Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 153 That Sincere And Humble Guy

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Li Meirong and s...o...b..ll instantly returned to their cozy yet shoddy dwelling. The girl half expected to be greeted by the sight of Zhu Qingyue resting on her bed again, and was surprised at herself for feeling a slight pang of disappointment upon finding it empty.

'What was I expecting, anyway, that he'd wait for me at home like a devoted housewife? It's not like I agreed to his proposal.'

Shaking her head at her own strange thoughts, she made quick work of cleaning herself and wiping s...o...b..ll with a damp cloth.

It was already late by the time they turned in for the night and the Fox Spirit was the perfect snuggling partner anew.

"I'm happy to see that my s...o...b..ll has reverted back to his cuddly self." Li Meirong's lips curved into a faint smile.

She slept on her right side and wrapped one arm around the Fox Spirit, cradling him against her.

s...o...b..ll's snout was contentedly squished between Li Meirong's soft mounds and his voice was m.u.f.fled as he spoke, "Sometimes s...o...b..ll needs to sleep alone, and sometimes s...o...b..ll is allowed to sleep with Master."

"..." Li Meirong wondered if the cub's reasons were related to his growth. Could it be that a growing fox needs his own private time, as adolescent boys do?

"I understand, but I love the s...o...b..ll who likes the huggles and cuddles the most." She squeezed him a little more firmly to emphasize her point.

Bai Qingyue's golden eyes were eerily bright and his whole body shuddered. Luckily, his reaction went unnoticed by his wife.

Purposefully sidetracking the girl, he moved his face to look up at her as he inquired, "Did you understand everything from today's lesson? You must practise diligently to become an immortal!"

Two delicate eyebrows formed into a frown as the girl answered, "Did I understand everything? I felt like he was talking gibberish for most of the time!"

The fox sighed, "... I somewhat expected that. At least you took down notes. How about you ask that sincere and humble guy, Zhu Qingyue, to help you with your studies?"
Bai Qingyue didn't neglect to give himself a few cookie points.

'I guess Senior Zhu gave s...o...b..ll a good impression.' Li Meirong hummed in thought as she contemplated the suggestion.

"Maybe I will." She then complained in a worry-filled tone, "But I've got something more worrisome to consider now. How will I be able to tame beasts, if they all scamper away the moment I come close to them?"

Bai Qingyue gazed at his wife's lovely, drowsy features. Her long eyelashes trembled as she was about to doze off, lending her a more child-like and innocent appearance.

One snowy paw made its way to her pale cheek.

"You only need to learn how to conceal your aura. I will teach you tomorrow. Don't worry." s...o...b..ll's high-pitched voice was strangely soothing at that moment.

Feeling the texture of s...o...b..ll's paw pad rubbing on her skin induced Li Meirong to reciprocate the act, bringing her own slender fingers to ruffle the Fox Spirit's furry muzzle.

"My s...o...b..ll is so dependable… mmhmm..."

High above the clouds, the temperature dropped significantly at nighttime, and the badly constructed plank walls did a poor job of preventing the cold of a late night chill from seeping inside the dilapidated cabin.

Li Meirong tried to keep the conversation going, but sleep was gaining on her and it became more difficult to do so. Despite the cold, she grew more comfortable, engulfed in the warmth of the blanket and s...o...b..ll's soft fur. She was blissfully unaware of what was going on around her, and as she fell into a deep sleep, a pair of long, powerful arms embraced her throughout the night.

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