Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 207 What's A Studhorse?

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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However, her reasoning only seemed to further aggravate the so-called radish boy.

"Chou is not fine with that!" He spat, "Chou did not want to accept anyone else, but Master took them all in anyway! Now… Feng Huang is acceptable, but Chou never wanted the s...o...b..a.l.l.s! Uh, s...o...b..ll!"

Li Meirong raised one eyebrow at Chou's choice of words, yet kept silent, letting her little spirit continue with his grumbling.

Chou s.h.i.+fted his sight to glare at the Snow Fox who was waiting patiently by the side while observing the whole scenario like it was a comedy show. He breathed in deeply and turned his glare back at Li Meirong, smacking her hands away from his face, "And Chou will definitely never approve a Plant Spirit! M-master, you're just like that friend of yours, trying to build a harem! Y-you studhorse!"

After venting out all of his frustrations, Chou immediately dashed away in an adorable baby waddle without even offering a chance for Li Meirong to explain herself. The sight of his wobbling white b.u.t.t could be seen as his small feet sped away in haste, it looked as though he was levitating.

Bai Yu tried to keep himself aloof during the whole encounter while maintaining the fox cub disguise, but the Plant Spirit's final words had nearly caused his facade to crack and laugh out loud. Luckily, he managed to restrain himself and ended up coughing instead.

Surely he'd have to mutilate himself, should he dare mock his own master!

However, the thought of Her Ladys.h.i.+p collecting males for a harem was indeed quite amusing. Ah, if His Lords.h.i.+p were to ever hear a whisper of this nonsense, even if it was a joke...

The Snow Fox shuddered at the thought, a tremor of fear rippled through him, he shook his head and neck before looking up at Li Meirong.

Once Bai Qingyue's temper flared, it was very difficult to rationalize with that man. Wouldn't the Sovereign Lord murder all the males who dared approach Her Ladys.h.i.+p, including himself?!

Bai Yu nodded his furry head over and over in silent agreement, thinking it might have been for the best that the Fox Lord was summoned away and was incapable of viewing this spectacle.

In the meantime, Li Meirong had fallen to her knees, facepalming herself. She sighed deeply, wondering what to do now. She had wanted to forget her worries and troubles and concentrate on what mattered. To cultivate and train for the tournament, and hopefully rank higher with her cultivation until she would be able to get back to her own world. She wanted a break from the emotional rollercoaster that was Zhu Qingyue, knowing that should he return now, she wouldn't even be certain of how exactly to face him.

'So much for a break, I jumped from one pit and into another…' Li Meirong thought and sighed wearily, her acquired determination seemed to have crumbled along with Chou's fallen tears.

After a long stretch of stillness, Ben Mo's curious question probed Li Meirong's clouded mind, 'Master, what's a studhorse?'

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