Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 231 Why Would I Need You For All These

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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The devil in question, Bai Qingyue, was indeed, deep in thought. Though surprisingly, his thoughts weren't too different from the concubine's. However, his views lay hidden, and could never be deciphered by others.

He only stopped in his tracks because of the extremely familiar vision which a.s.saulted his mind. The image of another maiden who had once knelt down at his feet, pleading for him to take her away, claiming that she would owe him a favor for life.

That was the first time he had met his wife. The corner of Bai Qingyue's lips curved up at the memory of their peculiar meeting.

He wondered how such a similar encounter would trigger such an adverse reaction from him. True, the circ.u.mstances were terribly familiar. The girl before him was a fresh beauty with large, beguiling eyes and a gentle demeanour, one who would most likely make mortal gentlemen swoon at the sight of her.

That was what Bai Qingyue a.s.sumed, at least, according to the tales of other G.o.ds he spoke with. As for his opinion, well, for a very long time, he wondered if he was simply incapable of being attracted to anyone. With the exception of Li Meirong, bile had always risen in his throat and his chest clenched whenever a female had tried to get too close to him.

A strong feeling of disgust washed over him, every single time, just like now.

Still, when Bai Qingyue imagined Li Meirong all those years ago, he couldn't help making a comparison between the two girls.

As the elegant-looking girl bowed herself before him, she kept throwing coquettish glances his way, only serving to further provoke his ire. He loomed over her while his eyes narrowed into slits.

"Are you skilled at cooking?" Bai Qingyue suddenly asked.

The question seemed to have been so unexpected for the concubine, that for a while, her mouth was left open, yet no words came out.

At length, she managed to stammer, "This maid is skilled with playing musical instruments such as the zither and flute, and also mastered the art of painting, poetry, and embroidery." She gulped her own spit. "About cooking… this maid can swiftly learn how to make My Liege's favourite dishes!"

Bai Qingyue snorted. Humph, as if it could be that easy to impress his sophisticated palate.

"Why would This Lord need you for all these arts, when This Lord can perform these skills, all on his own?"

"My Liege, I-"

"If you obtained a spirit beast, would you risk your life to save him?" Bai Qingyue cut her off with another inquiry.

If the first and second question didn't cause the concubine to become dumbfounded, then the third one surely did!

She stared at the devilish, silver-haired man with wide eyes. What kind of odd questions was he asking her?!

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