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Chapter 919: Did Not Suffer for Nothing

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The doctor said that it would leave a scar, but she was not worried as she could go for plastic surgery and remove it. However, she felt that it would be better to leave it. She wanted Chu Lui to forever remember how the injury on her arm came about and who caused it.

“Are you feeling a little better today?” Before he even arrived, Xia Yixuan already jumped down from the bed and then hugged his arm tightly.

Even though he was holding a jade-like body in her arms and the woman's soft body kept rubbing against his chest from time to time, there were no movements in his dark eyes and in his heart. They were as calm as the Dead Sea; even after a storm, there would not be a rainbow.

His world was entirely black.

“Brother Lui, why did you only come to see me now?” Xia Yixuan held Chu Lui's arm possessively and was also warning the clueless young nurses and female doctors.

This man was hers. He was Xia Yixuan's, and no one else could take him away.

“Something happened in the company.” Chu Lui helped Xia Yixuan sit down, but she kept clutching onto his arm and refused to let him go as if she was afraid that he would suddenly abandon her.

“Yixuan,” Suddenly, he spoke, and Xia Yixuan was stunned but did not move. Chu Lui knew that she was listening.

“How are you going to handle Lu Xiaohua?”

He asked lightly. He just wanted to know what Xia Yixuan thought, and no matter what, there had to be an end to this. If not, all three families would not have an easy life. Also, that woman… that woman that had always made him feel weird for some reason, he was still worried about her. If this thing was publicized, it would be deadly to her.

The perverted missy of the Lu family was torturing someone else. This could be the Lu family's scandal, and it would follow her and the Lu family for the rest of their lives.

“Of course, I'll sue her.” Even though Xia Yixuan said that and felt very angry, she was actually laughing. Sue what? She was not even around anymore. Of course, she would be the one to explain the entire process.

She wanted that woman to carry infamy forever even if she was dead. Was she not from the Lu family? Did she not like using her ident.i.ty to pressurize others? Then, she would humiliate the Lu family.

Sometimes, being too famous and having a too-good family background would cause one to die without a burial place if something happened.

She wanted to humiliate Lu Xiaohua and not let the Lu family be at peace.

“Must you do this?” Chu Lui understood Xia Yixuan's personality, and she had always been like that. All those who had offended her were not living a good life. There were also quite a few of them that he had settled for her; of course, that was in the past.

So many years had pa.s.sed, and Xia Yixuan would forever be Xia Yixuan. She could not tolerate anyone, and it included her enemies.

“Of course, I must do it.” Xia Yixuan rolled her sleeves up even more, but the bandage wrapped around her arm did not coordinate with her.

“If I don't do it, then I would have suffered for nothing and get accused for nothing. Brother Lui, do you know how many days did she capture me for? Ten days. Ten days! In these ten days, she did not even treat me like a person. You don't even know how perverted she is. If I don't take my revenge, I can't take this lying.”

“Yixuan.” Chu Lui placed his hand on Xia Yixuan's shoulders. Actually, he knew that what he was doing was too forceful, but he did not want some things to happen.

“I caused your wound. Besides, she didn't torture you that much. There are many ways to take revenge. Why must you kill the fish and break the net?”

Xia Yixuan's eyes rolled a few times. Chu Lui was pleading for that Lu woman. Instinctively, she felt danger; but luckily, that danger did not exist anymore. If not, that woman would have spoiled a lot of good things for her.

“Brother Lui, I don't blame you.” She raised her head and smiled at Chu Lui while purposely pulling down her collar. The biggest wound on her body was that.

“Brother Lui, are you pleading for the Lu family?” She leaned her head against Chu Lui's shoulders and was asking an obvious question.

“Yes.” Chu Lui did not deny. “I am good friends with Lu Jinrong. Yixuan, can you forgive her and not pursue the matter?”

“Sure.” Xia Yixuan smiled generously. “If Brother Lui said not to pursue, then I won't. However…” Something flashed in her eyes as she said half-jokingly, “If Brother Lui agrees to marry me, then I won't pursue anything.”

After she finished her sentence, she covered her mouth and laughed.

“Ah, I'm just kidding. Don't take it for real.” Her heart knew the best if it was fake or real. As for whether Chu Lui would agree or not, it was up to him.

Chu Lui pressed his lips together tightly and did not say anything for a long time.

Xia Yixuan was waiting, and so was Chu Lui.

“Yixuan, do you think it's a good thing to get married to me?” he said lightly, and his thin lips were cold. All the women who were with him did not end well.

“It's a good thing. The best thing on earth.” Xia Yixuan sat up and tugged Chu Lui's sleeves without any form of a joke. “I'm just mending something wrong. Brother Lui, we should have been together from the start. You said it yourself. You said that you would marry me, but Brother Lui, you married someone else.”

Listening to Xia Yixuan's words, Chu Lui instinctively felt her sarcasm. Everyone knew clearly why he would marry someone else, but he would not fight about this with Xia Yixuan here as there was no need to.

“I don't love you,” he said lightly.

“As long as I love you, it's enough.” Xia Yixuan did not care. Anyway, she just wanted the things she wanted to have and gain that status. As for love, it would happen sooner or later.

“I don't want kids either.” Chu Lui extended his hand and placed it on Xia Yixuan's other shoulder. His cold fingers sent a chill down Xia Yixuan's spine.

Xia Yixuan's face changed.

“Okay, then we won't have them. Anyway, I don't want to give birth. It'll spoil my figure.” She knew why Chu Lui said those words, but she still felt uneasy in her heart. Was it because of that Chu Xiang at home—that illegitimate child that came out of nowhere and still dared to be the missy of the Chu family?

As for whether they would have kids or not, she was in no hurry. She had many methods to conjure up a child in her stomach.

Chu Lui stood up and placed one hand in his pocket. Then, he clenched it tightly.

“Think about it carefully. If you want that, then I'll promise you.”

“Really, Brother Lui?” Xia Yixuan jumped out of the bed happily and hugged Chu Lui's waist tightly as she thought to herself, that dead Lu girl had really done her a favor. Even though she had suffered for a few days—if she could realize her wishes, she did not suffer for nothing.

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