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Published at 24th of August 2019 10:14:29 PM Chapter 25
025 Silver Needle, Flower, Poison

August 24, 2019secretdreamwishes

Dai Wu Qing who’s drunk thought tonight he can finally get the beauty!

Who knew when his hands reached out to Miss Zi Yao, just as he was about to have the soft jade in his arms, he suddenly felt a pain in his abdomen!  Like a sharp knife pierced through the flesh of his stomach!

His eyes abruptly rolled up to the whites and saw Miss Zi Yao’s eyes filled with killing intent!  But when he saw it clearly, he kicked the bucket!

Just as Miss Zi Yao gently pushed the person, Dai Wu Qing fell to the ground with a thud .   She realized that in the room with her, from an unknown time, there was an additional masked person in a floral outfit .

The dagger in her hands that was still b.l.o.o.d.y stabbed at the masked person .   Miss Zi Yao was actually a master of martial arts!

The masked person’s martial arts wasn’t weak either, easily avoiding the fatal blow, promptly fighting back .

“Don’t make a sound!  If you make a sound, then you are the murderer!” Hua Zi Yao repeatedly attacked the masked person while threatening the other .

“You killed someone and want to frame me?  Though I did intend to kill that sc.u.m, but this person was killed by you . ” the masked Linghu Shui Yue used a low male voice to reply .

Since the person was already killed, Linghu Shui Yue only wanted to extricate herself .   But this Hua Zi Yao wanted to kill the witness, pressing at every step .   Each move was vicious, intending to take her life .

Linghu Shui Yue couldn’t use qinggong .   But she had an extensive knowledge of all kinds of modern martial skills .   In the moment of life and death, she attacked fiercely, wanting to either subdue Hua Zi Yao or kill her!

Who knew Hua Zi Yao’s martial arts turned out to be top-grade!  So the two silently fought in the room .   Because neither of them wanted to attract any attention, neither of them made a sound .

Hua Zi Yao soon discovered the masked person, despite having vicious technique, he didn’t have any inner force nor did he seem to know qinggong .

She smirked mysteriously .   Her body rose off the ground .   Swooping down from the air, the razor-sharp dagger stabbed down at Linghu Shui Yue .

The folding fan in Linghu Shui Yue’s hand snapped shut, lightly triggered the mechanism .   A silver needle shot into the air at Hua Zi Yao!  Hua Zi Yao was in midair .   How could she avoid this silver needle?

She twisted her body in midair .   The silver needle pierced her left shoulder .   She was forced to land but still unwilling as she waved the dagger, once again charging at Linghu Shui Yue .

Linghu Shui Yue was wary of her martial arts .   The second silver needle shot out!

At this moment, from one of the windows, a figure flashed .   In a blink of an eye, a small flower streaked in the air .   Linghu Shui Yue’s silver needle just so happens to hit that small flower .

Linghu Shui Yue’s silver needle was shot out by the mechanism in the folding fan .   You could imagine how fast it was .   However, this person in black who just came in used his internal force to shoot out the small flower!

From the moment he entered the window, plucked a flower, and used inner force to send out that flower, which was sent out afterwards but first to arrive, yet just so happens to catch Linghu Shui Yue’s silver needle!  This speed was simply too G.o.dly dumbfounding!

The person to come in was dressed in black robes with a silver mask on his face .   He intercepted Linghu Shui Yue’s silver needle yet uttered a warning: “Watch your back!”

Linghu Shui Yue heard this and immediately felt the murderous aura coming from behind!  Looking back, a similarly dressed person, dressed in floral clothing and masked, flicked his hand lightly .   A silver needle shot towards her!  That technique was like a lotus kiss, extremely feminine .

She blocked with the paper fan but didn’t know if the fan in her hands could block the silver needle .   So as she used the fan to block the needle, she flashed to the side .

In this flash, that silver-masked man conveniently dragged her away!  That silver masked man not only pulled her away, he also used a small flower to intercept that masked man’s silver needle .

“What a vicious needle!”

The moment that masked person’s silver needle hit the flower, that small flower instantly turned back!

However, when the man in black saw the silver-masked man, as if he suddenly saw a ghost, he backed away in horror and quickly fled out the window .

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