Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 167 Breathe Next To Her Ear

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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A minute after, she finally found her voice, "That wasn't my fault. That cow was insane, I'm telling you, she purposefully threw me off her back! Anyhow, We can't live together, it's improper!"

"We have already done all the possible improper activities. Living together is the least inappropriate decision." Zhu Qingyue's voice was deep and low, slightly tinged with a masculine allure. He didn't speak as though he was arguing with someone. On the contrary, he gave the impression of having an intimate discussion with a lover.

"..." Only Li Meirong found herself growing more and more fl.u.s.tered as the conversation progressed.

She was unable to refute him. One of the reasons Li Meirong felt apprehensive of Zhu Qingyue was that he had always seemed to gain the upper hand. She felt as if, despite his condition, he could still manipulate everyone around him with his words alone.

They settled themselves into an unspoken agreement.

"You can't sleep on my bed." Li Meirong pointed out.

Zhu Qingyue let out a low chuckle, rising to his feet. "As you wish."

His reply seemed to carry a heavier meaning than what he implied, but Li Meirong wasn't able to make sense of it.

"Let us not delay your lessons any further. Follow me."

Subsequently, Li Meirong's first martial arts lesson began.

Li Meirong had some knowledge of martial arts from her previous life, although it was nothing in comparison to what people practised in this world. It was, however, good enough to skip the correct postures and movements and proceed straight to invoking qi.

As they went outside to train in the garden, Zhu Qingyue faced Li Meirong and showed her a few martial arts moves that could easily be imitated. Like rippling water, every subtle gesture he made flowed in a graceful arc. Every movement he performed was executed with elegance, even his roundhouse kick seemed like it was part of an artistic performance.

Li Meirong watched closely, mesmerised by the skilful manoeuvres.
"That was amazing!" She cheered, genuinely impressed by him, and started clapping.

Zhu Qingyue remained expressionless as usual when he glanced her way. Anyone would think the man remained unfazed. Only someone who was well acquainted with the Sovereign Lord would notice the subtle details which showed how he truly felt. Like how, for example, the tips of his ears began to turn red.

Clearing his throat, Zhu Qingyue explained, "When channelling spiritual energy while moving, you must maintain balance. Don't command your qi to a.s.semble in one area such as the fists or the feet. Let it flow through all your meridians instead. After mastering control over your spiritual energy, directing qi to a part of your body, or even to a weapon should be an effortless task, without the need to concentrate or meditate to do so."

Nodding fervently, Li Meirong eagerly followed his instructions. She felt that finally, she was learning the necessary foundations which she had lacked all those years.

After repeating the movements several times over, Li Meirong groaned in frustration, noticing that no matter what, she was unable to properly imitate Senior Zhu's demonstration.
Engrossed in her attempts, she failed to notice her teacher sneaking up behind her.

Suddenly, Li Meirong let out a loud gasp as she felt Zhu Qingyue's form pressing against her back. A few strands of silver hair cascaded down her shoulders as he leaned forward and slightly bent down to breathe next to her ear.

"Let me hold you as you move."

"O-okay…" Li Meirong shyly nodded her head. Zhu Qingyue's voice sent a s.h.i.+ver of excitement racing through her body.

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