Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 137 Get Out!!!

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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The intruder was a lovely looking young girl with silky hair made into an elaborate updo, wearing clothes the colour of royal purple and carrying an air of n.o.ble arrogance. She came determined to battle Li Meirong for her beloved's honour. However, she soon received quite a shock when a small fox stood in her path, blocking the way forward.

"Master is busy!" The Fox Cub declared, barring the entrance and cutely flas.h.i.+ng his small fangs.

Sadly, it just so happened to be that Shu Qianqian wasn't the type to follow any orders, especially not from those weaker than her. As a disciple of the Sword Bearer's division, she unsheathed her weapon of choice. It was an exquisitely crafted, narrow blade that immediately enlarged as soon as she held it in her grasp. She didn't bother with responding to the spirit beast and quickly glided towards the doorway atop the magical weapon, bypa.s.sing the Fox Spirit altogether.

Tossing the blade aside, Shu Qianqian forced her way straight into Li Meirong's abode.
Yet, after barging in, she wavered. All of her determination flew out the window. Her brain was unable to formulate any thought other than to register the scene in front of her.

Shu Qianqian's reserved friend, Li Meirong, kneeled upon the ground. Her dainty form sandwiched between a pair of long legs, with hands coated in white fluid while her face looked flushed red. She slowly turned her head around in trepidation. The expression on her face was just startled as the one on Shu Qianqian.

Shu Qianqian stared open mouthed. She didn't have to be a genius to figure out what had just occurred.

"You… this…" Shu Qianqian was unable to form a coherent sentence. Seeing was believing, and there it all was in front of her, plain as day. But she never would have imagined Li Meirong capable of such indelicate behavior!

The Fox Spirit came to stand at her side. Trembling in fright, he cried out, "I tried stopping her but this mannerless girl disregarded my warning!"

"Useless." Bai Qingyue muttered under his breath. He would a.s.sign personal guards to Li Meirong as soon as possible. Bai Yu had been doing inexcusably poorly at his a.s.signment as of late. His displeasure with his second in command was put on hold when he saw his wife looking white as a sheet. She was frozen to the spot, silent and unresponsive.

The Fox Lord concealed her protectively with his wide sleeve and roared, "Get out!"

His demeanour s.h.i.+fted to that of terrible malevolence. With a flick of his fingers, a gust of wind blew out both intruders, slamming the door shut in their faces.

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