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Despite the conflicted emotions in his heart, Abraham still made his way into the restaurant in a determined manner. A bit of embarra.s.sment certainly wasn't going to keep him from pursuing delicious food!

All of the customers that had already been waiting for a long time also quickly entered the restaurant.

"Abraham, male, 43 years old, normal human; symptoms: swollen abdomen, many areas of necrosis in the stomach wall, acid reflux, lackl.u.s.ter suppleness in the stomach and intestines, constipation. Diagnosis: chronic gastric ulcers and inflammation with a high likelihood of developing into stomach cancer, coupled with chronic constipation."

"Vicennio, male, 29 years old, normal human; symptoms: excessively pale and colorless features, dry skin, weakness in the back and knees, mental exhaustion, cold extremities, back pain, decreasing memory functions. Diagnosis: severe impotence!"


Inside the kitchen, Mag inspected the strings of information flas.h.i.+ng through his mind with a rather grim expression on his face. After installing the omniscient door, Mag had been made aware of many of the conditions that afflicted his customers, most of who appeared to be quite healthy on the outside.

Of course, Vicennio was an exception to this… He always looked impotent, so it would've been quite strange had the system given any other diagnosis.

However, it appeared that Abraham had some severe gastric issues. It was common knowledge that excessive consumption of food was quite taxing on the digestive system. Back in his past life, Mag had done his best to regulate his eating, but he had still ended up with some stomach issues.

In contrast, Abraham's issues were far more severe than anything he'd experienced in his past life. If he didn't address these issues properly, he'd develop stomach cancer, and that was an incurable condition.

Come to think of it, is cancer considered to be incurable in this world? Mag thought to himself curiously. This was an alternate world, after all, and gruesome injuries could be cured with a single spell here, so who was to say that magic couldn't cure cancer as well?

In any case, he had to warn Abraham about the issues regarding his digestive system. Even if cancer was curable in this world, it certainly wasn't a desirable condition to have, and if Abraham were to continue like this, cancer would most likely be the end result.

Yabemiya had begun taking orders from the customers, and even though the restaurant was completely packed, it wasn't rowdy in the slightest. All of the customers were either sitting in silence or conversing with acquaintances in hushed tones. There were no loud conversations, nor any arguments or conflicts.

Abraham glanced at the menacing minotaur demon and burly orc sitting across from him, and he was feeling rather uncomfortable.

He finally understood why Mag had made that bet with the head chef of Cary's Rotisserie back in Rodu. It was nothing personal; Mag simply didn't like how the restaurant was being run.

In Mamy Restaurant, there was no discrimination between social, nor even any racial restrictions.

Even as a duke of the Roth Empire, Abraham had never shared a dining table with a demon and an orc before.

However, there was also another man sitting at the table, and he displayed no fear at the sight of the minotaur demon sitting beside him. His calmness extended a calming effect to Abraham as well, and he gradually relaxed.

"h.e.l.lo there, what would you like to order?" Yabemiya asked with a smile as she made her way over to him.

"Let me see." Abraham opened the menu on the table, and a series of images of delicious dishes were revealed to him.

Spicy grilled fish, delectable steak, alluring roujiamo… Every single dish looked so tempting, and Abraham was struggling to hold back his drool.

Why do I need to choose? Only a kid would need to make choices! Abraham closed the menu before turning to Yabemiya with a smile as he said, "I want one of every dish on this menu. Please ask Boss Mag to devise a suitable sequence for these dishes to be brought to me."

"One of everything?" Yabemiya was rather hesitant to hear this. Giant dragons, trolls, and demons did indeed have a far bigger appet.i.te than the average human, but no matter how she looked at him, Abraham clearly didn't fall into any of those aforementioned categories; how was he going to be able to eat so much food?

All of the surrounding customers were also appraising Abraham with shock in their eyes. Setting aside how much it cost to order one of every dish on the menu, there was no way that a normal person would be able to eat all that food. After all, each person only had a single stomach!

"That's right, I'll get one of everything." Abraham nodded in confirmation. He had starved himself for a few days prior to coming here, so his stomach was completely empty. He didn't want to miss out on any of the delicious dishes here.

"Alright, please wait a moment." Yabemiya nodded without asking any further questions.

"Did you starve yourself before coming here?" Vicennio, who was sitting across from Abraham, asked with an astonished look in his eyes. Even though he was coming to Mamy Restaurant every day to replenish himself, he discovered that he had still underestimated just how l.u.s.tful and insatiable a woman in her thirties was, and as opposed to improving his condition, he could only feel his impotence getting worse.

He was only glad that his wife still didn't know about Mamy Restaurant at the moment. Otherwise, he couldn't imagine how he was supposed to satisfy a woman who had eaten roujiamo…

"I never refuse any delicious food that comes my way," Abraham replied with a smile and a nod. Vicennio was the only other human on his table, so Abraham instantly felt a connection with him. In the past, he didn't have many opportunities to dine at the same table with a commoner, and he looked at the dark rings around Vicennio's eyes as he advised in a meaningful and heartfelt manner, "Young man, I advise you to exercise restraint. Otherwise, you're going to regret your decision when you grow older."

Vicennio buried his face in his hand and heaved a long sigh upon hearing this. As a pretty boy, he had to make some sacrifices in order to continue living his current life. There was no turning back for him now, and no one was more aware than him of the negative effects of not exercising restraint. He was hoping to turn everything around through consuming Mag's food, but he found himself in a worse situation than he'd begun with…

Mag was preparing to begin cooking when he heard Abraham making his order, and after a brief hesitation, he still decided to step in. Thus, he put down the cooking utensils in his hands before making his way directly over to Abraham with a smile on his face. "Duke Abraham, I don't have a habit of interfering with the orders made by my customers, but I have an obligation to look out for the health of my customers. As such, I suggest you limit your order to two or three dishes, and that you pick some dishes with milder flavors."

"Why? I'm as healthy as a horse! With so many delicious dishes on the menu, how can I only choose two or three? As for the flavor of the dishes, the stronger the better! Are you sure you're not mistaken, Boss Mag?" Abraham appraised Mag with a confused expression as he patted his own chest as if to prove a point.

All of the customers also turned to Mag with curiosity in their eyes. Mag had never interfered with any customer's order in the past, so why was he doing this now?

Mag shook his head, and said, "Sometimes, conditions will only begin to manifest after things have deteriorated to a certain extent. Let me ask you this, Duke Abraham: have you been experiencing dull and swelling abdominal pain? Are those symptoms exacerbated right after your meals? On top of that, do you often get a scorching feeling in your chest with occasional bursts of stomach acid flowing back into your oral cavity?"

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