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Chapter 727 Why is it so Lively Here Today?

Amy wore a joyful expression as she swallowed her mouthful of beef. After doing that, she stuck out her little pink tongue and licked the sauce from around her lips as a sweet smile illuminated her adorable little face.

Alright, let me risk my life to taste Alex's roast meat.

Irina steeled herself as she glanced at the smiling Mag, and then picked up a toothpick for herself. The delectable aroma of roast beef became even more p.r.o.nounced as she brought the cube of meat closer to her nose. Upon closer inspection, she could tell that the sauce had been applied in a very even layer, while the surface of the cube of beef was glistening faintly with oil, making it appear extremely alluring. She blew gently on the cube of beef before taking a bite.

“This flavor… It's absolutely incredible!”

Irina's expression immediately lit up. As soon as the beef entered her mouth, its slightly charred surface melted over her palate along with the garlic-flavored sauce. She normally detested garlic for its sharp and overwhelming flavor, but the flavor of this garlic sauce was very mellow and delicious.

As she carefully chewed into the meat, it immediately fell apart in her mouth, releasing even more potent flavors of beef and garlic. She felt as if her tastebuds were rejoicing from the extraordinary flavor, and she was simply unable to stop eating!

This beef is far too delicious; I almost bit my own tongue! I can't believe anyone in this world is capable of cooking such amazing roast beef! It's even more astonis.h.i.+ng that this was cooked by Alex!!! Irina's eyes were s.h.i.+mmering with a mult.i.tude of emotions as she stared at Mag.

However, her gaze didn't linger on him for long, as she simply couldn't keep her eyes away from the plate of beef sitting before her. She picked up another toothpick and closed her eyes as she placed the cube of been on the end into her mouth, basking in the flavor explosion that was wreaking havoc over her palate. A sweet and blissful smile that mirrored Amy's appeared on her face.


The collective gulp from the spectators was very p.r.o.nounced…

“Do they have to eat in such an alluring manner? I feel like this stall owner is cheating!”

“I feel like my heart is about to melt. I really want a daughter all of a sudden!”

“Her smile is so adorable! You guys can have the kebabs; I just want to steal the owner's daughter!”

“Even that beautiful elf looks like she's really enjoying that beef; I have to taste one for myself! Boss, please get me a cube of beef!”

All of the bystanders were extremely tempted to taste Mag's beef for themselves at the sight of Amy and Irina's blissful expressions.

Sinclair gulped as he looked at the cubes of beef placed in front of Amy and Irina. He was very curious about just how delicious Mag's roast beef was.

“You can have some too, but get ready to start taking payments after that.” Mag handed a small plate with five cubes of beef on it to Sinclair.

“Thank you, Boss Mag.” Sinclair accepted the plate with glee.


A p.r.o.nounced gulp escaped from the mouth of the employee from Cary's Rotisserie, but he quickly turned away with an awkward look on his face.

“If you really want to eat one, you can pay for one,” Mag reminded in a thoughtful manner.

“Hmph!” The employee turned around so that his back was facing Mag, and his shoulders were trembling with rage.

“Oh! This flavor is incredible! I can't believe roast beef can be this delicious! My roast beef is absolute trash in comparison! If I had tasted such delicious roast beef earlier, I would've never brought shame on myself by setting up a roast beef stall!”

Sinclair had tears pouring down his face as he chewed on a mouthful of beef.

His emotional range only further verified the notion that he was much more suited to a career in acting than in cooking. Mag shook his head as he turned around, hoping that customers wouldn't be put off by the sight of a heavily bearded man sobbing beside his roast beef stall.

The reactions of Irina and Amy were simply far too tempting, and many of the customers who weren't interested in tasting Mag's beef were changing their minds.

One silver coin wasn't a very steep price. Even though it was rather strange that he was selling beef in cubes and limiting purchases to one cube per person, this still didn't detract from the fact that his roast beef really did look delicious.

“Boss, get me a cube of roast beef!”

“I'll also get one, Boss.”

Mag placed a new batch of beef cubes onto the roasting rack while calling the sobbing Sinclair over to take payments.

“Coming!” Sinclair set the empty plate in his hand aside and wiped away his tears with his ap.r.o.n. He immediately put on a smile and began to work as Mag's cas.h.i.+er.

In the beginning, he had been rather skeptical of Mag, but after tasting his roast meat, Sinclair was full of confidence.

If roast beef that was this delicious couldn't beat Cary's Rotisserie, then the customers were clearly the problem.

I feel so satisfied right now! Irina's heart was filled with bliss as she looked down at her empty plate and savored the lingering flavor in her mouth.

Could it be that he's been studying cooking for the past three years? Does that mean he really hates my cooking, so he decided to learn how to cook for himself? Irina narrowed her eyes in contemplation before shaking her head. No way; he told me that himself that my cooking is really delicious. I'm still quite a gifted chef.

“Big Sister Irina, Father's roast beef is super delicious, right?” Amy turned to Irina with a proud smile on her little face.

“It really is.” Irina nodded, and she also wore a proud look on her face. My man is naturally good at everything.

The first batch of roast beef for the customers was soon ready. All of them were still sizzling as they were handed directly to the customer with toothpicks acting as a handle. As such, there was no need to organize seating or packaging, and the serving process was extremely fast and efficient.

“Oh, it's so hot! But it really is extremely delicious!”

“I've never had such delicious food before! This is amazing!”

“I haven't ever had roast beef from Cary's Rotisserie before, but there's no way that it can be better than this.”

“Boss, give me 10 more cubes!”

“I also want 10 more cubes!”

All of the customers who had just purchased cubes of beef immediately returned and asked for more.

“My apologies, but my roast beef is limited to one cube per person.” Mag stopped Sinclair just as he was about to accept payments from repeat customers. He smiled, and said, “Due to our bet with Cary's Rotisserie today, we'll only be selling one cube of roast beef per person.”

“Boss, I only want one more! Just one more! Please, you can't be so cruel! I can eat 100 cubes of this beef easily! How can you give me a taste, but deny me when I ask for more?” a portly customer begged with a grief-stricken look.

“If you sell one more cube of beef to all of us, we'll all support you,” another customer chimed in.

“How about we sell them another one, Boss Mag?” Sinclair was also siding with the customers. He had never had so many customers visiting his stall before, and he felt as if he were on cloud nine.

“My apologies, but rules are rules. Please don't keep the customers behind you from making their orders.” Mag shook his head with a firm smile on his face.

Right at this moment, a lavish horse-drawn carriage stopped nearby, and a middle-aged man in a set of lavish robed disembarked with a surprised look on his face. “Why is it so lively here today?”

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