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After Su Tao and Kim Jung-yeon separated with the two ladies, Kim Jung-yeon insisted on pulling him to shop around, since she found herself an excuse.

"I came to China in a hurry, and I did not bring many clothes with me. So I'm already running out of clothes!"

In the end, Su Tao could only follow Kim Jung-yeon to the nearby shopping district with a wry smile. However, it was also enjoyable for him to have an opportunity to shop leisurely.

Men generally didn't like shopping, since they feel that it's an annoying ch.o.r.e. Not only did they have to spend money, they even had to waste their time, most importantly.

But for some reason, Su Tao did not feel the same way since shopping was a part of life, and you could see all sorts of people in the city. Looking at their figures, appearances, and postures to a.n.a.lyse if they had any illnesses was also a way of training his medical skills.

Naturally, if those women that were shopping around knew about Su Tao's thoughts, then they might consider him a pervert.

Kim Jung-yeon only made a brief stop in every shop, which Su Tao soon realised that this lady didn't really lack clothes but undergarments.

She's pretty blessed with her figure, and she's at least a D-cupper, so she had her own worries.

Firstly, in TCM's angle, the bra had to be fitting, and it cannot be smaller, or it would cause impeded blood circulation in the chest, which would result in illness, sooner or later.

Secondly, the material had to be right in Spring and Autumn to guarantee ventilation. If the chest was too big, then it would be easy to sweat. Hence, bras that weren't ventilating would cause hygiene issues and even result in skin-related diseases.

Thirdly, the bras had to cover at least ¾ of the chest. Although those bras that only cover ½ might look s.e.xy, they're too weak in support. Hence, the slightest intense activity might cause a wardrobe malfunction. Furthermore, it might also cause damage to the chest's muscles and fats, which might cause the chest to droop.

Last, but not least, it's best not to pick those with transparent straps as they're not able to support the weight of the chest, and it's easy to inflict injuries to the shoulder.

The two of them came to an internationally-renowned undergarment shop. The shop was filled with luxurious decorations with all sorts of displays, and you could see from the outside that a few older women were picking from the hangers.

Su Tao wore casual clothes while Kim Jung-yeon was dressed fas.h.i.+onably. However, she didn't seem to have much purchasing power, which the two of them were neglected by the sales staff the moment they entered the shop.

Kim Jung-yeon, who was following behind Su Tao did not feel anything inappropriate about it. In her heart, Su Tao was someone who had a good understanding of the woman's body structure, so there's no need to avoid him when buying undergarments.

Picking a white-laced undergarment set, Kim Jung-yeon asked the sales staff to take it down for her.

However, the sales staff locked her brows together and apologised, "I'm sorry! But we're an internationally-renowned brand, and we don't allow any fitting tries."

"Then, why are they able to try?" Kim Jung-yeon was instantly p.i.s.sed.

The sales staff immediately wore an apologetic look on her face and explained, "Because they're regular customers of ours, and they also have our VIP members.h.i.+p. Furthermore, we have a record of their measurements, so they would generally buy those that they try!" When she finished, she continued, "Please forgive me. After all, undergarments aren't the same as jackets or s.h.i.+rts. Or let me put it this way, are you willing to come and buy if you know that other customers have worn those undergarments?

Kim Jung-yeon was p.i.s.sed beyond words, but the sales staff's words made sense, it was just that her att.i.tude was terrible and she looked down on them.

As a man, Su Tao naturally had to stand out at this moment. He locked his brows together. "How much does your VIP members.h.i.+p cost?"

The sales staff casually replied, "Our Carsl Brand is ranked amongst the Top 10 internationally, and we have over thousands of branches worldwide. But our VIP members.h.i.+p is limited. There are only five quotas every season."

"What are you saying so much for? I'm asking how much it is!" Su Tao interrupted with his brows locked.

The sales staff was a little angered by Su Tao's words. Why is someone like you, who is wearing a poor robe, asking so much for? Are you really able to get the card?

"You have to buy our current season's Angel's Series that costs ¥11,888 or spend at least ¥11,888 in one session." The sales staff smiled as she looked at Su Tao.

The so-called "Angel's Series" was only a set of undergarments that consist of bra and underwear.

As for the prices here, they're incredibly high. There's nothing below ¥3,000 here, and it's practically slaughtering people for their money.

"Mister, do you want to get a VIP members.h.i.+p for your girlfriend?" The sales staff purposely asked. "If you possess our VIP members.h.i.+p, then not only are you able to try out before making purchases, you can also enjoy a 20% discount in the future."

Although Kim Jung-yeon's family was pretty well-off, she was still startled by the price tag, so she immediately said, "No need to consider, I won't try them out, then!"

The sales staff wore a smile on her face. She did not feel disdain for Kim Jung-yeon because she's poor, but Kim Jung-yeon's fas.h.i.+onable look naturally sparked jealousy in the hearts of any woman, especially when she had such a handsome boyfriend, which made the sales staff even more envious.

"We'll get the Angel's Series, then!" Su Tao replied.

The sales staff was startled. She never expected that Su Tao would really go for it. Thus, she wondered if the young man was too impulsive to take out his fortune in a fit of anger.

As Su Tao smiled, he turned to Kim Jung-yeon. "I might not know anything about the design of this series, but just the name 'Angel' itself fits your temperament. So we'll just get it."

The sales staff felt that Su Tao might be pretending to be rich, but if she really managed to get a VIP members.h.i.+p sold, then her performance for this month would instantly go up. Hence, her face was plastered with a smile. "Then please make the payment!"

Opening his wallet, Su Tao took out a card that stored the dividends from the Three Flavour Hall International. Hence, even Su Tao had no idea how much money was there in this card, but he knew that it's definitely enough to buy everything here.

However, the sales staff did not know that. It was only after Su Tao keyed in his PIN, and the payment was successfully deducted, only then did her heart change and she knew she had underestimated the purchasing power and determination of this man.

"You can now try them out!" Su Tao did not get Kim Jung-yeon to try out the Angel's Series. He just casually picked a few designs from the hanger. "I feel that they're suitable for you. Your skin is tender, and cotton material is suitable for you. Although some of the undergarments might look nice, they're not practical."

Kim Jung-yeon blushed. She was still stunned by how generous Su Tao was. It was typical for women, since they might not be concerned with how much money a man has, but if a man was willing to spend money on them, then it's unavoidable for them to feel happy.

This was a common trait, even for Korean women.

Although the sales staff here might be a little too self-interested, they're still professional, so they brought Kim Jung-yeon for measuring before they picked out those with suitable measurements for her.

Su Tao could tell that the sales staff was nervous and that she was really worried that Su Tao might take revenge against her.

As the method of revenge, it was simple. They only had to try out all the products here and not buying anything, which the products that have been tried would have to be taken down from the shelf and, in turn, cause a ma.s.sive loss to the shop.

The store manager had already noticed something was amiss, which she immediately called the sales staff to a corner and reprimanded her.

Kim Jung-yeon had already tried six sets of undergarments, and if this goes on, it would cause an unimaginable loss to the store.

"Go and apologise to the customer now, or you will be held responsible for those that she did not buy." The store manager reprimanded.

The sales staff felt like crying at this moment. After all, an ordinary person would immediately leave upon her cold reception, and they generally wouldn't seriously it out on her. In the end, she still decided to apologise to Su Tao and seek his understanding. "Mister, I'm sorry, and I would like to apologise to you for treating you and your girlfriend so coldly in the beginning. Please stay your hand and ask your girlfriend not to try anymore."

"Why can't she try them?" Su Tao shook his head and locked his brows together.

"If you're not buying any of them, it will be a huge loss to the store! After all, those that have been tried will have to be taken down from the shelf." The sales staff's head was lowered.

Su Tao instantly became unhappy by the sales staff and he interrupted, "How do you know that she's not going to buy them? Do you think that we're that bored? If we're not going to buy them, then why did we come here and spend so much money on that so-called 'VIP members.h.i.+p' and even spend so much time to try them out?"

Facing Su Tao's questioning, the sales staff was instantly at a loss for words.

Su Tao was also in the service industry, and he naturally did not pay too much attention to the sales staff. But he felt extremely humiliated and depressed from how the sales staff looked down on them.

After seeing Kim Jung-yeon walking out of the fitting room, Su Tao asked, "Are they suitable?"

"Aside from the Angel's Series being a little tight, everything's fine!" Kim Jung-yeon nodded her head.

"Pack it up; we'll take them all!" Su Tao turned to the sales staff.

The sales staff instantly widened her mouth. Adding on the Angel's Series, the cost would be over ¥30,000! Although there were many extremely wealthy customers here, Su Tao's spending could be considered forthright.

The sales staff anxiously packed the six sets of undergarments as Su Tao took out the same card once again. After the PIN was keyed in, she smiled as she handed the VIP members.h.i.+p card along with the bank card back.

After looking at the VIP members.h.i.+p card in disdain, Su Tao folded it and snapped it in two. "I'm sorry, but I'm busy, so I won't be coming back to receive any cold reception."

The sales staff was briefly stunned as she watched Su Tao walking out of the store with Kim Jung-yeon following behind him with a blissful expression.

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