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Hearing Yan Jing's chuckles, Su Tao couldn't hold himself back anymore and his hand wandered her underarm, which Yan Jing was briefly stunned before she snapped, "Su Tao, stop messing around, or I'll get mad!"

"That was an accident, an accident. My hand wasn't feeling comfortable, and I was just stretching!" Su Tao smiled as he explained.

With a gentle snort, Yan Jing wanted to push Su Tao's hand away, but she did not manage to push it and even gave him the opportunity to wander around her underarm. Staring at Yan Jing's tender face, he realised that she was so realistic before him. At this moment, he could feel the throbbing pulses as if he could listen to her violent heartbeat.

In the eyes of others, she's the vicious Venomous Widow.

But after interacting with her for such a long time, Su Tao knew that she's an ordinary woman, and it was fate that changed her…

Her sharpness was just an appearance to protect herself.

At this moment, Yan Jing's breathing had also turned heavy and she felt her ears burning. After gasping a few breaths, her hands gathered before her chest. She was trying her best to resist and snapped, "Don't mess around, or I'll bite you!"

"I'm not messing around. I just want to hug you." Su Tao faked a yawn. However, he wasn't willing to give up this opportunity as he recalled their experiences, and at this moment, it seemed as if that barrier between them could finally be punctured.

"Let go of me!" Yan Jing knew that this couldn't carry on as it would be equivalent to playing with fire.

However, Su Tao did not respond to her but pulled the quilt and tangled together with Yan Jing.

As a great scuffle occurred beneath the quilt for a few minutes, Yan Jing pushed the quilt away and she gasped for breath. "Wait, wait! I can't take it anymore!"

Yan Jing tried all kinds of methods and even resorted to biting Su Tao's shoulder. However, the latter was too underhanded, and it was practically hard to defend against him.

Su Tao's demonic claws changed between eighteen styles. Groping, fondling, kneading, pinching, grabbing, rubbing, squeezing, flicking, pressing, scratching, poking, wedging, wrapping, propping, and even knotting…

Finally, Yan Jing's begging was heard, "Don't! Stop! It's ticklis.h.!.+"

At this moment, Yan Jing also wanted to laugh at Su Tao's wretched appearance at this moment. A man should be righteous in proper moments, but in the matter between men and women, they had to be thick-skinned to puncture through the window.

Especially for a woman like Yan Jing. If he didn't take the initiative, he would only be able to look at her from afar.

Although the Venomous Widow looked to be unrestrained on the surface, it was actually the opposite in her heart. So it wouldn't be possible to walk into her heart if one didn't resort to some means.

"Stop!" Yan Jing's face suddenly sank and she did not react no matter how Su Tao moved.

Her voice stunned Su Tao, since he didn't know whether to continue at this moment.

s.e.xual matters emphasised on willingness between both parties, and if Su Tao forced himself on her, it would only produce the opposite result.

"Go down!" Yan Jing's voice suddenly became powerful as she declared, "I'm going on top!"

Hearing her words, Su Tao laughed as Yan Jing had surprised him.

As he laid down on the bed, Yan Jing first turned the lights on before she removed her nightgown. "Anyhow, my reputation has already been tainted by you. In Hanzhou City, who doesn't know that you're my boy? Forget it, let the wrong continue then!"

Borrowing the light, Su Tao looked at Yan Jing's body. Her neck and collar bone were exquisite and fair. When he looked further down, her figure seemed like a piece of art and he couldn't help stretching his hands over…

A smile crept up on Yan Jing's face. After living in darkness for so many years, it was this youth who reintroduced warmth to her. Perhaps she can try and open her heart to accept this new feeling.

As Yan Jing found a hairband, she tied her hair and was moving her shoulders, looking extremely flirtatious.

Examining her body, Su Tao could only use "perfect" to describe her. Only a figure like that could pair up with such an exquisite face.

G.o.d was brutal as a joke was played on her because of her appearance.

Naturally, what moved Su Tao, even more, was her bearing, independence, pride, and rationale.

He couldn't help exclaiming that Yan Jing could only be described as unique.

Then again, only Su Tao dared to admire Yan Jing in this matter.

At this moment, Su Tao gained a new understanding of Yan Jing, and at the same time, he also felt an urge to protect her. But in the view of others, trying to protect the Venomous Widow was simply a joke.

"Remember, my name isn't Venomous Widow for nought. After biting you, you will be poisoned before I spread my webs around you, in which you will be turned into my meal whenever I'm hungry." Yan Jing clasped onto Su Tao's face.

"I'm a doctor myself, and I'm not afraid of poison!" Su Tao smiled. "It's still uncertain who's the predator and prey between us!"

As Su Tao made a move, Yan Jing lost her balance and fell onto his chest.

"Oh, right. Do you want to hear the later part of the story with the rabbit?" Su Tao suddenly asked as he was basking in Yan Jing's warmth.

"Speak! Are you trying to mock that I'm Chang'e?" Yan Jing sourly smiled as she looked at him.

"After that, the rabbit returned to the Moon Palace and never ate any fishy carrot again as a man came to the palace — his name is Wu Gang!" Su Tao chuckled.

"What nonsense." Yan Jing pinched Su Tao before asking curiously, "Oh, right. How did Wu Gang enter the Moon Palace?"

"Wu Gang left his wife for three years to seek immortality. After he returned, he noticed that there were three kids at home. So it turned out that his wife committed adultery with someone called Bo Ling while he was away." Su Tao smiled. "After killing the grandson of the Flame Emperor, Bo Ling, he brought the corpse over to the cold palace. After being together in the cold Moon Palace for over a thousand years, Wu Gang and Chang'e's reputation was naturally ruined!"

"What do you have in that brain of yours?" Yan Jing sourly knocked on Su Tao's head.

"All sorts of stories, and this is to prove that I'm extremely well-learned!" Su Tao tactfully replied.

After looking at the beauty for a long time, he finally threw himself into it, which Yan Jing also opened her heart and sank into his manly scent.

One of them was Wu Gang, who had ground his blade for a thousand years to chop wood; the other was Chang'e, who had been waiting endlessly with her rabbit.

Wu Gang fell for Chang'e, and Chang'e also fell for Wu Gang.

It was a firework that exploded after feelings had acc.u.mulated for a long time.

Perhaps the two of them had been pent up for a long time. The two of them were extremely ferocious and did not sleep the entire night. It was only by morning that they became exhausted and hugged each other as they slept.

It was a beautiful sleep, and it was already 10 a.m. when Su Tao woke up. Yan Jing had disappeared, with only the mess from the bed proving the insanity they went through last night.

After dressing himself, he went down the stairs and saw the housekeeper.

He clearly noticed a drastic difference in the housekeeper's tone. Although she was still calling him Physician Su, there was a smile on her face, as if she knew something.

No one was a fool, and Su Tao straightened himself as he exchanged a few greetings with the housekeeper.

"Hey, the Master has finally woke up?" Qin Meimei's voice echoed. "How was last night?"

As Su Tao smiled, he subconsciously asked, "It was still alright, how about you?"

Unhappily knitting her brows, Qin Meimei responded, "I was startled in the middle of the night. I never expected that there would be two cats in such a luxurious villa fighting in the middle of the night!"

Su Tao awkwardly smiled. He knew that Qin Meimei knew about what he did with Yan Jing last night and changed the topic, "Where's Hua Yan?"

"Hua Yan went to school already, and I was even the one who changed her clothes. Yan Jing is too unbearable as a mother. She only knows how to sleep and neglects her daughter." Qin Meimei smiled, which caused Su Tao's face to blush before she let him off.

At this moment, Yan Jing came from the living room and glared at Qin Meimei. "Don't listen to her nonsense. I had woken up at around 6 a.m.!"

Su Tao looked at Yan Jing. She was wearing a white blazer with tight-fitted formal pants. Through the nourishment last night, she looked even more charming at this moment.

Su Tao looked at her with a smile, which Yan Jing ignored his gaze with a cold expression. It was as if she had changed into a different person, when compared to her hot pa.s.sion last night.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Su Tao sat in the dining hall and ate alone before he bade his farewell. All of a sudden, his phone rang. Yan Jing had sent over a message, "Come over for dinner on Friday. It's my birthday, and you must be here!"

A smile rose on Su Tao's lips. He knew at that moment that Yan Jing was just faking it earlier, since she had to maintain her prestige before Qin Meimei.

She was too used to having her head raised. Then again, Yan Jing might also be afraid of her relations.h.i.+p with Su Tao, causing Qin Meimei to feel sad. After all, she was single at this moment.

Seeing that Yan Jing did not just ignore him, Su Tao felt much better. But just when he was about to start his vehicle, his window was knocked on. After a brief stun, he looked out and saw Qin Meimei before he wound down his window and asked, "What's wrong?"

Pouting her lips, Qin Meimei said, "You have to help me with the trouble you caused for me!"

"Li Yede called you?" Su Tao asked after a brief pondering.

Nodding her head, Qin Meimei helplessly replied, "You scolded him last night, so he wants to meet you! Then again, I know that you were doing it for me. So it's fine if you're not willing to meet him!"

Waving his hand, Su Tao casually smiled. "Get in! I've also been wanting to meet him!"

Although Qin Meimei sounded relaxed as she hummed a tune that Su Tao has never heard before, he could tell that she was actually feeling nervous.

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