Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 152 Is My Son Not Good Enough For You?

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Since the lesson had ended, Li Meirong gathered her materials and grudgingly thanked Grandmaster Zhu Zhang.

He hummed in acknowledgement.

"I'll take my leave now…" Li Meirong's voice was soft and delicate. She hoped to depart as soon as she was able to.

"No need to be in such a hurry. Stay for a few more minutes, your Master has some questions to ask you." Zhu Zhang gestured for her to sit down.

With a fake smile plastered across her face, she hunkered upon the chaise, again.

The grandmaster stood straight as a ramrod, his countenance stern as ever. "I have been previously misinformed. Turns out, you have met Young Qingyue before… My son told me that he has asked to marry you."

s...o...b..ll stood at Li Meirong's side, making a low rumbling sound that sounded suspiciously similar to a cat's purr.

Li Meirong gulped nervously as she understood the direction which this conversation was heading towards. She fiddled with her fingers as she spoke. "That's correct. He saved my life once, before I entered the sect. I'm indebted to him, but when it comes to marriage, I think that's a bit too-"

"Ah, so that's what this is all about. You know what they say, to be saved by someone, you must spend your lifetime repaying the debt. As for the saviour, they must be responsible for their choices as well. My child is not a dishonourable man. He will undoubtedly strive to ensure your happiness." Grandmaster Zhu Zhang rubbed his chin as he proclaimed, cutting off his daughter-in-law mid-sentence.

Following those words, Li Meirong's distress only worsened. 'It sounds like the lunatic is trying to hook me up with his son!'

"I told Zhu Qingyue that I will be responsible for him, in order to repay his life-saving grace, and also due to his ailment. But as for marriage, I don't think it's right for us to join together." Li Meirong rushed to explain herself one more time.

Instead of looking at her, Bai Zhang stared at s...o...b..ll, eyeing him with a look that said, "This woman sure is difficult.'

s...o...b..ll snorted. 'You think I don't know?'

The Grandmaster addressed Li Meirong once more, his eyes darkened in reproach, "Is my son not good enough for you?"

Li Meirong broke out in a cold sweat, waving her hands in front of her face. "No, no! Your son is more than perfect. I'm sure any woman would love to marry him! It's my own ideology that stops me. I think that people should marry out of love. It definitely has nothing to do with him!"

"Love may grow with time. You must give someone a chance before dismissing the person."

"..." His words made Li Meirong grow quiet in contemplation. It had been many years since her last breakup. 'Maybe the lunatic has a point… Is it right for me to try again?'

With a wave of his sleeve, the Grandmaster dismissed her with a few more parting words. "If you think too hard, you might let a wondrous opportunity slip away. Pick a teleportation stone from the bowl on the counter and don't miss out on your lessons tomorrow."

Bobbing her head in grat.i.tude, Li Meirong grabbed s...o...b..ll with one arm and scuttled towards a mauve coloured counter. She fished out a single stone from the bowl placed on top of it, shaking her head as she did so.

'Lunatic Master treats highly expensive items as though they're worth nothing…'

Just as she was about to depart, Zhu Zhang's authoritative voice could be heard.

"I'll need to talk to my son soon..."

She didn't understand what was the point of him saying such words to her, but she didn't bother asking. Li Meirong's shape disintegrated as she activated the stone.

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