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Chapter 928: Send Her Away

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Xia Yixuan's face turned green. She lowered her head and tugged at the b.u.t.tons on her sleeves with all her might and had almost torn them off.

Chu Lui put down his hand and raised his wrist to look at his watch. “I have something on. Let's talk about it another day.”

When he finished his sentence, he turned around; but his sleeves were held back by someone.

He stood at the same spot and could only wait for Xia Yixuan to follow him.

Not far away, Xia Ruoxin was holding a cup of fruit juice and drank it mouthful by mouthful while her gaze was following and changing due to the two people's movements until she could not see them anymore.

“Chu Lui, I wonder when you will find out.”

She shook the fruit juice in her hands, and one could still see the tiny sour and sweet fruit pieces inside. However, for some reason, it was bitter when she drank it.

After sending Xia Yixuan away, Chu Lui wanted to leave. In the end, he remembered that there was something in his pocket. He extended his hand into his pocket and felt for a small gla.s.s bottle. Of course, the thing inside the bottle was not perfume.

“Help me run a test on this.” He pa.s.sed the bottle of medicine to the director of the hospital. He hurriedly took it over. He shook the bottle in his hands and realized that there were no labels on it so he had to test and find out the contents of the pills.

“Mr. Chu, when do you need it?” The director looked at Chu Lui, and his att.i.tude was especially meticulous. This was because Chu Lui's Angel Foundation was donated to their hospital, and these funds had saved a lot of children. At the same time, Chu Lui had also helped promote the hospital.

Naturally, he was very polite and respectful towards Chu Lui.

“As soon as possible.” Chu Lui was not very anxious, but he wanted to know this thing that belonged to Xia Yixuan.

After coming out of the hospital, he made a trip to the office. Even though it was the weekends, some people were still working overtime. He worked on his doc.u.ments and had forgotten about the bottle of pills when he was busy.

Not long later, he received a call from the doctor. Then, he remembered that he had sent a bottle of medicine for testing. He was rather sensitive and disgusted towards medicine. He would never forget how he became infertile due to this kind of medicine.

This medicine had better be some vitamins to boost one's health.

“Mr. Chu, we have already checked the medicine you had sent over thoroughly.”

“What is it?” Chu Lui stood up and walked to the balcony, allowing the wind to blow his loose strands of hair. The light in his eyes became increasingly darker.

“It's contraband prohibited to be sold in hospitals. It's a type of sleeping pill.”

“Sleeping pill?” Chu Lui squinted his eyes. Why did Xia Yixuan need all of these sleeping pills? Did she want to sleep all day long with this big bag of pills? He hung up. The doctor had made himself very clear. This medicine was indeed a type of sleeping pills but had very strong effects.

After using it for some time, one could die in his sleep peacefully so this medicine was considered contraband in hospitals. One pill was enough to allow a grown man to sleep for a whole day. Ten was enough for him to sleep for ten days or half a month or could essentially sleep to his death. If it were twenty pills, he would just die in his sleep without thinking.

“Why does she need so many sleeping pills?” Chu Lui walked over and opened the cupboard. Then, he took out the bag from inside and saw close to a hundred bottles in it.

He placed the bag inside the cupboard again. No matter what Xia Yixuan's motive was—before he figured it out, he would not allow her to get close to anyone in the Chu family… including his mother who was a vegetable.

He instinctively hated people privately keeping medicine, especially for this kind of contraband.

Xia Yixuan drove her new red sports car to the Chu family. This car was her birthday present from Xia Mingzheng. It totally had her character—show-off and arrogant.

She pressed on the doorbell, but no one answered it after a long time.

Her face started to blacken. What were they doing? Was everyone inside dead? Did they not know how to come out and open the door? She called the Chu mansion's phone number, but no one picked up.

Without giving up, she called again and again. From the door, she could already hear the ringtone that sounded like wild shrieks and howls. It was impossible that none of the people inside had heard it.

She called Chu Lui again.

The call was connected, and she immediately rattled on.

“Brother Lui, you should change the helpers in your house. I have been standing outside for half a day and have been pressing on the doorbell, plus calling the house phone. Are they all deaf or dead? If something happens to Auntie, who should take responsibility for it?”

Secretary Xiao Chen clenched her teeth and held the phone far away. Her voice was so jarring. If she was talking in front of her, her saliva would have flown everywhere.

After the other end had finished rattling on, Secretary Xiao Chen said softly, “Sorry, Ms. Xia. Our CEO is at a meeting…”

She could not be more careful than she already was. This Ms. Xia had a very bad temper. In the entire company, the only one who could go against her was Lu Xiaohua. However, at this point, she looked at the opposite empty table in a grievance. She had not come to work in half a month.

She was not sure what the other end had said, but Secretary Xiao Chen learned to hold the phone further away. No matter what she said, it did not matter as she could just not listen to her. Anyway, CEO had instructed that no one was to disturb him during his meetings so he had even placed his personal phone outside.

Of course, she had asked back then.

“What about Ms. Xia?”

CEO did not even blink.

“Don't care about her. She will come find me on my own.”

Until the other end was quiet—perhaps she was done scolding, Secretary Xiao Chen then heaved a sigh of relief.

An hour later, all the executives in the company had finished their meeting and came out of the room. Hurriedly, Secretary Xiao Chen pa.s.sed his phone back to him.

“CEO, Ms. Xia called at 10:25:41 AM. The duration of the call was fifteen minutes.”

Chu Lui took the phone, and before he could even take a few steps, his phone rang again. He looked at the number; it was Xia Yixuan's.

He placed the phone by his ear and before he could speak, Xia Yixuan's started threatening and warning in an unfriendly manner.

“Are you done talking?” Chu Lui only opened his mouth slightly when there was a pause on the other end.

Secretary Xiao Chen secretly lit up a row of candles for Ms. Xia. It seemed that CEO was not in a good mood, and of course, Xia Yixuan was startled. When she thought of the words she used to scold previously, she was no different from a noisy b*tch.

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