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Gu Rushan had no idea why she would take such an initiative. Perhaps it was all due to the help that she has received from Su Tao that melted her heart. After all, Su Tao was a trustworthy man.

Or perhaps it was due to the influence of alcohol that Gu Rushan chose to toss everything aside and let loose for once.

"Rushan!" Su Tao clasped Gu Rushan's cheeks but held himself back at the last moment and shook her. "Sober up!"

Su Tao knew what he was doing at this moment. He was the man that has lived his entire life without a girlfriend at this moment.

But he had to behave in this manner since he couldn't take advantage of the drunken Gu Rushan.

However, he had no idea that Gu Rushan still had her consciousness, and she knew what she was doing. She also had no idea why she would make this abrupt action. But since those words have already left her lips, then she could only play along as a drunken woman.

She was pretty confident in her acting skills since she's a professional actress who was not only diligent but also talented.

Raising his head, he looked at Gu Rushan while she looked at him with a muddled gaze. Her hand was hooking on his neck while her other hand was stretched towards his st.u.r.dy chest.

However, Su Tao immediately dodged with contempt in his eyes.

Gu Rushan was disappointed by that, since she had no idea why he would reject her. It was unavoidable for her confidence to be struck down, but it would be too awkward for her to open her eyes at this moment. Thus, she could only keep her eyes closed and continue with her act.

Su Tao did not realise her thoughts, since his instinctive response was to ask himself why was she alluring him?

In the end, Su Tao could only conclude that there must be something on him that attracted her attention. However, he couldn't figure out what it was, no matter how much he thought about it.

But he felt his emotions drifting at this moment, which wasn't influenced by alcohol but her charming fragrance.

On the other hand, Gu Rushan was still inwardly struggling as she asked herself why she would fall for someone younger than her.

After enjoying the mature aura that was permeating from Su Tao, she concluded that Su Tao was mature despite his age, and being together with him gave her a sense of security.

No women would reject fresh meat. If a man looks young and can give you a sense of security, that's even more wonderful.

Women that fall for older men weren't in it for their looks, but their mature mentality.

Su Tao could sense that Gu Rushan was in an awkward position, and to be honest, he also had a favorable opinion of her.

He had already been attracted to her since their first meeting and Gu Rushan slowly approached him after that. If he didn't have any favorable opinion about her, why would he go along with her all the time?

Going along was actually an extremely advanced level of flirting by not taking any initiative and casting out a net to catch the target in it.

It was especially someone like Gu Rushan, who was independent and strong-minded. You have to pay attention to your behavior, and you can't show too much initiative or put too much distance in-between.

Although Su Tao rejected Gu Rushan and showed a contemptuous expression, he was actually feeling pleased in his heart, like a cat that has successfully had an affair. He was using a moisturising tactic to slowly open up Gu Rushan's heart.

After being influenced by alcohol, Su Tao was pondering that he might as well go for it.

Then again, he's not especially bold and was afraid of misreading Gu Rushan's intentions and shower affection incorrectly.

Su Tao felt as if he had been injected with an aphrodisiac since his blood started to boil. Suddenly, a creaking sound rang out from the movement of the chair outside.

There's someone outside, and Kim Jung-yeon might appear anytime.

Thus, Su Tao froze and Gu Rushan had also widened her eyes. She finally could no longer continue the act and looked at him in shock.

"Big Sister, you're not drunk anymore?"

"Can't I sober up?"

The atmosphere was awkward, and there's no way they could continue chatting.

"Are we going to carry on with it?" Gu Rushan playfully looked at Su Tao and continued, "If you dare, then I'll give myself to you!"

"No way, the door isn't closed, and it'll be awkward if Kim Jung-yeon comes in!" Su Tao swiftly stood up and adjusted his clothes. He knew that Gu Rushan was teasing him on purpose.

"Don't care about her!" Gu Rushan sat up and hooked onto Su Tao's neck. "If she sees us, then she sees us. We're all adults, and if she's interested, she can join us in a threesome as well. Wouldn't it be great news for you, too?"

"You!" Su Tao was left speechless by her bold words and how she pretended to be a veteran despite being a virgin.

"She seems to be coming over!"

When Su Tao noticed that the footsteps were approaching, he no longer continued to tangle with Gu Rushan and turned her around before covering her with a blanket.

"Oppa, so you're here. I was curious why the two of you disappeared when I woke up." Kim Jung-yeon was baffled as she looked at Su Tao. The scene in the bedroom was a little messy and the bedsheet was crumpled with Gu Rushan's skirt casually left lying on the floor along with her stockings that were torn; it was an imaginative scene.

However, Su Tao tried his best to explain, "Gu Rushan drank too much and even went on a drunken madness that covered me in sweat."

"Oppa, did you secretly kiss her?" Kim Jung-yeon looked at Su Tao and continued, "You have lipstick on your lips."

"Don't mention it!" Su Tao appeared to be furious and continued, "She was the one that kissed me. I never expected that, since she usually, normally behaves, but she goes insane when she drinks alcohol. She was even about to kiss you earlier, and I managed to stop her in time."

Letting out a sigh, Kim Jung-yeon cautiously asked, "You wouldn't take advantage of her, right?"

"Am I that sort of person? Otherwise, you would've been the first to suffer, right?" Su Tao furiously waved his hand.

"That's true!" Kim Jung-yeon bit on her lips. Su Tao had no idea what was going through her mind.

"The host was the first to get drunk. As guests, we should leave." Su Tao glanced at the blanket that Gu Rushan was underneath. He had no idea if she would suffocate to death, but he knew that Gu Rushan was just putting up a tough front. The moment Kim Jung-yeon appeared, Gu Rushan instantly hid herself and pretended to be drunk.

Nodding her head, Kim Jung-yeon replied, "Let's go!"

When the door was shut, Gu Rushan immediately sat up and rushed into the bathroom before rinsing her face with water to calm herself.

"Gu Rushan, what's wrong with you?"

She rinsed her mouth and looked at herself through the mirror before criticising herself.

"Are you insane? You nearly gave up something that you've kept for so many years. He's so fickle and has so many women around him. With how narrow-minded you are, can you accept a man like him? Remember, the man that you're looking for can be poor and powerless, but he must be someone that solely belongs to you. You must be a selfish woman when it comes to love!

"Perhaps you might've discovered that he's the man that you're looking for; he's good-looking and rich. If you marry him, you wouldn't have to fight anymore, and you can become rich.

"Gu Rushan, why are you that materialistic? As a woman, you must rely on yourself. If you rely on a man, you are determined to lose him very quickly. If you want to grasp onto his heart, then you have to increase your worth!"

After returning to their apartment, Kim Jung-yeon stopped Su Tao. "Oppa, there's something that I must tell you."

"What is it?" Su Tao took a towel from the bathroom and wiped his face to calm the alcohol in his body.

"I'm leaving tomorrow." Kim Jung-yeon mumbled and continued, "My brother is coming over, and we'll take the plane together to Seoul."

"Oh? Now that you remind me, you've been in China for quite some time. Well, I won't have to worry about you if you're leaving together with Jung-ho." After a brief pondering, Su Tao added, "I'll take some time out tomorrow and head to the supermarket with you to buy some specialties. I believe your parents and Mr. Kim won't blame you."

Seeing that Su Tao's consideration was so thorough, Kim Jung-yeon felt warm in her heart. She bowed in Su Tao's direction. "I've given you a lot of trouble, please forgive me!"

"How can you say that? They're all directed at me, not to mention that I'm touched that your brother can personally come to China to clarify for me." smiled Su Tao.

A lovable smile appeared on Kim Jung-yeon's lips as she replied, "Thank you for saying that. I will remember this experience for my entire life."

After watching Kim Jung-yeon returning to her room, Su Tao inwardly sighed and realised that he had slightly fallen for her.

The next day at about 3 p.m., Su Tao met Kim Jung-ho at the airport. Because the latter was busy with his medical center, he couldn't stay for a long time and chose to make a stop by Beijing first before immediately heading back to Seoul.

While shaking hands with Kim Jung-ho, Su Tao smiled. "Thanks for your help. I've watched your appearance at the press conference, and I'm touched!"

"Well, our profits are linked together, unless I can change our wager one day with my strength to take down the Three Flavour Hall's plaque. But before that, we're tied together, and you can't fall!" Kim Jung-ho smiled.

Nodding his head, Su Tao solemnly said, "I welcome your challenge anytime."

"What's with the gunpowder in the atmosphere!" Kim Jung-yeon pulled the corner of Kim Jung-ho's s.h.i.+rt. All of a sudden, she recalled something and removed the silver bracelet on her wrist and gave it to Su Tao. "Oppa, here's a gift from me. I hope that you can accept it!"

Looking at this scene, Kim Jung-ho furrowed his brows and his face became unsightly. He knew what the bracelet meant to his sister.

Although Su Tao hesitated, he couldn't refuse it and accepted the bracelet.

"I will keep it well!"

Kim Jung-ho helplessly sighed. He was disappointed with his sister.

After they pa.s.sed through the safety check, Kim Jung-ho unhappily asked, "Jung-yeon, that's your favorite bracelet that was given to you as a gift by mother for your tenth birthday. You've never taken it off you, so why did you give it away so easily now?"

"Because I want the guardian to be with him." Kim Jung-yeon truthfully replied. "He's not the same as you. You live a stable life, but his life is constantly in danger and threatened. So I hope that he can be safe!"

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