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Chapter 680 Gu Changle’s Nightmares

It was about time for Gu Changle’s operation. After all, she had been expecting it for a long time.

On the night before her operation, Gu Changle had a nice dinner and let Shao Tianze accompany her for the night.

But she woke up with a startle the next morning.

“I can’t have the operation! Cancel it!”

She jumped up from the bed, exclaiming crazily. She was eager to see Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze accompanied her all night and called his company to arrange some work outside the door as he saw that Gu Changle was still asleep in the morning.

But out of his expectation, Gu Changle’s frightened voice came from the ward in the middle of his call.

Shao Tianze frowned, immediately hanging up the phone. Then he opened the door worriedly and rushed to Gu Changle’s bed to see what happened.

As soon as he rushed into the ward, he saw that Gu Changle was covering her head with her hands and burbling something incomprehensible.

When knowing Gu Changle’s present condition, a nurse called Tan Yi.

Tan Yi strode over from the office. Seeing Gu Changle was covering her head burbling and looked very scared, Tan Yi frowned and let the nurse next to him tranquilize her.

Shao Tianze kept comforting Gu Changle, hoping he could calm her down.

But it seemed that Shao Tianze’s words couldn’t register in her brain. She reached out and grabbed Shao Tianze’s fingers, crus.h.i.+ng her nails into Shao Tianze’s flesh, and exclaimed, “Gu Changge has come to kill me. I can’t have this operation. I’ll die in it! I can’t have it!”

She grabbed Shao Tianze’s fingers and appeared to be very scared of Gu Changge, “The b*tch wanted to kill me. She haunted me. It won’t be a successful operation. Something may happen. I won’t have it! I won’t!”

Hearing that, Shao Tianze frowned, pressed her fingers, and tried to free his hand from her fingers, “Changle, it was just a nightmare.”

He continued gently, “Calm down. Calm down. Look at me.”

Gu Changle said grimly, “I was telling the truth. You must trust me. Gu Changge really haunted me. She hated us for…”

“Doctor Tan, how to deal with it?”

Seeing that Gu Changle kept burbling, Shao Tianze frowned, asking Tan Yi how to deal with it.

Tan Yi said, “The operation has been set at nine o’clock. It’s seven already. Miss Gu’s operation is a major one and will last until five o’clock in the afternoon at least. If it doesn’t go smoothly, it will probably last until ten at night. You should know that doctors and patients have to do a lot of preparations for such a major operation.”

Shao Tianze had once been a doctor in this hospital, so he naturally knew what Tan Yi meant, replying, “So you mean the operation can’t be put off, right?”

Seeing that Shao Tianze got straight to the point, Tan Yi nodded, “Yes, Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze took a look at Gu Changle.

Gu Changle grabbed his fingers, showing no inclination to let go.

Shao Tianze could only frown, saying, “Proceed with the operation.”

Shao Tianze’s words made Gu Changle’s grip tighten. She glared at Shao Tianze, “Are you gonna watch me die? The b*tch Gu Changge will not let me off!”

Gu Changle’s voice rose to a shriek.

Tan Yi didn’t appear surprised to hear Gu Changle saying this.

Shao Tianze took a look at his watch, saying to Tan Yi, “Now there’s still a long time before the operation. You may go make preparations now. I’ll have some words with Changle.”

Tan Yi nodded and left the ward followed by other doctors.

When they had all left, Shao Tianze pressed Gu Changle’s shoulder with one hand, saying, “Are you listening to yourself? Do you know what nonsense you are talking about?”

“I’m not!” She talked back, “The dead b*tch Gu Changge just won’t get off my back. She makes me have nightmares every night and intimidates me.”

Shao Tianze patted her on the shoulder, saying gently, “Changle, Gu Changge has died and has got nothing left. Just calm down. Don’t be scared. Gu Changge can’t hurt you at all.”

“She must be thrilled to see me dead now.”

Gu Changle wrinkled her brows.

Seeing that Gu Changle gradually calmed down after being tranquilized, Shao Tianze said, “Yes. That’s what she’s waiting for.”

“I won’t die. I will never die young like her. I…”

“The operation is scheduled at nine o’clock. Changle, as long as you have this operation, we will be able to live together till old and grey.”

Hearing Shao Tianze coaxing and comforting her, Gu Changle got a bit abstracted and then gave Shao Tianze a smile.

“That’s right. Gu Changge envied me. She envied my great life. I will live a good life. I will not die.”

Gu Changle muttered to herself, boosting her courage.

Seeing that, Shao Tianze gently said, “Changle, you must be tired. Lie down and have some more sleep, OK?”

Gu Changle wrinkled her brows, replying, “No. Every time I close my eyes, I will see Gu Changge’s face. She wants to kill me. I don’t want to sleep.”

“Changle, those were just your dreams. Gu Changge has died, so it’s impossible for her to hurt you.”

Shao Tianze said patiently.

But Gu Changle turned a deaf ear to Shao Tianze’s words, exclaiming, “No! No! The operation must be put off!”

Gu Changle was immovable.

Shao Tianze frowned, saying, “But everything has been prepared for the operation. Changle, don’t be self-willed now. You should know how important the operation is.”

Gu Changle knew Shao Tianze was right.

But the nightmare she had last night really affected her state of mind, making her feel that she would be killed once being pushed into the operating room.

Gu Changle knitted her brows, remaining silent for a long time.

Shao Tianze coaxed her, “Now there’s still some time before the operation. Have some rest. When it’s time, I’ll take you there.”

Gu Changle pressed her lips together. Though she felt nervous and afraid, she didn’t want to put the feelings into words.

Shao Tianze gently held her fingers, calming her down, “Changle, be good.”

After being coaxed by Shao Tianze, Gu Changle frowned and lay back on the bed.

Seeing that, Shao Tianze continued, “Close your eyes and go to sleep. Don’t be afraid. I won’t leave.”

Gu Changle frowned, but she finally closed her eyes after hearing his words.

Seeing that she closed her eyes, Shao Tianze felt relieved.

Meanwhile, Song Yunxuan got up early and began to have breakfast after knowing that Gu Changle’s operation was fixed for today.

Then she got dressed and called Mei Qi.

Mei Qi knew that Song Yunxuan wanted to see him when he received the call, asking her, “What can I help you with?”

“Of course, there’s something important. You are my a.s.sistant, so I will discuss anything with you and need to ask for your help when necessary.”

Hearing that, Mei Qi reminded, “Manager Song, today is the day of Miss Gu Changle’s operation.”

Hearing Mei Qi’s words, Song Yunxuan slightly narrowed her eyes, saying, “Yes, so…”


“I will go and see if the operation will go smoothly.”

“You need me to accompany you there, right?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Of course. It’s inconvenient for me to go there by myself.”

If it had been in the past, Song Yunxuan could have totally handled everything alone.

But now things were different. She was pregnant. Not only did she have to protect herself, but she also needed to protect the baby in her belly.

More importantly, the child was the only treasure Chu Mochen left.

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan stroked her belly.

Mei Qi immediately drove over after hanging up.

Seeing Mei Qi’s car coming, Song Yunxuan walked downstairs.

As soon as Mei Qi entered the door, he greeted, “Manager Song.”

Hearing Mei Qi’s voice, Song Yunxuan said, “Let’s go to the hospital now.”

“Only to see how Miss Gu’s operation is going?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, saying gently, “I also need to see the doctor. As for her operation, I’ll check on it if I’m available.”

Song Yunxuan would like to see how Gu Changle reacted when being sent into the operating room.

She gently narrowed her eyes.

Then Mei Qi followed her out of the door.

When it was about nine o’clock, Gu Changle was woken up by Shao Tianze.

Meanwhile, Tan Yi had been waiting in the ward, “Miss Gu, you’ve done some of the preoperative examinations yesterday, but you still need to do the rest of the examinations to ensure your safety. The operation has been postponed by one hour. Please be prepared.”

Gu Changle took a deep breath.

Shao Tianze soothed her, “Changle, you have to trust Doctor Tan. You can live much longer after this operation.”

Gu Changle was hopeful about the operation before yesterday’s nightmare.

She believed that she could have a new lease of life after the operation and she could live like normal people.

But after the nightmare in which she dreamed about Gu Changge, she began to doubt whether the operation would be successful.

Seeing that Gu Changle was pondering gloomily, Shao Tianze said, “Changle, the operation will absolutely be successful.”

“If the operation were performed by you, I would be relieved.”

Shao Tianze’s eyes darkened when he heard Gu Changle’s words. Then he thought of Gu Changge involuntarily.

He performed the operation in person?

He was the one who killed Gu Changge. How could he perform an operation on Gu Changle?

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