Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 194 I Don't Care

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Bai Qingyue propped himself up with one elbow and reached with his unoccupied arm to gently caress Li Meirong's cheek with the back of his hand. His eyes roamed over her, taking in the milky shoulders peeking from the slightly rumpled dress, all the way down to the cloth which snuggly hugged her slender waist and wide hips. He found himself marvelling at how small and fragile she appeared compared to him.

"I want you." Bai Qingyue whispered again. This time, his words came out sure and steady as he gazed deeply into a pair of beckoning eyes, her small oval face making them appear larger and brighter still. He traced his nimble fingers across her delicate jawline and further up, skimming over those deliciously puffed up lips which he had ravaged only moments ago.

"Oh." Li Meirong was unsure of how to reply to such a decisive remark, as if the man were proclaiming victory in battle rather than confessing to a lover. She was left wanting to profess her own desires but was too hesitant to do so, despite her lips parting in silent wonder at his declaration.

Bai Qingyue observed Li Meirong's eyes skittering across the room, searching for any other object to focus on other than him. He was unwilling to allow this silly wife any room to avoid him and shoved his face closer to hers, forcing her to stare directly into his eyes.

"Oh?" Bai Qingyue shook his head and goaded her for more, feigning dismay. "I profess my desire for you and that is all I get in response?"

He moved his neck a little backward, as if intending to withdraw.

"Wait! I… I..." Li Meirong stuttered, her arms stiffening around him and her face turned deep red. She clenched her teeth before anxiously forcing the words out of her mouth, "I want you too."

At her words, Bai Qingyue gave an involuntary shudder, excitement and euphoria coursing through his entire being. He hastily withdrew his satisfied expression, revealing only a gentle, caring smile.

Then, Li Meirong retracted her hold over his neck, summoning her courage, she glided her fingers lightly down along his spine, sending s.h.i.+vers down his back. They came to a stop, shyly coming back to the man's front and resting upon the midsection of his collarbones.

She traced light feathery circles over the exposed skin that showed from the exquisitely made robe. Unbeknownst to Li Meirong, her gentle touch was plain torture to the man.

"But there is something I must say." She paused a moment and added, "I want to be honest with you before we do anything further than this. First, my face is scarred, so what you're seeing now isn't real. I'm only concealing the disfigurement with a special concoction." Li Meirong's voice came out breathy as she spoke.

Bai Qingyue found himself thoroughly pleased by the sound of her voice. He loved to hear her speak like this, breathless from his kisses. Yet her words, as usual, had a way of aggravating him to no end.

He had to force himself from rubbing his temples in frustration. After all was said and done, did she really think he was so shallow as to be bothered about something so insignificant?!

"I don't care." He finally groaned out. All he wanted to do right now was plough himself inside this maddening woman!

"Oh I-… well, s-second, I don't remember our first night together very clearly, so," Li Meirong bit her lower lip, her eyelashes fluttered like b.u.t.terfly wings, "Please be gentle with me."

The sensation caused by those small fingers drawing circles on his skin along with her meek response had swelled Bai Qingyue's already engorged c.o.c.k even more, and he couldn't help but lift up her outer garments and press his throbbing shaft against the smooth expanse of her stomach.

"En," He said, "I swear." He placed a soft chaste kiss on her forehead before staring back at her beautiful face.

When Li Meirong heard his promise, she felt the last of her reservations crumble away into nothingness. She gazed into Zhu Qingyue's eyes, awed by the heat she saw emanating from their depths. His irises, bright like the blazing sun, appeared to have changed colours as their silent staring contest wore on. The bright golden hue darkened into a rich honey shade, heavy with l.u.s.t.

Yet when she felt a long heavy ma.s.s press on her stomach with an intensity that seemed to burn through her very core, her eyes widened as she wondered if there was still an opportunity to back out of her rash decision.

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