Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife Is Very Popular Chapter 361 - Vividly Done

Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife Is Very Popular -

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Chapter 361: Vividly Done

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Seeing the calmness on Xia Ning's face, Zhang Tingting was caught by surprise for a moment. She then said with a smile, "That's even better." Her hands turned into fists suddenly. She refused to believe that without any preparation, she would be able to do it well!

Xia Ning turned around to Lin Nan and nodded at him.

Lin Nan nodded back. "Do you need me to explain to you?"

"No need. We can start now," Xia Ning said calmly.

Lin Nan did not say anything else and returned to his own position.

Seeing Lin Nan's back, Xia Ning could definitely feel that the air between them has cooled down a lot than before. No surprise. They used to be like uncle and niece but suddenly there were some other feelings in between them. Most importantly, she turned him down.

This act was about Hua Nu, played by Zhang Tingting, being jealous of Yi Sha's popularity, so she used her own good looks to say bad things about Yi Sha in front of Gao Sen. Because she knew Yi Sha's feelings for Gao Sen and knew Gao Sen treated Yi Sha differently.

Because Yi Sha and Lu Cong were getting close, Gao Sen was not very happy with her. He did not like his subordinates to get too close, but the most important reason was not that.

"Brother Sen, Yi Sha just got back and left with Lu Cong. She really doesn't take you, her master, seriously."

Gao Sen was holding a wine gla.s.s. He squinted at the attractive lady who was walking towards him.

It was as if Hua Nu was not afraid at all and kept approaching. "Brother Sen, do you think that we will have to attend their wedding soon? Ever since young, Lu Cong is always around Yi Sha…"

Gao Sen put down the gla.s.s and looked at Hua Nu, who was looking down at him with her body over his. He raised his hand to put on her jaw and there was some danger in his eyes. "You are observing them very closely."

"I grew up with them so of course, I know their relations.h.i.+p." Hua Nu looked at Gao Sen, somewhat obsessed. "And I know my feelings for you, Brother Sen. I'm not a kid anymore. I…" As she spoke, she slightly bit her red lips. "I'm willing to do it."

Gao Sen looked at the woman with exposed skin and squinted. But in his head, it was all Yi Sha.

Just at this time, Hua Nu hugged him suddenly. "Brother Sen, I love you. I love you more than anyone else. The first time I saw you, I was obsessed with you. You were so handsome, so tall, and so…"

"Let go!" A cold voice sounded suddenly.

Hua Nu's expression changed a little. She looked up just to catch Gao Sen's cold gaze. She was shocked and bit her lips with a wronged face. "Brother Sen, I…"

Bam! Gao Sen pushed her away directly.

"Well done. That's good enough!" Director Zeng said suddenly. Xia Ning who was pushed out did not have to act anymore. She exhaled a little. Pa.s.sed. But… She lowered her head, avoiding Lin Nan behind her.

The people around them started to clap at once. That was some good acting. After all, Xia Ning was not really responsible for this role. She remembered the lines correctly and the scene was vividly done. Much better than Zhang Tingting.

Zhang Tingting's face turned ugly at once. She did not expect Xia Ning to be so good at dealing with this. After all, the two were in a weird circ.u.mstance right now, so how could she be so open as to play such a s.l.u.tty role with Lin Nan.

Of course, the one with the ugliest face was Qiao Yu. If he saw it correctly just now, Xia Ning pushed herself towards Lin Nan.

The acting was too realistic, okay?! If she were to play this role, did she have to wear very exposed clothes as well?!

Also, they did not look awkward at all just now. So did she turn Lin Nan down or not yesterday? Suddenly, he was not so sure about it!

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