Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 116 Thorn Piercing Her Hear

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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"How is that possible?" Li Meirong murmured, blindsided.

He didn't answer. The rain caused Zhu Qingyue's long wet hair to cling to his skin like white ink, obscuring the look of weakness on his face.

Zhu Qingyue was one of those people that couldn't be read easily. Every time she had encountered him in the past, his expressions had barely changed. He would say the most confusing things, turning her world inside out. However, his baritone voice always sounded calm and untroubled. He always seemed unfazed by anything whatsoever.

Now, she sensed the sorrow radiating from him, the heartbreak in his voice.

Li Meirong felt as if a thorn was piercing her heart. And to think that she had just pushed the poor man to the floor!

After his weak attempt at forcing her away, Li Meirong resolutely took control of the situation and placed one of his arms around her shoulders, leaning him against her. His wide sleeve covered her like a wet blanket. She managed to help him to his feet after several attempts, struggling under his weight. He certainly wasn't a lightweight. Nevertheless, Li Meirong hadn't uttered a word of complaint, using all her strength to maintain his balance.

The pitter patter of the rain was no longer gentle. The drizzle soon turned into a vengeful storm and the temperature dropped significantly. Both Li Meirong and Zhu Qingyue were completely drenched.

"Help me to my residence and I shall tell you of my condition, seeing as you are suddenly so interested in me." Zhu Qingyue's words were laced with bitterness.

"What about the mentors.h.i.+p? Am I not supposed to return to Grandmaster Zhu Zhang's hall?" Li Meirong asked. She wanted to avoid violating any more laws in this friggin sect.

"I already settled the issue with my father. Consider yourself his direct disciple from now on, as well as my personal student." Zhu Qingyue responded as though this matter wasn't of any actual concern.

Li Meirong expected a traditional ceremony between master and student. Somehow, this abrupt mentors.h.i.+p seemed a little half a.s.sed to her, but she didn't probe the subject any further, a.s.suming the reason for the lack of a conventional ceremony was due to her bad reputation.

"Understood…" She said softly, half dragging Zhu Qingyue out of the courtyard, pa.s.sing the garden and heading to the neighbouring residence. She had a peculiar feeling that someone was watching her. Following Zhu Qingyue's directions, she pulled him inside his house, straight into the main parlour. Luckily, it wasn't far from where they had been and that odd feeling didn't last for long.

Zhu Qingyue's residence was shockingly pristine in contrast to hers. The polished wooden floor gleamed and the parlour sparkled without so much as a speck of dust. There were beautiful statues of mythological figures hanging from walls and a showcase of exquisitely made swords, axes and such other weapons was on display. The place definitely fit the image of wealth belonging to a man of the upper cla.s.s, except for one small detail. The living room was barely furnished. No chairs, no sofas... not even a single pillow. She wondered if Zhu Qingyue had even a bed to sleep on. Glancing around the room, she found to her surprise that they were alone, without a single attendant. Odd.

This place didn't seem as though it was inhabited by anyone at all.

Without much choice, Li Meirong gently settled him on the wood tiles and then kneeled in front of him. Catching her puzzled look, Zhu Qingyue stated, "I do not enjoy servants pestering me."

"I see." Li Meirong curtly answered, biting her lower lip. Knowing they were both alone in a closed s.p.a.ce made her feel awkward. She didn't wish to stay there for long.

Then, Zhu Qingyue adjusted himself to a cross-legged position and quickly made a few signals of invocation with his hands. Within seconds, he conjured a small Fire Sprite who sprouted a set of tiny, nearly transparent wings. The Sprite was surrounded with an orange light and it made a buzzing sound quite similar to a bee or a fly as flapped its wings rapidly, encircling them both with a trail of orange haze, only to disappear at once.

Li Meirong was suffused in gentle warmth and awed by the spectacular occurrence. She wondered if by learning from Zhu Qingyue, she'd be able to summon Sprites as well.
The raindrops dripping from the hairs on her forehead had evaporated and her clothes had magically dried up. The colourful haze dissipated shortly after.
Zhu Qingyue sat in front of her in a meditative pose, immaculately dry. It was a bit difficult to imagine that about half an hour ago, his soaked form had collapsed on the floor with blood dripping from his lips.

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