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When Shao Tianze arrives at the police station, Song Yunjia's face is pale and there is no blood on her lips.

She looks at Shao Tianze with a bright light in her eyes and stands up excitedly.

She hasn't eaten anything for a whole day, and she is so worried and uneasy that she almost faints down.

Shao Tianze gives her a hand and says, "Are you all right?"

Song Yunjia, with pale lips, shakes her head. "I'm fine... but my dad..."

"Is the recording done?" Shao Tianze asks her.

Song Yunjia nods.

Shao Tianze holds her up and turns to Song Yunqiang, "Mr. Song, I don't think it's a good idea for you to wait like this without eating or drinking. Chairman Song will be fine. It's better for you to go to have something with Yunjia first."

Song Yunqiang looks at Shao Tianze and stands up. "Thank you. I can't eat anything until the news of my father comes. Yunjia is weak. Please take her to eat something."

It meets Shao Tianze's wish.

Shao Tianze takes Song Yunjia out for dinner with her permission.

Song Yunjia is so worried in the restaurant that she grabs Shao Tianze's sleeves and asks him helplessly, "Who on earth kidnap my father?"

"How long has your father been kidnapped?"

Shao Tianze orders easy-to-digest food for her and gives the menu to the waiter.

Song Yunjia, with tears in her eyes, recalls carefully. "They cannot be found at around 9 a.m."

"It's five o'clock. That is to say, it's been eight hours."

"But they haven't called us for blackmail yet. If I can't pay the money, they must want my dad's life."

Song Yunjia is so sure.

Shao Tianze comforts her, "The first half of your words is right, but the second half is wrong. If someone hates your father, he should not kill him for revenge at this time."


"Your father's serious illness is well known throughout the city. Even if he was not tied up, he would not live for months. Who would bother to kill him at this time?"

"If there is no enmity, it can only be for inheritance."

"Well." Shao Tianze nods, "So the police suspect that all three of you have motives."

"But the biggest problem should be Yunxuan. Yunxuan has disappeared!"

Song Yunjia's brain is clear. Even in grief, she can make things clear.

Shao Tianze does not object her, "Now that Song Yunxuan is most suspected of kidnapping your father, you should think about what to do next?"

"Tianze, what do you mean?"

Shao Tianze says frankly, "Your father's will is going to be announced three days after his disappearance. Now will you just wait for it to be announced?"

Song Yunjia seems to understand, "Do you mean that I can change the will?"

"How do you know that your father doesn't give you most of his property?"

Shao Tianze smiles and shows her his mobile phone. "Look at it."

Shao Tianze hands the mobile phone over.

After carefully reading the content, Song Yunjia is surprised. "I can't believe it."

Shao Tianze reminds her, "Keep your voice down."

Song Yunjia nods. She turns sad after a moment of joy, as if she saw a false message.

The waiter brings the meal to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia has no appet.i.te. Shao Tianze persuades her, "Now that you know you have got most of the inheritance, eat something and take care of yourself. You just wait for the Song family to change owners.h.i.+p in three days."

Song Yunjia nods and has a spoon of porridge. "Actually, I don't want to work on business.

"Your father won't last long. Without his protection, even if you have most of the inheritance, it would be eaten away by your brother."

"Now that you can see it, my brother will try his best to get it. If he knows that Yunxuan's inheritance has been given me, he will bribe the lawyer to change it."

"He can change at will as he wishes."

Song Yunjia frowns.

Shao Tianze smiles coldly, "That lawyer has been bought over by me. Song Yunqiang will change a fake one."

It is too late for Song Yunqiang to take action.

As early as when Song Yan re-divided the estate, he had antic.i.p.ated that Song Yan would keep the new agreement secret. So he bought over Song Yan's lawyer the next day.

When he saw the will, it was in his favor, and he didn't want to change it.

On the contrary, he thought that Song Yunqiang would be angry and change it because his proportion was not as high as Yunjia's.

So he has told lawyers to keep the real will in any case.

If Song Yunqiang wants to see it, he will show him a fake will, so that he can see that he has as much as Yunjia.

In this way, even if Song Yunqiang changed the will, it would not work.

Three days later, when the real will is announced, Song Yunqiang will know how silly he is.

Shao Tianze appreciates Song Yunjia's intelligence and calmness.

He takes her back to the police station after dinner.

At the gate of the police station, reporters grab them for photographs, and Song Yunjia has a sad and worried look on her face.

After returning to the police station, Shao Tianze leaves soon.

There is no reason for the police to keep all three there.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang stay there to wait for the news.

Song Yunying is pregnant and crying so hard that she refuses to leave.

The police officers ask Song Yunying, a pregnant woman, to go back to have a rest.

Xue Tao is responsible for sending Song Yunying back.

When Xue Tao wants to talk on the way, Song Yunying takes a breath and calms down, "My father disappears. Don't tell me anything else."

Although she is harsh in tone, Xue Tao gets her connotation.

After arriving at home, Song Yunying relieves a little. She warns Xue Tao in the room, "I ask someone to kidnap Yunxuan. Everyone thinks that Yunxuan has kidnapped father and run away. You keep silence in the police station in case that others notice the truth."

Xue Tao narrows his eyes and suggests, "Since your little sister has been tied up, why not kill her?"

He draws a killing gesture.

Although Song Yunying is cold, she is still afraid of killing people. "If Yunxuan were killed, the Chu family would not give up finding out the truth."

Xue Tao sneers, "No rich young master will be faithful to their lovers. Song Yunxuan is currently favored by Chu Mochen. If you kill her, he will find a new love."

Song Yunying hesitates for a moment.

Song Yunxuan's ambition is clear to her. It is indeed a disaster to leave Song Yunxuan in the Song family.

Xue Tao is right. If Song Yunxuan dies, she will never be threatened by her again.

No second person will know that this child is not Xue Tao's.

This idea is rooted in her brain. Then, like being in a trance, Song Yunxuan nods, "You're right. Yunxuan, really deserve it."

As long as Song Yunxuan dies, no one knows her secret.

If she forces Song Yan to change his will, the Song family can do nothing to her.

The opportunity must not be missed. She really ought to take action.

After making such a decision, Song Yunying secretly calls the kidnappers.

Listening to Song Yunying's order, Xue Tao's heart is slightly chilled.

However, if Song Yunxuan does not die, he will be tortured by hatred forever.

Although the Chu family has always been the backbone of Song Yunxuan, if she died, there was no evidence to prove the whole thing. Even Chu Mochen could not help her.

Moreover, if things are really enclosed, he can push Song Yunying out as a s.h.i.+eld.

Song Yunying tells the kidnappers to kill Song Yunxuan personally.

He calms down.

Zhang Qiang, looks grave after answering the call.

When he hangs up the phone, the man next to him asks rudely, "Zhang Qiang, what does Miss Song say?"

Zhang Qiang rubs his eyebrows and pulls a cigarette. He puts it in his mouth and lits it with a lighter.

Then, he smokes anxiously and says, "Old Six, to tell you the truth, Miss Song asks us to kill someone."

"Kill that old man?"

Zhang Qiang shakes his head, "Of course not. It is the little girl."

"Does she ask us to kill Song Yunxuan?"

Zhang Qiang nods.

Old Six looks bad. "We have words first. We just kidnap them to change the will. Now she should ask us to kill people."

"It's not difficult to kill her, but..." Zhang Qiang has doubts.

Old Six guesses, "Do you want to ask more money?"

Zhang Qiang spits out smoke and shakes his head, "No, she knows Gu Changge. Gu Changge is dead, but during the ten years I was in prison, she funded my Yimin to finish high school and university education. To be honest, Gu Changge was kind to my daughter."

"You think too much. Gu Changge is dead."

Zhang Qiang nods, "You're right. Since Gu Changge dies, My Xiaomin does not have to thank anyone else. Song Yunxuan deserves to die, but we still have to take a great risk. You call Song Yunying to ask more money, or we won't do that."

Old Six nods and goes out. "I'll call her. You think about whether we use ropes or knives."

Zhang Qiang smokes the cigarette silently, and then takes a hemp rope from the drawer next to him. "She knows Yimin's benefactor anyway. I'll strangle her and leave her an intact body."

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