Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 242 A Furnace's Blood

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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The toddler went to whisper in her ear, but the words were spoken loud enough for Shu Qianqian to hear. "Chou senses some truth in her words, but Chou doesn't trust this one. This ugly lady has a malicious aura!"

Shu Qianqian's expression of endless woe cracked under the toddler's deduction, her right eye started twitching, and her hands clenched into fists as she stifled her urge to clobber the brat! 'Did this baby just call me ugly?!'

Li Meirong stood straight and turned back to address Shu Qianqian with heavy-lidded eyes.

Her speech came out slightly slurred. "You want me to… to save Mo Jing by using my body?"

There was no need to proclaim what she had meant. Everyone knew that furnace's powers were utilized through copulation.

Shu Qianqian gasped, shaking her head repeatedly. "No, no, no. Nothing like that! We just need a bit of your blood. A furnace's blood can a.s.sist with transferring energy as well. That should suffice."

"Hmm." Li Meirong regarded her steadily. She didn't move a muscle as her half opened eyes fastened on the sobbing figure of Shu Qianqian slouching in front of her.

The girl's calm a.s.surance bothered Shu Qianqian. It made her feel as though Li Meirong possessed secrets she did not know of. But how was that possible? She was merely a servant for most of the time. Servants weren't even provided with basic cultivation manuals to practice martial arts. Before joining the sect, she was only a pathetic, banished maidservant. What could she possibly know? What could she possibly do?

Didn't they say that as a furnace, Li Meirong had seduced her way into a position of power? Shu Qianqian huffed at her own absurd feeling of apprehension. She was a natural beauty, blessed with both talent and wealth. She practised fighting at a young age. Even if Li Meirong had suddenly become an inner sect disciple, and was capable of summoning babies out of thin air, it wasn't as though she could best her in any way!

Clouds gathered overhead, veiling the moon, shadowing Li Meirong's pale visage.

The toddler tapped his small foot impatiently. He imitated Li Meirong's stance and folded his arms together. "What is master planning to do?"

Following a short, nerve-wracking silence, Li Meirong eventually clapped her hands together, startling Shu Qianqian slightly, and replied, "Fine. We will go and save Mo Jing."

Shu Qianqian jumped to her feet, crying. "Thank you Sister Meirong. You are so kind!"

"Let's be on our way." Li Meirong curtly replied. She closed her eyes, and at once, the toddler disappeared.

"Absolutely, we have no time to spare!"

In preparation. Shu Qianqian retrieved a whistle from her storage bag and summoned the crane mount.

They swung up onto the crane and flew south towards a deserted looking island in the middle of the night.

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