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Chapter 411: Onis.h.i.+’s Talent and Ability

This explained why Phoenix’s personality had dramatically changed after the team battle. Clearly, it was the virtual personality in the game that was controlling her body at the time.

“Right, then under that situation, was your own consciousness kicked out of the game or still in the game?” Feng Luo suddenly thought and asked Phoenix.

“Not kicked out of the game, I was only able to watch by the side or browse the forum, so in general situations, I actually don’t wish to activate this Talent.” Phoenix said, slightly melancholic.

“No wonder…hmph, the Talents in this game are really strange in all sorts of ways, I wonder what Talents that young little girl and Onis.h.i.+ would have?” Big Pineapple’s looked a little stunned, then tried to change the topic once again a little awkwardly.

“I don’t know what about the Talent of that little girl, but I know Onis.h.i.+’s Talent, it should be an S-Grade talent. It seems to be related to shadows which can increase his camouflage ability and combat power under shadowy environments.” Phoenix stared at Big Pineapple, uncertain whether to smile, then turned to Feng Luo and said. “Ah, how did you know?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of the name Onis.h.i.+?” Big Pineapple asked, really surprised.

“It’s somewhat familiar.” Phoenix said, glancing sideways at him.

Big Pineapple scratched his helmet. “Onis.h.i.+! One of the top 10 most popular experts in North City. Plus, he is in the top five combat power ranking recognized by the North City players, and also the only lone-traveler expert who has not joined any guild. Most importantly, he is famous for having a personality. After the results of the popularity ranking are released at the beginning of each month, he will challenge the player ranked one spot higher than him and win, thus those star players of the North City fear being ranked in front of him most. ”

“Just top five, not number one. Plus, there are many overrated star players, they can flex but may not really have true ability.” Phoenix said, her voice sounding a little playful.

Big Pineapple was now re-equipped. Although he was. .h.i.t and damaged by Feng Luo for a bit, he was still full of confidence against other players.

However, he seemed to be a little sour when speaking. “In fact, he was already number one last month.”

Phoenix glanced at him, this time with a smile.

The abilities of the top ten most popular players in the main city might not be able to be confirmed as the best, as they had hype behind them.

For the top three players, they definitely had true abilities and to be able to fight this way to number one as a solo player, Onis.h.i.+’s ability was naturally unquestionable.

“Then why did he fall to the fifth again this month, could his Level have fallen by someone secretly killing him off?” Phoenix asked slyly.

“It’s the legendary equipment!” Big Pineapple said, still a little persistent.

“Legendary equipment?” Feng Luo interrupted.

Big Pineapple froze.

“Yes, it’s still Leader Feng who’s smart. Legendary equipment being so pursued must have a ridiculously high status in the hearts of players. Nowadays, almost all those whose abilities are thought of to be ranked at the top few in the respective major cities possess Legendary equipment.” Phoenix explained.

“Leader Feng…” Hearing this t.i.tle, Feng Luo felt that this prestige given by Phoenix would not be easy to carry.

This mission had been arranged by NPCs for him to command, the t.i.tle of leader was not easy to undertake. However, Phoenix’s att.i.tude was obviously accepting his right of command, she was considered to be another pulled in to be on the same page as him.

“So it’s the Legendary equipment.” Big Pineapple was certainly a little discouraged when he heard Phoenix’s words.

Other than the far-from-reach Hidden Missions, Legendary equipment would only be produced from killing some powerful bosses of Level 55 and above.

Killing this kind of boss would cause the loss of Levels of thousands of people and the loss of permanently destroyed equipment; only those large-scale guilds and financial groups in real life could afford it. Thus, for normal players, there was temporarily almost no chance of obtaining Legendary equipment.

“Alright, maybe his ability is really strong, but no matter what, he can’t be better than Old Feng…Old Feng is now…” Big Pineapple spoke halfway then shut up.

Feng Luo’s Force Awakening was still within his privacy, it could only be his own decision of whether to reveal it.

There was doubt in the Phoenix’s red-eyeshadowed eyes, she could clearly tell that Big Pineapple was hiding something. However, she did not pursue it, instead she stretched out a finger with a red-painted nail and pointed towards a direction in the sky. “Over there…there should be someone coming again.”

In the sky, there was a slowly expanding black spot. A few minutes later, a small black vertical-landing winged aircraft landed at the airport by the side. The metal cabin at the bottom of it opened slowly, and three people walked out in a line.

In front of Digital Cat wearing a pair of technological and dressed in a white coat, a virtual mechanic-structured graphic levitated. Her eyebrows were creased as her eyes showed concentration, making people feel like she was not here for the Agent mission.

Behind her was the former number one expert in North city, Onis.h.i.+, dressed in a camouflage combat suit.

He looked to be about 27 or 28-years-old, and his vibe was similar to Dan Hen but had a significant presence hard to be ignored. As his gaze swept across Feng Luo and the others standing together opposite of him, his face was calm and without any fluctuation.

The last person at the back of the line was an NPC wearing a pilot suit with three small black pa.s.scode chests in his hands; he should have been the pilot of the winged aircraft.

“F*ck, why’s everyone treated better than me?” Looking at this obviously high-tech winged aircraft, Big Pineapple said melancholically as he looked on with envy.

Digital Cat walked towards the three of them, raised her head and nodded at Feng Luo, then stood to a side and continued doing her own thing.

This very simple response surprised Phoenix beside, undoubtedly this meant that Feng Luo had already obtained the support of these four people.

In this mission, the NPC had specifically said that they would have to obey the instructions of Feng Luo, the Silvermoon City local player. As Phoenix and Big Pineapple had previously cooperated with Feng Luo before, and had also been rescued twice by Feng Luo in the Agent mission, considering their relations.h.i.+p, she naturally had no objection to this matter.

However, she originally expected that this “Silver Cat” and Onis.h.i.+ would not be easily handled. After all, one is a top star player and the other has never partic.i.p.ated in a killing game mission, they might not be willing to accept the command of another player.

But looking at this situation, Feng Luo obviously knew “Silver Cat” with technological, furthermore their relations.h.i.+p should have been pretty good, otherwise she would not have only greeted Feng Luo alone.

However, Onis.h.i.+ did not say anything. And after walking down from the aircraft, he stood alone, looking around and studying the military base environment.

“The three.” Only the NPC driver carrying three black pa.s.scode chests halted before the three of them. “As the mission this time is expected to be quite difficult, the Investigation Bureau has specially prepared a few things for each of you that may be useful. The engagement numerical pa.s.sword has already been sent to your Agent wrist.w.a.tches.”

“The Agent Pa.s.scode Chest!” Big Pineapple was delighted as he reached out, excited to receive his box.

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