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Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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She would have to backtrack her steps and find a way to a village nearby, maybe attempt to toil a field and little by little build a house for herself?

What else could she do in this G.o.dforsaken ancient world?!

Qianqian saw Li Meirong's horrified expression and snickered condescendingly. "Now you finally understand, coming here by accident is a really bad idea! Your best bet would be to go back to your former master and ask for forgiveness. I and brother Mo are related to the minister of war's family in Cloud country and have trained under a renowned martial artist master since we were first able to walk. " Qianqian haughtily finished her explanation as she patted Li Meirong's shoulder. "We prepared all our lives for this chance, but you would die without an intact corpse if you dare to continue!"

Mo Cheng glared at Shu Qianqian, urging her to be quiet, but the damage was already done.

Qianqian's words kept reverberating in Li Meirong's head long after she stopped talking.

Li Meirong was officially frightened.

I'm out of here! Never mind strength, village life here I come!

Bowing again Li Meirong stammered. "W-well then, I think I have made a mistake arriving here, may our paths cross again one day, farewell!" Li Meirong turned around and traced her steps slowly until she heard Mo Jing's young and cracking voice. It was the young lad who ridiculed her words previously.

He coughed lightly in an attempt to catch her attention before she left.

"Ahem, unfortunately for the miss, from the moment you left the thousand beast forest, you are not allowed to leave the testing grounds until you evaluate your spiritual root." Mo Jing replied in a respectful manner. His youthful voice which had just reached that awkward stage of p.u.b.erty remained soft, as he was still maturing into himself.

Li Meirong really wanted to slap herself for her foolish decisions.

Great, now she was stuck here...

Without much choice, she found herself back with the same group she had acquainted herself with. Mo Jing kept quiet for most of the time. The young man could have pulled off an impression of a "serious minister" if not for his plump cheeks, still not rid of baby fat. His att.i.tude made him appear adorable instead. Qianqian kept hogging Mo Cheng's attention, sending glares at Li Meirong every now and then. Mo Cheng was friendly and all around approachable. Whichever questions Li Meirong had asked, he kept engaging in conversation and providing thorough answers, explaining to her all of which she needed to know.

Li Meirong momentarily relaxed when she realized that she wouldn't have to continue the exam if she failed the Spiritual Root test.

Mo Cheng explained all about the subject. Having a high affinity for elemental attributes was a rare circ.u.mstance, in fact, the majority of the population had no affinity whatsoever. From the potential cultivators with a Spiritual Root, ninety percent had multiple attributes, which made it possible for them to cultivate but never become as strong as the ten percent of the lucky few who owned a single attribute.

Of course, there were different types of attributes. Earth, Fire, Water, and Lightning.

Some attributes were strictly offensive while others were considered supportive.

As Mo Cheng continued his speech, Li Meirong learned a little more about her companions.

Turns out it was a foreign envoy in their country who told them about the acceptance test. The elders of their families rushed to send the most talented children of the main wives to test their apt.i.tude and luck for entering the sect, With their knowledge of martial arts and the fact that they had improved their internal strength throughout the years, it was an arduous journey fraught with danger but they managed to reach their destination with the a.s.sistance of hired experts that were sent to protect them along the way.

An owl's distinctive hoot could be heard from the nearby woods. Crickets chirped harmoniously in search for a mate nearby. The sun had died out and the moon princess took charge of the darkened skies, illuminating the secluded domain.

Those unlucky folks who have been eliminated from the test were given a teleportation stone. Once the stone was activated they would be delivered straight to the forest's entrance.

Li Meirong a.s.sumed that since she was not only in the body of a lowly, insignificant maid, and not to mention that originally her soul wasn't even from this planet at all, she would most likely be part of the majority and have no spiritual root.

She sighed peacefully.

Disaster averted. Her eyes s.h.i.+mmer in tranquillity, knowing she wouldn't have to go through a life and death experience again. She even started chatting with Qianqian about her scarred face, explaining it was an accident of acid spilt on her skin.

"That must have been a terrible experience! Don't worry, after the test is over, I will write a letter to my family and ask them to send you medicine to a.s.sist with healing your scars! My Shu family has a lot of herbalists and healers in our abode!" Qianqian mentioned happily as she comfortingly clutched Li Meirong's hand.

At first, Qianqian found the girl with the hideous scars distasteful, especially when she was acting all pitiful in front of brother Mo, but as the hours pa.s.sed by and when they had spent enough time with each other, she saw that Li Meirong was honestly just an unfortunate soul, and most importantly, she had stopped cosying up to brother Mo.

The less Li Meirong talked to Mo Cheng, the friendlier Shu Qianqian became to her.

Li Meirong wasn't actually a little girl, a.s.suring the Qianqian she wasn't a potential threat to her budding relations.h.i.+p with her childhood friend, Li Meirong made certain to provide extra attention to Qianqian in hopes of avoiding any potential bickering with her.

The group had finally reached the front. The water bowl was placed low and Mo Cheng was the first in line to be tested. He stood tall with his posture aligned, full of confidence.

The cultivator lady seated on the boulder scrutinized the young, a.s.sertive man. Her slanted almond eyes were pitch black, not showing a hint of emotion in their depths.


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