Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 224 Break Our Family's Curse

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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"What do you wish me to do?" Bai Qingyue plainly asked.

"I will pose as you, but you must do two things for me." Bai Zhang cleared his throat and continued, "The first would be to a.s.sist me with breaking the curse. I am tracing your mother for this exact purpose. My informants have told me that she is in contact with a wise sage who has the power to divine the future of G.o.ds. This sage has knowledge of how to break our family's curse. I wish for you to find that sage and bring him to me. As for the second request…"

Bai Zhang drawled on as he tried to pinpoint his son's reaction to his demands. However, it was nearly impossible to tell. Bai Qingyue's visage had reverted to his natural mask of icy indifference as he tilted his face towards him.

Seeing as he couldn't read his son's expression, Bai Zhang gave up on the attempt and verbalized the next demand. "My second request is to get rid of a little nuisance. I have found another demonic sect's location in the world I govern over." Bai Zhang took out a map from his sleeve and handed it to Bai Qingyue. "I try to wipe them out whenever I hear news of these sects. Alas, you summoned me and I had no time to do so. You need only eradicate that filth. It shouldn't take you very long."

"It will be done." As his father finished his sentence, Bai Qingyue announced and instantly vanished. Only a whiff of smoke remained behind.

Bai Zhang huffed, waving away the trail of smoke with his sleeve. "Insolent child. It's always such a pleasure talking to you, humph!"

Within mere moments, he disguised himself as his own son, carefully tucking the priceless sachet inside his robe and masking his scent.

Bai Zhang sighed. His dark eyes swept around the tranquil greenery. He casually strolled inside the majestic Bai clan's palace garden, breathing in deeply. The unique, nostalgic fragrance of jujube and apricot trees growing along the curved path a.s.saulted his senses.

So many years had pa.s.sed since he had visited this sacred garden, and yet, so little had changed during this whole time.

The tearful sound of a whimpering female could faintly be heard in the background. Curious, he hid himself and followed the noise.

Bai Zhang flew across the wide expanse of the garden until he reached the battered form of the Second-in-command who had spoken out of turn. At her side was an elderly minor ranking servant, comforting her.

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