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TCM and Western Medicine have different theories, and there's also a ma.s.sive difference in their treatment methods as well.

Even if many TCM inst.i.tutes have established a combination specialist between TCM and Western Medicine to try and find a common point, there were contradictions between the two medical studies in Su Tao's view. That's because both medical studies had a different system, and it's a mistake to forcefully put the two of them together.

TCM's medicine seeks a balance between Yin and Yang, where the herbs would achieve balance with one another.

However, Western Medicine usually used antipyretic, antibacterial, and antibiotics for treatments. But medicine was toxic, not to mention that after the Western Medicine was consumed in the body, it wouldn't achieve balance and taking it for a long time would cause side effects in the body's organs.

In TCM's theory, when adding toxic herbs, they would generally add another kind of herb to balance it out, so there wouldn't be any side effects. Hence, despite the flouris.h.i.+ng of Western Medicine and the weakening influence of TCM, it was publicly acknowledged.

For example, in TCM's theory, there are no terminal illnesses.

Take cancer; for example, it was merely a form of illness. Lung cancer was due to the lungs being damaged; liver cancer was due to the liver being damaged. In the treatment, the medicine was used to mend the meridians and achieve a balance to recover.

Take AIDS, for example, for those with mediocre human immunity, it wouldn't break out within ten to twenty years. For some with stronger immunity, their condition wouldn't even relapse in their entire lifetime, and there were also cases of cancer and SARS being treated.

It was only due to the prosperity of Western Medicine that TCM became laughable.

In society, there were occasional cases of old physicians treating cancer, but it was treated as a joke in the eyes of many.

Every medical study has their own weakness, and TCM cannot treat every illness. Even it has a deviation when treating some diseases. Perhaps the effect wasn't as swift as Western Medicine, but formidable physicians could determine the life and death of a person. In their eyes, there are no terminal illnesses.

Kelov had also heard of TCM, but he did not believe in such an unscientific medical study that didn't require any apparatus to make a diagnosis of the patient, which was contradicting his own logic.

TCM treated by combining overall and individuality.

The reason why Su Tao managed to tell that Natasha was suffering from anaemia was due to her complexion. Although everyone's skin differs, their expressions and complexions were the same when they're ill.

Natasha's face was pale without any rosy tint, which was a symptom of anaemia.

Furthermore, Su Tao had guessed the real cause for Natasha's condition through her posture and lifestyle.

When coming to the villa once more, Irina had already been waiting outside. When she saw Shui Junzhuo, her expression was a little awkward as she explained in Russian, "Junzhuo, I would like to apologise to you. Doctor Kelov just came, so please ask Doctor Su not to mind him."

Shui Junzhuo's expression did not change, since she could understand Irina's feelings. Even if Kelov suffered a setback when treating Natasha, Irina still believed in Kelov more.

If she was in Irina's shoes, she would also place her trust in Kelov.

After all, Kelov was from Russia and was also a specialist from a medical inst.i.tute that's ranked 2nd internationally.

As for Su Tao, he was only a young doctor whom she had invited. In terms of fame and status, he paled in comparison to Kelov.

"Please be rea.s.sured. We're all here to treat Natasha, and we will also get along with Mr. Kelov." Shui Junzhuo said in Mandarin, then she gave Irina a warm smile.

Shui Junzhuo's breadth of mind touched Irina as she held onto the latter's hands with her eyes flickering.

Su Tao knew that Shui Junzhuo's words were meant for him. Although he did not have any favourable opinion of Kelov, he would still endure it for Shui Junzhuo's sake.

If it was some other circ.u.mstance, he would absolutely refuse to treat the patient. After all, every famous physician had their own moral integrity, and they wouldn't just treat anyone.

After seeing Natasha on the second floor, Su Tao looked at that her plump and pale complexion with his brows slightly knitted.

Irina had already informed Kelov about this matter. Hence, he stood beside Natasha's bed and he looked at the doc.u.ment in his hands, then wrote on it. When Su Tao and Shui Junzhuo entered, he swiftly cast them a glance and snorted.

He would present himself as a gentleman most of the time, but he had no idea why he was filled with hostility towards the two young Chinese.

It felt as if he was an experienced lion king who had his prey eyed by two young lions on the plains.

When Su Tao came to Natasha's side, he smiled as he took her pulse before examining her eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the heart, and many health problems could be seen through the eyes with TCM's diagnosis.

It was such that if the patient's eyes were unsymmetrical, it could mean a tumour in their brain; yellowish pupils could mean jaundice; and the swelling of pupils could indicate a problem in the thyroid gland.

Natasha's sclera was bluish, which was a sign of anaemia.

a.n.a.lysing it from Western Medicine's angle, iron was one of the vital substances for the surface layer of the sclera. Thus, the lack of iron could cause the layer to be thin and reveal the choroid, which the sclera would look bluish. Hence, those with severe anaemia would have a bluish sclera.

Natasha was suffering from severe anaemia, and Kelov's medicine prescription for her was only targeting her symptoms without finding the cause of her condition.

For example, using medicine could replenish the lack of iron in Natasha's body, but her body was losing iron faster than it could replenish itself, which was ultimately futile.

"I don't believe that he can treat Natasha!" Kelov was enraged when he saw how Su Tao put on an act to examine Natasha and ultimately erupted.

Standing to the side, Irina comforted, "Doctor Kelov, please do not be anxious. We're all here for the sake of Natasha's health."

Kelov flung his lips aside with annoyance. "You must believe in my standards. The current standards of medical apparatuses have failed to detect Natasha's condition, so it might be a rare illness. Under these circ.u.mstances, we have to believe more in science and not these hoodwinking tricks!"

Hearing that Kelov's tone becoming harsher, Shui Junzhuo finally couldn't hold it back anymore and her face sank. "What do you mean by hoodwinking tricks?"

Disdain rose on Kelov's lips as replied, "Isn't the medical study of your country all about p.r.i.c.king someone with needles or placing cups on the body? If these aren't hoodwinking tricks, then what are they? Medical study is sacred, and you guys are just sullying the medical industry!"

With a stubborn character, Kelov's tone was extreme, but it was reasonable for his display of arrogance. After all, he's a specialist from the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and represented the honour of the inst.i.tute. Hence, he couldn't lose his face before these people.

After a series of examinations, Su Tao had practically determined Natasha's condition, which was just as he had imagined.

Although he couldn't understand the conversation between Kelov and Shui Junzhuo, since they spoke in Russian, he could hear the arrogance in Kelov's tone.

It wasn't the first time that Kelov has displayed such arrogance, so Su Tao locked his brows and said to Shui Junzhuo, "Tell that fellow that we'll make a bet. If I manage to treat Natasha's condition, then not only does he have to take me as his teacher, he also has to kneel and apologise to you. If I fail to treat Natasha, then I'll agree to any of his requests."

Shui Junzhuo was briefly stunned as she hesitated. But in the end, she still translated Su Tao's words to Kelov. That's because she was confident in Su Tao's ability, and Kelov might not take the bet.

After all, he has already lost once.

Kelov felt his lungs exploding from the rage. He has serviced Russia's president and prime minister numerous times ever since he became famous. Regardless of where he went, he would receive absolute respect from everyone, so since when has he suffered such indignance?

But these two young people actually dared to be rude to him?

Hence, Kelov turned to Irina in rage. "They're so arrogant, are you not going to ask them to leave?"

Irina knew that the war was started today by Kelov. Kelov's medical skills were publicly acknowledged, but his temper was also just as terrible as rumoured. It was already rude of her to ask Shui Junzhuo and Su Tao to leave the other time, and her husband flared up at her for it.

The Shui Family was a n.o.ble status in China, and even if they were loaded, they still had to show sufficient respect for the Shui Family.

Not to mention that the other party came to help, and yet she chased them away. So how humiliating was it for them?

"Doctor Kelov, Doctor Su is a guest that I've invited, and since he has a method to treat Natasha, then I feel that we should take this chance. Please understand the heart of a mother." Irina patiently persuaded.

"You rather believe in him than me?" Kelov was practically raging as he sorted out the doc.u.ments in his hands and was prepared to leave.

At this moment, Su Tao said to Shui Junzhuo, "Translate to that fellow that if he has guts, then stay behind and leave after I've treated Shui Junzhuo. Otherwise, he's just a coward who does not dare to take the battle and is the shame of his race of warriors."

Su Tao's ability to pull hatred wasn't ordinary. Shui Junzhuo smiled and translated his words to Kelov.

It was just as they had expected, Kelov immediately went into a rage.

Russians were known as a race of warriors, which most men in Russia considered themselves to be real men.

"Alright, I'll see how you are going to treat her!" Kelov raged.

Standing to the side, Irina sighed with her mood becoming terrible. She had no idea if Su Tao really had a method to treat Natasha, but she could only remain silent while praying for G.o.d to let them calm down and save her daughter.

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