Reborn Girl's New Life Chapter 10: Give Xuetao A Lesson

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Song Yunxuan glances at the woman's posture of pouring wine at the corner of her eyes and feels something wrong.

When Xue Tao calls her, she stands still.

Song Yunqiang is a little anxious. He comes over to take her by the arm and begs in a low voice: "Yunxuan, now Song Family is in urgent need of Xue Family's a.s.sistance. Whether they can help us or not all depends on you."

The brother does say all things in an altisonant way.

He just pushes her into Xue Tao's arms without showing any mercy.

She falls into Xue Tao's arms immediately.

Xue Tao rolls over and presses her under his body. He pushes up at her lips with his breath reeking of booze.

Giving a cold eye, Song Yunxuan turns away in disgust.

Then Xue Tao's kiss falls on her hair.

Unexpectedly, Xue Tao fails, but he still smells her hair, gets up slightly, grabs her chin with one hand, and turns her cheek: "Yunxuan, I am a little impatient when we first meet. Why don't we have a drink first and then get familiar with each other slowly?"

Song Yunxuan doesn't bother to get familiar with him.

She is about to speak, but she doesn't expect Xue Tao to hold her up and pa.s.s her a gla.s.s of wine. With the gla.s.s touching her teeth, he forcibly pours the wine into her mouth.


She drinks half a gla.s.s of wine and then spits it all onto Xue Tao's face.

Xue Tao's face is full of wine after the one mouthful of wine is spit.

She can't believe that this Xue Tao is also a freak.

After being spit on the face, he does not get angry, but sticks out his tongue with great interest and licks the wine on his face. Then he picks up the cup and drinks all the wine she hasn't finished just now.

This appearance is as disgusting as it is.

But the beautiful young models around him that he has bought with money applaud in succession --

"Master Xue is really a jolly dog."

"Although you have not drunk the (s.e.xual) bliss wine successfully, our Master can still feed the fiancee one mouthful after another!"

These young models obviously want to see her make a fool of herself.

She clenches her fingers slightly.

She suddenly feels that the drink in her mouth is a bit strange.

There is some doubt on her face.

Seeing her like this, Xue Tao bends down to press her: "honey, that is just something for fun. Now, shall I solve the desire for you??"

Hearing this, he turns back to the young models and says, "go out."

"We want to watch the fun!"

"Although I also want you to watch the fun, this little beauty is not willing. You can see how disgusted she is with you."


Several young models go out uninterestingly.

Until the last person closes the door and leaves.

Song Yunxuan relaxes his nerves and lies lazily on the sofa.

Xue Tao's obscene face is in front of her.

She does not struggle, but smiles softly and flatteringly: "Thank you for caring about me so much. It is my first time, and I am very shy. Can I have another drink?"

Seeing that she changed her att.i.tude instantly, Xue Tao becomes wild with joy.

She gets up from him and reaches for the gla.s.s.

Just at this moment, Song Yunxuan sheds a cold eyesight, reaches for an empty wine bottle lying nearby and quickly grasps it in her hand. Then with a wave of her arm, she smashes the bottle onto Xue Tao's head.

With a crash, the gla.s.s dregs scatter everywhere.

Before Xue Tao can turn around, he falls forward and lies down on the table full of fruit and snacks.

Song Yunxuan looks at him coldly for a few seconds, then throws away the broken wine bottle, and raises her right hand to rub her left shoulder.

When she feels comfortable, she bends down and grabs Xue Tao's yellow hair, looking at his face coldly from a high position, "what a pity, Song Yunxuan's first time, you can't afford it."

Finished, she loosens her grip.

Xue Tao bangs his head on the table.

The loud voice is a little scary.

Chu Mochen, who is in the office of the President of Yunting, looks at the monitoring screen on the computer screen and suddenly curls the corner of his month in derision: "This woman is not bad!"

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