Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 113 You Have To Be Responsible For Me!

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Back inside the courtyard, Bai Qingyue's inner turmoil plagued him still.

He wasn't taken by surprise when she pushed him away. In fact, he made the fall appear all the more dramatic, garnering sympathy seemed to work well with her.
No. The blow he received was derived from her reaction to his confession. She acted as though being deflowered was of no concern to her. Even puny mortals placed great importance on propriety!

A jarring thought befell him. Could it be that she had found another suitor during the time he was away and had given herself to him?

Bai Qingyue's fair skin became icy pale as the colour white itself and he bitterly gritted his teeth. He presumed that the so called friend of hers was the only possible threat, but now…

"Am I to a.s.sume you have offered yourself to another man?" He inquired in a deadly undertone, still staring at the distance as he asked.

Even if there is someone else you desire, I still won't let you go!
Bai Qingyue's calm bearing opposed his turbulent thoughts, which only the weather reflected.

At his question, a flush of embarra.s.sment overwhelmed Li Meirong, standing rigidly at his side. Her whole face turned a deep shade of red as she stared at the ground and fiddled with her fingers.

How did anything she said warrant this overly familiar question?! She thought that now they could finally end this awkward conversation, yet, it appeared to have only worsened!
A sudden sense of foreboding travelled to Li Meirong's heart which now beat more frantically. She wasn't sure why his words caused her to stress so, but she felt the need to clarify the truth to him.

"I didn't." She cleared her throat, "I mean to say, you were the only one that I've… been with." The last part of her sentence was spoken so softly that if not for Bai Qingyue's sensitive hearing, it would have been impossible for him to hear.

Bai Qingyue slowly looked down at Li Meirong, examining her and noticing her shallow breathing. Because she stared at the ground, he was only able to view the crown of her head.

He extended one long finger, placing it under her small chin and slowly raised it to face him. A lovely sight awaited him. Her face tilting upwards had exposed her long ivory neck. Her luscious lips were a tantalizing shade of red and her large black eyes instantly pacified him.

As beautiful as she was, her words always seemed to strike him where it hurt the most.

"I only meant to say that there's no need to be responsible for me because of what happened! We were both drugged and, well, I don't blame you." She continued to explain with a tight voice, reaching both of her dainty palms to clutch his hand, trying to pull his finger away from her face, only for him to take a firmer hold of her jaw.

Bai Qingyue inwardly growled. Blame me! I want you to blame me!!

Vexed, he sighed deeply. This was not at all how he wanted today's events to unfold! If he could have gotten away with it, he would have locked her up in a cage by now! Honestly, he expected her to succ.u.mb to him after his aggrieved performance and heartfelt declaration. Nevertheless, he had already prepared for this scenario.

"Even if you don't wish me to be responsible for you," He brushed his thumb across her cheek, "you have to be responsible for me!"

Li Meirong stared at the outlandish man incredulously.

What the f*ck was he going on about now?!

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