Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 223 The Story Just Didn't Add Up

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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"Wasn't the Huli Jing's primordial G.o.d known for having over a thousand concubines? Why did you say "future wife"? Do you mean to say our great ancestor had never chosen a main consort?" Bai Qingyue kept firing questions one after the other. His long claws scratched the wooden surface of the tray in his hands as his usual tone of indifference was suddenly piqued by a rare hint of curiosity.

Bai Zhang stilled in his spot, raising one of his bushy eyebrows ever so slightly as he a.s.sessed this peculiar son of his. Contrary to his expectations from Bai Qingyue's response, who he a.s.sumed would have politely entreated him for a.s.sistance, the boy unexpectedly voiced an entirely different question.

During the previous, brief conversations he had shared with the Young Qingyue, this was the first time his son sounded so interested in the knowledge he possessed.

But of all the things, why would this be of any importance?

"Indeed, that was the case…" Bai Zhang took another sip of tea before facing Bai Qingyue, "At the end of his final years, our Primordial Fox Lord ancestor had possessed a vile reputation. He was known to be a deity who trod upon an evil path, lacking all the qualities befitting a righteous G.o.d. However, from the little knowledge our clan had preserved of him, the ancient fox had never consummated his marriage with any of his concubines, and also never took a main wife. It really makes one wonder why our line was cursed, to begin with. The old tale of the Primordial Fox Lord's meeting with the Royal Dragon Princess at the Heavenly Tree of Life banquet must have been profoundly distorted."

Wasn't that the case? The Bai clan's whole family had been cursed for aeons because of the Primordial Fox Lord's mischievous ways and low moral conduct with the Dragon Princess back in the day. However, the Bai clan had also possessed another account of this deity, one that claimed their ancestor abhorred the touch of another. Even though he had collected such a large harem, the Primordial Fox Lord didn't touch a single one of them nor produced any offspring.

The story just didn't add up.

Bai Qingyue's golden eyes lit up with interest. "Hm. Then who was it that received those sachets, if our ancestor had never acquired a main consort?"

"Naturally, Primordial Fox Lord never produced any offspring, and so, following his demise, his closest kin had been bestowed with the sachets, pa.s.sing them down throughout the generations." By now, Bai Zhang's look of incredulity had changed into a deep frown.

Why would this information be of any importance to Young Qingyue?

"Hmm…" Bai Qingyue merely hummed in response. He had a look of deep concentration upon his matchless countenance.

With a simple flicker of magic, the teacup tray had been moved from Bai Qingyue's palms and placed on a nearby rail.

Bai Qingyue glanced at his father once more before silently turning to stare into the distance. With both of his hand folded together, along with his glowing, cunning eyes which were rooted in one direction, he gave the impression of a beautiful scholar, contemplating the meaning of life.

His faint glance made Bai Zhang feel strangely uncomfortable, and in reaction, he instinctively lowered his head. He wondered why he, as the elder, would even feel this sort of nervousness while facing his own child.

Yet, regardless of his current unease, Grandmaster Bai Zhang ignored the feeling and hastened to bring forth the planned request. Setting his cup aside, he said, "I, as your father will naturally come to your aid in times of crisis. However, now, I must ask for your support in return."

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