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Chapter 971 Maybe She Met A Pervert? The Legendary s.a.d.i.s.t?

Nightfall. After making sure that the ice cream shop was cleaned thoroughly, Yabemiya turned off the lights and locked the doors. She and Babla went around to the back of the shop, and climbed upstairs via the staircase along the wall.

“What's that?” Babla said warily. She halted and pulled Yabemiya to a stop as she looked at a black shadow lying at the entrance.

“Seems like a person?” Yabemiya was also a little taken aback. She sized up that black shadow carefully.

“It's not moving. Is it sleeping? Or it's in a coma?” Babla said softly after observing for a while.

“I'm going to take a look.” Yabemiya walked over carefully and switched on the entrance's lights. She then lowered her head to look at that shadow.

“Miss Elizabeth!” she said in shock after she saw the face.

The person wrapped in the bright red cloak was none other than Elizabeth. Just like the previous time, her face was pale as if she was severely injured.

However, they couldn't gauge the severity of her injuries, as her entire body was wrapped in the red cloak.

“Miya, is she the dragon?” She seems to be gravely injured?” Babla asked as she checked out Elizabeth. Although she hadn't asked much when Miya brought a dragon back to the dormitory previously, she was still aware of it.

“Yes, Miss Elizabeth is my friend. Babla, open the door please. I need to carry her in.” Yabemiya nodded. Then, she squatted down and lifted Elizabeth up gently.

“Okay.” Babla stepped across, took out her keys, and opened the door.

“Thanks.” Yabemiya carried Elizabeth in.

It seems like someone sent her here? Why is she always sent here every time? Babla stood at the door and gazed around warily before she closed the door with a perplexed look.

“Father, Big Sister Miya and Big Sister Elizabeth are friends. In this case, we don't have to worry about her anymore,” Amy said smilingly on a tree not too far away.

“Yes, we don't have to worry anymore.” Mag smiled and nodded too. Things went more smoothly than he thought. He had successfully thrown his burden, Elizabeth, away.

“However, Father had cut up Big Sister Elizabeth's dress. Would Big Sister Miya think you're a pervert?” Amy mumbled curiously.

“That was purely for treatment… purely…” Mag sighed in his heart. He smiled at Amy. “Are you hungry, Amy? What would you like to eat tonight?”

“I wanna eat braised red piggy!” Amy's eyes lit up. But she quickly dejectedly said, “But, we threw the piggy away. No more piggy for us tonight.”

“It's alright, Father would make that for Amy tomorrow. Let's eat roast duck tonight. The two of us shall eat the whole duck by ourselves,” Mag said smilingly.

“Yes, yes!” Amy nodded her little head.

The two of them jumped down from the tree and walked toward Mamy Restaurant.

“What happened…”

In the room, Yabemiya gasped after she looked at Elizabeth after she unwrapped the bright red cloak.

“Maybe she met a pervert? The legendary s.a.d.i.s.t?” Babla was shocked too, and there was a tinge of pity in her eyes.

Elizabeth had dozens of cuts on her body under the cloak. She was b.l.o.o.d.y, her white skirt was shredded, and her snowy white skin was exposed in the air. She looked so pathetic as if she was just bullied by a pervert.

A sad-looking Yabemiya suddenly noticed the wounds on Elizabeth. Her eyes lit up and she looked through Elizabeth again. She shook her head, and said, “No. The parts that were cut all had a wound, and the wounds were treated. Although we don't know what meds were used and many parts were shredded, there are no signs of violation on the chest and that part. Maybe someone had saved Miss Elizabeth.”

“That seems like what happened.” Babla scrutinized the wounded person carefully and nodded in agreement. But, she added, “But, that person must be a pervert. There's no way a normal person would cut dozens of holes in a girl's skirt.

“I don't know what happened to Miss Elizabeth, but she's too seriously injured. We have to get someone to treat her as soon as possible.” Yabemiya was a little anxious.

“I don't know healing magic.” Babla shrugged to indicate that she couldn't help.

“Aisha left…” Miya paced around in the room anxiously. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Yes. There's still Big Sister Xixi!

“Babla, look after Miss Elizabeth for me. I'll be back soon,” Yabemiya said before leaving quickly.

Babla stood in the room and looked at Elizabeth on the bed. She perplexedly mumbled, “Why is a powerful Frost Dragon alway coming here to look for Miya after she got seriously injured?”

“Big Sister Xixi! Big Sister Xixi!”

Yabemiya was knocking on the door of the magic potion shop.

Soon, Xixi opened the door of the magic potion shop. She asked the anxious Miya with a concerned look, “Miya, what's going on?”

Lulu appeared behind Xixi, and put a piece of warm clothing on her shoulders quietly.

Yabemiya ignored that blatant show of love. She urgently said, “Big Sister Xixi, can you help me to save my friend, please? She is seriously injured.”

“Of course. Where is she now?” Xixi agreed without even giving it a thought.

Yabemiya beamed, and swiftly said, “In my dormitory. I'll bring you over.”

“Alright, let's go.” Xixi nodded. She came out and held Miya's cold hands in hers. As they walked, she consoled, “Don't worry, everything is going to be fine.”

Lulu followed her out silently. He closed the door gently and then followed behind them.

“Just as I expected. It seems like I don't have to worry anymore.” Mag, who was standing at the door, turned and went into the restaurant in a relaxed mood.

Amy sat on a bar stool behind the counter. She looked at the sad-looking Ugly Duckling sitting on the counter as she consoled, “Ugly Duckling, even though we didn't bring you along for the trip again this time, it's alright. Because things like this are going to happen frequently in the future. You would get used to it slowly.”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling whined pitifully.

“Do not talk like a cat!” Amy warned seriously.

“Meow, meow~” Ugly Duckling cried even more pitifully.

“You must remember that you are a duck. No matter how ugly you are, you can't give up on yourself. If I didn't give up on you, how could you give up on yourself.” Amy squeezed Ugly Duckling's fat cheeks before she looked into its eyes seriously, and said, “Now, learn to talk like a duck with me. Quack, quack, quack.”

“Meow, meow, meow?”

“It's quack, quack, quack!”

“Meow, meow… meow~”

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