girl just left us here.' Chou remarked, his voice filled with disappointment.

"Well, it's not exactly what I had in mind, but I figured it wouldn't be Shu Qianqian I'd be facing up against, anyhow." Li Meirong said and scratched the back of her neck.

She walked with slow and measured steps barefooted towards the dark cave, her footfalls silent in the dew-dampened gra.s.s of the clearing. As she reached the entrance, she yelled out loud, "Mo Jing, are you there?"

There was no response. Furthermore, it was too dark inside the cave to see anything.

Li Meirong called to the energy vibrating within her. Almost instantly, she was surrounded by a warm blue fire.

'Master is a walking lamp!'

She tapped on her sleeve, lightly smacking the chattering bundle within.

'Ouch! Master, that was uncalled for… Oh! Chou senses a presence. A predatory beast.' Chou's aggrieved tone grew cautious.

Li Meirong drew in a sharp breath and silently narrowed her eyes, observing the cave for any sudden movements.

She identified a pair of bright topaz eyes staring right back at her from within the cave. A feral growl followed immediately as the creature inside noticed that it had been discovered.

The creature crept closer until the shape of a towering, ferocious tiger with horns sprouting from its head could be seen. A twin pair of tails engulfed in fire flicked agitatedly as it stalked towards the entrance.

Li Meirong morphed her blue flames and erected a barrier in the shape of a flaming escutcheon s.h.i.+eld

"That's No Eyebrows's Spirit Beast." Li Meirong stated, sobering up instantly. She glanced from side to side to check if Captain Liang was hiding anywhere nearby, but found no trace of her.

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