Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 225 A Second Wife?!

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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The former sovereign lord concealed his presence behind the corner and listened in on their conversation.

"Lady Cuifeng, you shouldn't displease His Lords.h.i.+p. You have served at his side for all these years, but this dreaded curse prevents him from returning your affections. You must be patient! Wait until the Matron finds a way to break the curse." The elderly servant comforted the wounded G.o.ddess, helping her to her feet.

Bai Cuifeng coughed out a spatter of blood. Due to Bai Qingyue's heavy blow, her body had been inflicted with deep, internal injuries. Her emerald eyes blazed with barely contained fury and her hair spread about messily, the very image of a vengeful G.o.ddess.

She clenched her hands and spat out, "He is so obsessed with that pathetic human girl. Who is to say he wouldn't chase her after the curse is broken? Besides," Bai Cuifeng laughed bitterly, shooing the servant's hands away after standing up, "Matron Hong Meigui would rather her son marry the Red Fox Princess from her maternal clan."

"Lady Cuifeng, please quell your anger! You are making your injuries worse!" The elderly servant cried out and immediately let out a whistling sound. Several fox spirit servants swiftly arrived, each of them removing a piece of Bai Cuifeng's broken armour, one at a time.

"Hurry. I do not wish to be seen in this condition." Bai Cuifeng gnashed her teeth. This whole episode was a complete humiliation to her!

While Bai Cuifeng was being treated by the others, the elderly servant suggested, "My lady, even if that may be the case and His Lords.h.i.+p marries the Red Clan's Princess, you can always aim to be a second wife. For now, lay low until the Matron, His Lords.h.i.+p's mother, returns to break the curse."

Bai Cuifeng raised her hand and viciously struck the elder servant, dropping the older woman to the ground.

"Me?" She shrieked, "A second wife?! How dare you suggest such a thing!"

"I'm sorry, My Lady. I spoke foolishly!" The elderly servant prostrated herself on the ground, slapping her own cheek repeatedly.

In the distance, Bai Zhang sighed tiredly. With a heavy heart, he turned around and left the pathetic spectacle. This was one of the reasons he had also chosen to leave the clan many years ago.

There were far too many lies. Too many deceptions…

Fate sure was funny. Here he was, trying to find the same woman whom he had forsaken all those years ago, Hong Meigui. While she, that dreadful woman was now working towards the same goal as him, the breaking of the Bai clan's curse.

Meanwhile, it seemed as though his son had unknowingly left behind a trail of admirers who had been plotting to gain his favour at a specific point.

Bai Zhang slowly shook his head and went into his former private quarters.

Only now did he actually find himself agreeing with his son's questionable decisions. If Bai Qingyue hadn't tricked his wife into marriage, who knows what would have happened by now? Who knows how many females were out there, plotting and vying for Young Qingyue's favour. Would his son have ended in the same predicament as him?

Not to mention the Dragon Prince he had allied himself with. That fellow had taken a strange interest in his son's human wife, Li Meirong...

Bai Zhang chuckled and wondered how many hearts would be broken at the moment Bai Qingyue would formally announce to the world that he had already married that 'pathetic human girl'.

Though first, it would probably be wise of Young Qingyue to announce the marriage to his clueless wife.

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