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Chapter 615: Giant One-Horned Flame Lizard

“F*ck me! He caught the bullets barehanded!” After watching that scene unfold in front of them, a few people could not help but curse.

The scene was truly a little bit outrageous, as bullets traveled thousands of meters per second.

In particular, for Snipers, it was even harder to accept that their bullets were ultimately caught by the target barehanded.

Additionally, this NPC pirate captain also possessed the Force.

Compared to players, NPCs did not have to possess the Force to go over Level 50. Besides, there weren’t that many NPCs who wielded the Force. It was natural that none of the players would have expected a pirate captain who was only at Commander-Grade would also have the Force.

In the end, after the first shot, several players couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

Compared to the players, the pirate captain who almost had seven new holes open up in his body seemed a lot calmer.

He stared expressionless towards the direction of the players’ super squad. His eyes seemed as if they were able to see through hundreds of meters before his mouth moved.

In the next moment, the NPC pirate gunners around him raised their AK rifles and fired towards the players’ direction.

As for the pirate captain, he simply retreated into the building at the base, making the next round of incoming attacks by the players to miss yet again.

“A miscalculation. If we knew this, we wouldn’t have chosen him as our target!”

“Forget it, don’t dwell on it! It is a tactic to lure the enemy anyway!”

The players were unfazed by the strafe of bullets fired by the pirate NPCs.

Due to the jamming of communications, only the pirates around the pirate captain heard his command. In the distance of 300 meters, the bullets fired by the pirates that reached the players had been significantly weakened. For the players who were already buffed, the bullets could not deal much damage.

“Change of target. We follow the original plan and attack the monsters. We’ll get the two groups of monsters moving,” Frontline Command’s voice came from the communications device.

Earlier, the commander team of Nine Star Guild’s actual plan was to attack the monsters to cause a commotion between the monster groups. That way, they would also force the Rebel Army NPCs and players to follow them. However, when they saw the high bounty of the pirate captain just now, who only had around 20,000 HP, they made the impromptu decision to change their first target.

Although they were surprised at their failure to kill the pirate captain, they still had time to attack those monsters.

The monsters manipulated by the Rebel Army had a trait that all players knew, which was that if a Fatal Damage was dealt, they would lose control temporarily due to their anger.

For other professions, dealing a Fatal Damage was extremely difficult; however, for top-cla.s.s Snipers, it was not all that hard.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

As the pirate NPCs continued to fire barrage after barrage of shots at the players while closing in on them, one after another, sniper rifle bullets shot through silencers flew towards the two groups of monsters. In particular, the large Giant One-Horned Flame Lizard that the Scouts found had a personality trait of being extremely irritable was prioritized.

“Roar, roar!”

After getting shot, over a dozen Giant One-Horned Flame Lizards, which were already somewhat agitated, began to puff out white smoke from their nostrils as well as some fog-shaped liquid dissipating and flowing in front of them.

When one of the Giant One-Horned Flame Lizards sneezed, it caused a few sparks to appear amidst the white smoke.


The dissipating fog-like liquid exploded and burned, which caused the combat uniform of an NPC pirate, who was focused on shooting at the players standing in an area in front of them, to burn directly. In an instant, he turned into a shrieking human torch and before long, a ball of fire wailing and rolling on the ground.

However, the Level-60 Commander-Grade Giant One-Horned Flame Lizards that had just been brought under their control did not care about the NPC pirate’s life. They simply stomped on and over the NPC pirate consecutively with their pillar-like thick legs that also had long and sharp hawk-like reverse-hooked claws. They ignored the shouts of the Rebel Army researcher and charged straight towards the location of the tactical squad.

“James, James! F*ck, F*ck…” A black pirate, who was over two meters tall, holding a large machete that was over one meter long, shouted and cursed after he saw his crewmates’ horrible end.

At the same time, he turned around and shouted to the players beside him, “Adventurers, the captain has commanded for all of you to get rid of those people!”

After seeing the Fatal Damage numbers popping up above the heads of the Giant One-Horned Flame Lizards, a gunner player ignored the NPC pirate and shouted, “F*ck me! The enemy’s damage is too insane! They even have five-digit damage numbers! I ain’t going! We’ll get KO’ed in an instant!”

He was grimacing as he shouted all his thoughts. At that time, he realized the folly and his naivety for wanting to defeat the top superstar players of two main cities and become famous in one fell swoop.


The flash of a sword slash could be seen. The Rebel Army player was cut and fell on the ground. Fresh blood spread across the ground.

“You are not allowed to retreat. This is Captain Hawkeye’s order. Hurry up. Get your over there now!” The black NPC pirate leader said with his machete raised.

The NPC was a Level-50 Commander-Grade unit. The players present, not to mention a one-on-one battle, but even if it were five or six on one, there was no guarantee that they would win.

Besides, surrounding the pirate leader was a few Elite-Grade pirate subordinates holding AK rifles in their hands.

“Motherf*cker… We’ll go! I don’t think that just 20 of them will be able to defeat over a hundred of us!” Although the Rebel Army players were grimacing, they had no choice but to go ahead with it.

“F*ck me… That is… Legendary!” However, at that moment, a Scout player within the Rebel Army suddenly shouted with bright and widened eyes.

The pirates shooting with their AK rifles got closer and closer, and in addition to that, the monsters were also attacking. As things progressed, the tactical squad had also started to record injuries and damages.

A Sniper player was a bit unlucky and was. .h.i.t by over a dozen attacks consecutively. Even if he had used high-level potions before the battle, his HP was still not enough. He was the first to turn into a bright white light and dropped a bunch of items on the ground.

Among them, apart from seven to eight pet biochips, there was also a very magnificent orange light.

“G.o.d d.a.m.n it! Old T dropped his Legendary Grade gear!” At that moment, the tactical team was already amid a retreat.

Since they had achieved their objective of luring the enemy, it was obvious that they did not need to remain there. After all, no matter how strong they were, a team of only 20 plus players would never be able to take care of over a hundred Rebel Army NPCs and players.

However, they did not expect someone to die at that moment; moreover, to also drop a piece of Legendary Grade equipment.

“I’ll go and help him pick it up…” A Nine Star Guild’s Light Armor Warrior said. However, he immediately stopped walking after he spoke.

He stopped because he noticed that it was already too late. Apart from the first Giant One-Horned Flame Lizard that was less than 30 meters away, the huge bunch of skills cast by the bright-eyed swarm of Rebel Army players from behind completely dissuaded him from going back to pick up the Legendary Grade item.

However, at that moment, they no longer needed more ideas to lure the enemy anymore.

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