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Kyle watched his phone in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Courtesy of Kay, he was watching Xing Han outside via the security camera feeds. He was monitoring the situation and was ready to rush out and save him if need be.

When he saw Xing Han being grabbed onto and shaken like a rag doll, Kyle couldn't help the smile that formed on his lips.

He could tell, despite the fear in Xing Han's eyes, that the situation was not dire. Yet. Then he lip-read Xing Han's lips and smiled wider. That guy really knew how to turn the situation around.

As Xing Han entered the room again, Kyle closed the security feed on his phone and put it down as he looked up.

Xing Han slammed the door behind him, leaning on it, looking extremely disheveled. His clothes were out of place and heavily wrinkled, his hair was messed up and he was breathing hard. He put his hand over his chest, and could still feel his heart beating so fast out of sheer fear.

For the first time, he truly understood Kyle's adverse reaction to the V-day incident. He had felt pity but didn't think it was that big a deal. It was even funny.

Yeah. It definitely was funny so long as it wasn't happening to you!

He looked at Kyle with wild eyes, "Those girls are crazy."

Kyle just smirked at him, then said with a serious face, "Oh yes. You sure did prove me wrong."

Xing Han just rolled his eyes, staggered over to Kyle and flopped onto the sofa there. The few people that were in the lounge didn't pay the pair any attention, which was what they wanted.

"So, now that you know it's not safe out there, shall we go back in?" Kyle asked.

Xing Han nodded.

They went into their room and lay on their beds. Xing Han was, to his surprise, very tired and before long, he was actually snoring away. Turns out the little scare with the mob outside really took a toll on him. Kyle figured he was more mentally tired than anything else.

Kyle covered Xing Han with a blanket, wrote a note about where he was going and left it on Xing Han's bedside table and quietly walked out.

Kyle walked to the restaurant and sat at the observation deck area. A waiter came and stood politely next to Kyle, asking, "May I have your order, Sir?"

"Latte, please," Kyle answered.

If the waiter was surprised to have a 14-year-old boy order coffee, he didn't show it. Kyle sat quietly, thinking that in his past life, he only started drinking coffee when he was in college.

Kyle wasn't quite sure what age was normal in this place to drink coffee, but he didn't care at that moment. There wasn't anyone around so it wasn't an issue. He didn't need to pretend or keep up an image.

[Kay] Kyle called out, lost in thought as he watched the planes land and leave.

[Yes, brother?]

[Can you please get Lucka and Edward here tomorrow. Have them bring some clothes and disguises for Xing Han and me]

[Got it]

[And tell them to be low key as well. No suits. They are eye-catching enough when they're all serious, and those suits of theirs seals the deal. If they come here like that, it's most likely they will get mobbed as well]

Kay laughed [Got it. They will be on the first flight out. They're out of the country at the moment, so they'll only be there around 10am]

[That's fine. Thanks]

Kyle didn't ask what mission they were on. MIB ran by itself now, with only minimal guidance from Kay and himself. Currently, it was headed by Agent Oreo, Cornetto and Twisties.

Why on Earth they still kept those names Kay gave them is 10 years ago is beyond Kyle. Well, not really a mystery since he would do the same but in his case, it was because he was the twin. Practically, her other half, soul-wise.

For them, it was because she was their saviour. Well, with him as well.

'Saviour' here was a bit much, in Kyle's opinion. Although perhaps, in Agent Oreo's case, they had been.

✿ Mini Flashback : Agent Oreo ✿

Meeting Agent Oreo, or Ralph, was a really fortuitous encounter. Purely coincidence, or luck, or G.o.d's Will, if you please. Whatever you called it, the fact that he came into contact with Ralph was something that either could have planned.

It was one of those really rare moments that the twins were brought out of the house. Delilah was paranoid about her babies being kidnapped, but she did want them to experience the outdoors as well. She was well aware of the fact that babies needed lots of stimulation and though the wide-screen television could do that, she knew it couldn't replace the real thing.

So there they were, strapped into the twin strollers, being pushed around in the park. The bodyguards formed a safe zone for them, and Kyle found that extremely ironic. Delilah wanted them to experience outdoors, but seeing everything without people other than those they knew, didn't quite cut it.

But Kyle figured it was the best that she could do so he resigned to it. It's not like he needed all of that so he simply sat comfortably and watched everything with boredom. Unlike Kay, who was ooohing and aaahing over every little thing.

His mind was full of her incessant chatter of excitement, while to everyone else, she was basically just giggling and smiling. Thus, she was the centre of attention while people tended to leave Kyle alone. Kay was the normal baby. Kyle was not and he was fine with that.

They were let out of their strollers as Delilah laid out a picnic basket and blanket on the ground. As expected, when Kay saw a b.u.t.terfly flying past, her eyes went wide open and she started running after it. Delilah dropped everything and ran after the speeding bullet Kay.

[Stay close, Kay] Kyle admonished her.

['kay] she answered but still ran off.

Kyle wasn't worried as his mother was just behind her as well as several bodyguards. Two more were left with Kyle and feeling utterly bored, he decided to ditch them. For a while, at least. He stared at something behind them and looked surprised, tilting his head to the side. He craned his neck and squinted his eyes, even going on his hands and knees (as if to crawl) to go towards it.

The bodyguards, seeing how the normally stoic boy stare at something in the distance, felt the need to check it out as to whether it was safe or not. However, when they turned, they couldn't see anything out of the ordinary and wondered just what it was that caught his attention.

When they turned back, he was gone.

Kyle, just a few metres away, was happily running off with his short, stumpy feet. It was easy enough with his height to escape. When they turned to look, he quickly ran to stand right by their legs and when they turned back, he ran behind them and to the bushes nearby. By the time they turned to look around, he was long gone.

Just as he was congratulating himself for a wonderful escape, he felt strong arms scoop him up and he came face-to-face with a very angry looking man. "That was not a nice thing to do, little one," said the man, staring at Kyle.

Kyle looked at him, intrigued. So this was the person that Kyle felt had been staring at them? At first, he thought perhaps it was his imagination but the feeling of being watched wouldn't go away.

Kyle wasn't afraid, though, for even though he felt the look, it had no animosity in them. Kyle learned to trust his instinct, and something told him whoever it was, wasn't dangerous and didn't mean any harm.

The man looked at the baby in surprise. No, not baby but a toddler. There was a clear gaze in his eyes, as if he could truly understand what was happening. The man shook his head, and tried to give a warm smile. When the toddler looked at him in surprise, he knew he had failed miserably. It was lucky enough that he hadn't started crying.

The man sighed.

"Come on, little one," he said, "I am sure your mum will be worried."

Just as he turned, he heard the ominous warning, "Put the boy down and hands in the air."

"Whoa whoa whoa," the guy said, calm, "Hold on your horses. I was bringing him back to you."

The bodyguards didn't move from their position, their guns aimed at him. The guy sighed when Kyle pointed at the two bodyguards, shook his head and put his hands around the guy's neck.

The guy stiffened at that, and tears started forming in his eyes. Kyle was surprised at that, and he wiped the tears that fell. When the guy saw the puzzled look on Kyle's face, he patted Kyle's head and said, "I'm fine, little one. I'm fine."

Just as he said that, however, his body started to jerk then shake. He unconsciously gripped Kyle tightly, his face contorted in pain. Kyle didn't cry out, even though it was painful, for he knew that the guy didn't mean it.

The guy said to the bodyguards, "Quick, take the boy."

One reached out and grabbed Kyle, who followed obediently. The moment he was taken, the guy collapsed on the ground and started shaking uncontrollably.

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