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Chapter 944: Xi Xi Doesn't Have a Brother (2)

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He Xiyan cooked two eggs after they had dinner and wrapped the two eggs in disposable gloves. She placed Xi Xi on her lap and gently rubbed the egg on her face that was still slightly swollen.

“My dear girl, the eggs are still a little warm, so please try not to move around too much,” she soothed her daughter as she tried to bring down the swelling. Thankfully, there was only slight swelling so it wasn't very serious. Otherwise, she would have to take anti-inflammatory drugs.

She hated Han Xue for doing this to her little girl who was only three years old. How could she treat this young girl so harshly?

Xi Xi laid quietly in her mother's arms and stopped moving. Her face burned and it felt as though it was on fire. She bit her lip and clenched her fists tightly as she tolerated the discomfort that the egg-rub was giving her.

She touched her face after her mother had finished rubbing the eggs over her face. It was still warm but it no longer throbbed as much as it did before.

“Thanks, mom,” Xi Xi said happily.

She realized it was great being with her mother. She was always easily angered in the castle and she would flare up at anyone.

They enjoyed bonding time over a newly released cartoon. He Xiyan wanted to bring her child to the theatre to catch a movie but it was already a little late and she had to send Xi Xi to school the next day.

Xi Xi sat cross-legged on the sofa with her robot Du Du who was also watching the cartoon with her.

She suddenly smacked her head as though she remembered something.

Oh yes, there was that small box in her bag.

She clambered off the sofa and picked up her school bag, then dug out the small box that her schoolmate had given her. It was a small blue box.

“Xi Xi, what's that?” He Xiyan asked curiously when she noticed that her daughter had received a gift.

“A schoolmate gave this to me. I told him that I wasn't interested but he still insisted on giving it to me,” she said as she opened up the box.

She quickly saw that there was a small clay figurine nestled inside the box.

She took out the small clay figurine and placed it in front of her.

The clay figurine was also wearing a pink dress with two pigtails and carried a small school bag on her bag.

“Mom, look! This clay figurine looks a lot like me,” she said as she stared at the figurine. It looked like it was made from modeling clay and although it didn't particularly resemble her, she immediately knew that it was her.

He Xiyan looked at this clay figurine and noticed that it was very well-made, and its nose and mouth did look like Xi Xi's.

“Xi Xi, your schoolmate is such a clever boy,” she couldn't help but say. She was surprised to see that her daughter was quite popular at school to be receiving gifts from her schoolmates.

Xi Xi smiled and said, “I don't know him.”

“What?” He Xiyan asked in surprise. Wasn't this gift from her cla.s.smate?

“A boy from the cla.s.s next door gave this to me. He had given me something else before but I rejected his earlier gift. Mom, why do you think he is giving me these gifts? Is it because I'm cute?” Xi Xi asked with wide-eyed curiosity.

He Xiyan couldn't help but laugh at her daughter's antics. Her daughter was clearly very confident about her looks.

She was surprised at how early children matured these days. They were so young to already be exchanging presents.

“Alright, Xi Xi. I'll be bringing your brother over tomorrow as well, so he'll be able to play with you then,” she said as she thought of Yuan Yuan. Now that Xi Xi was here, she wanted her two children to get to know each other better.

“Mom, Xi Xi doesn't have a brother,” she said as she looked up at her mother.

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