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Chapter 446: No Trouble At All. He Is My Son!

In the living room on the first floor, Gao Wanhua came out of the kitchen and saw Qiao Yu taking the candy. She walked over and asked, “What's going on? Enoch wants candy?”

“Yup.” Qiao Yu nodded. He stopped for a second and continued, “The medicine was too bitter!”

Gao Wanhua saw Qiao Yu's calm face and wanted to say something, but eventually, she did not. She darted a look at the second floor. “Is she with Enoch?”

Qiao Yu looked to Gao Wanhua. “Mum, what do you want to say?”

“Why did she come with you today?”

“We met in the hospital. I told her Enoch was sick, so she came,” Qiao Yu answered, putting candy into a box.

Gao Wanhua nodded. “So she does have the kid in her heart.” As she spoke, she sighed. “I haven't known her for long and even had some misunderstandings of her before meeting her. But I saw how she was fighting back the scandals online. I suddenly felt that she is a girl with stories. She is strong and straightforward. A girl like this cannot be a person with a stone heart.”

Qiao Yu looked at Gao Wanhua. “Mum, I know what you want to say. I will not let her go. Like I said before. Enoch needs his mother and I need her.”

Hearing this, Gao Wanhua nodded with relief. “As long as you know what you want, I will not interfere with you.”

“I'm going up!” Qiao Yu took the candy box and went straight up.

Gao Wanhua saw her son's back and somehow wanted to laugh. He had just left his wife and son, and now he wanted so badly to get back to them?

On the second floor, Qiao Yu pushed the door half open to see that in the bed, Xia Ning was crying silently with Enoch in her arms. He was shocked, so he stepped back and stood at the door.

He looked at the closed door with dimmed eyes. He wanted to know what on earth made her lose it and start to cry. He wanted to go in and hold her. But he knew clearly that at this moment, she probably did not want to see him.

She was a proud person and did not want others to see her weak side, especially him, the perpetrator who had hurt her. He could even feel that the reason why she cried had something to do with the kid. Then it would eventually be his responsibility.

After some time, Enoch fell asleep in her arms. Xia Ning calmed herself down and got out of the bed quietly. She put on her socks and shoes and stood up.

She looked back at Enoch who was sleeping in the bed with soft eyes. Then she bent over to organize the blanket for him, opened the door and left quietly.

Xia Ning was looking for the bathroom outside of the door. But the corner of her eyes caught sight of a figure standing in the hallway. She turned aside and looked over.

As if he felt something, Qiao Yu also turned around to look at her. Seeing the tear marks on her face, he moved his eyes away at once. “Is Enoch asleep?'

Xia Ning nodded. “Yes.”

“Sorry to trouble you.” Qiao Yu nodded, turned around and walked to the stairs.

Seeing Qiao Yu's back, Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “No trouble at all. He is my son! I should take care of him!” Even if she had to sacrifice her life for him, it was her responsibility.

“Okay,” Qiao Yu said calmly, walking to the stairs.

Xia Ning darted a look at his back and turned around to keep looking for the bathroom.

Noticing that the person in the second-floor hallway had left, Qiao Yu stopped his steps suddenly. He turned around to look at the area where she was standing before, his lips curled with a vague sense of loneliness.

In the bathroom, Xia Ning looked at the smeared makeup on her face and suddenly realized that her appearance in front of Qiao Yu just now was not presentable. She suddenly smirked at herself. They were no longer in any kind of relations.h.i.+p. Why would she still have the thought that she should be presentable in front of him anymore?

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