Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 241 He Isn't Threatening In Any Way

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Shu Qianqian edged a little closer, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation. Her palms felt sweaty when she overheard Li Meirong's exact words.

'Can this baby read my mind?!' She panicked at the thought.

Shu Qianqian held her breath, dreading the child's response.

The little toddler looked exceedingly crestfallen. He jutted his lower lip, pouting. "Master, Chou isn't a mind reader."

"Oh… Then what do you suggest I should do?" Li Meirong's shoulders slumped. She sounded disappointed and unsure of herself.

Shu Qianqian took notice of every little exchange between the pair and sighed in relief, darting a sly, sideways glance at the toddler.

He seemed no older than a few years at most. His cheeks were so round, they made his face resemble a pear shape. He looked like a typical child except for his peculiar hair that rustled like a pile of leaves. The way he spoke with Li Meirong indicated a familiar closeness. He grumbled and complained, but gazed up at his so called 'master' with a pair of eyes filled with adoration.

Most importantly, he didn't appear to be all that powerful or threatening in any way.

The corner of the toddler's small lips tilted up, obviously pleased with Li Meirong's request for advise. "Chou is proud of master for summoning me." The toddler continued saying, patting Li Meirong's head as if he was the adult, and she, the child. "When all is said and done, Chou possesses a natural talent for sensing people's auras!"

The toddler appeared confident and proud. He moved to stand in front of Li Meirong, and directed an inquisitive glare towards Shu Qianqian, a.s.sessing her in ways she couldn't begin to comprehend.

Shu Qianqian's relaxation was painfully short-lived. She tried to calm herself down, and let out a small controlled breath, thinking that if the toddler can only sense auras, then it meant that as long as she appeared convincing enough, he wouldn't be able to tell otherwise.

She continued her act, dramatically falling to the ground. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed, "I'm not lying! We are in dire need of your aid. Brother Jing is heavily injured and is stranded on an island, unable to move without replenis.h.i.+ng his spiritual essence. Only a furnace is capable of helping him now… Luckily. Luckily for us, Sister Meirong is a furnace."

Li Meirong's brows drew together into a light frown. She first turned to Chou, waiting for his evaluation.

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