A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 613 In The Name Of The Moon, I'm Going To Destroy You!

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"Are you sure I can do all that?"

Babla turned to Mag with an incredulous look at the conclusion of the lunch service.

"Do you have so little confidence in yourself?"

In reality, Mag was also rather skeptical of her ability to do as good a job as Yabemiya.

"Of… of course I have confidence!" Babla blushed slightly as she raised her voice a few octaves to mask her uncertainty, and said, "It's just carrying out a few dishes here and there! I can do that with ease."

"I hope so." Mag shrugged before carefully sizing up Babla.

"What are you looking at?" Babla took a step backward and looked at Mag with a pair of wary eyes.

"Don't worry, Big Sister Babla, Father wouldn't be interested in your short stubby legs," Amy consoled her as she held Ugly Duckling in her arms.

"Who said I have short stubby legs? My legs are clearly really long!" Babla got up on the tips of her toes with an indignant expression, revealing a sliver of her thin legs from beneath her dress. It had to be said that in proportion with the rest of her body, her legs didn't appear to be all that short.

Right at this moment, Sally took a step toward the next table that she was going to clean, unintentionally revealing a section of her long legs through her qipao as she did so.

Babla looked at Sally's legs, which almost reached up to her chest, and silently got back down on her heels with a pitiable and envious expression on her face.

A faint smile of amus.e.m.e.nt appeared on Mag's face. Babla appeared to be less than 1.5 meters tall, so of course there was no way the length of her legs could compare to Sally's.

Mag looked at the dejected Babla, and asked, "What style of clothing would you like to wear?"

"Huh?" Babla raised her head to aim a perplexed look at Mag.

"Boss is going to prepare a beautiful work uniform for you, just like the kind Aisha and I are wearing," Yabemiya explained with a smile.

Babla looked at Yabemiya's and Sally's attire, upon which her eyes lit up with antic.i.p.ation. She turned back to Mag, and eagerly said, "I love beautiful dresses! I want it to be light pink; that would be ideal for an adorable princess like me."

"Do you know what one of the biggest taboos in attire choice is?" Mag asked with a serious expression.

"Not wearing a dress?" Babla asked hesitantly.

"No, it's wearing the same color from head to toe, including even your socks!" Mag pointed at Babla's feet, which were sheathed in pink socks inside a pair of pink shoes.

"That's impossible! Pink is so adorable! Is there any color more adorable and more suitable for a princess?" Babla was not convinced. However, she still unconsciously shuffled her feet back while glaring at Mag as if she were trying to hide her socks and shoes.

Mag rolled his eyes and pursed his lips as he said, "You're wearing pink from head to toe; if you go out on the streets like that, people would think that you just rolled out of a tub of pink flour."

"I… I…" Babla opened her mouth, but didn't have a retort to offer. She looked down at the get-up that she had adored for more than 10 years, and suddenly discovered that it really was a rather peculiar combination.

"What's pink flour? Can it make pink roujiamo?" Amy asked with a curious look.

"Well… Theoretically, it could. That is, if there really were pink flour in this world." Mag nodded with a smile.

"I wanna eat it…" An expression of yearning appeared on Amy's face.

"Why are you two discussing flour now?" Babla was a little angry at the fact that Mag and Amy had strayed so far off-topic. However, she still tried her best to control her emotions as she looked at Mag, and said, "If you think my fas.h.i.+on sense is not up to par, then what clothes do you plan on fitting me in? I feel like your fas.h.i.+on sense may be even worse than mine."

"It would be extremely difficult to find someone with even worse fas.h.i.+on sense than yours." Mag shook his head in response.

Seeing as Babla was about to argue again, Mag continued, "I'll make a set of clothes for you. When I'm done, you can choose whether you want to wear it or your own clothes. If you don't have anywhere to go after the lunch service, you can stay in the restaurant, but I'd advise you to find a place to stay at night; the restaurant doesn't offer lodging."

"Then where am I going to live?" Babla asked hesitantly. "Do you guys have a royal palace here for me to live in?"

Mag felt like Babla would be dead in less than three minutes if she had transmigrated to any other location. Her IQ and general knowledge were so pitifully pathetic that they would sure get her killed!

Thus, he gave her a rough introduction to the situation in Chaos City. In order to get her somewhat familiarized with the city, Mag decided to get Yabemiya to take her on a brief tour and, if possible, also find her a place to stay. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome for him if she had to stay at the restaurant at night.

"Father, I also want to go!" Amy made her way out the door with Ugly Duckling in her arms.

"Let me see just how this continent is different from the moon nation." Babla took a deep breath before pus.h.i.+ng open the restaurant's doors.

The vibrant light of the autumn sun shone down on her, giving her a sense of warm drowsiness.

The sight that greeted her was a grand multicultural city with all types of beings walking the streets. There was a pointy-eared elf sitting on the gra.s.s while quietly reading, and there was a tall and broad orc dragging along a young orc behind him with a serious expression. Judging from the dejected look on the young orc's face, he had most likely been caught doing something wrong by his father.

Everything was so interesting and unfamiliar.

So these are the life forms of this continent. Even though they're different from the inhabitants of the moon nation, they certainly do not look as strange as the teachers and textbooks describe them.

The elf in the restaurant and the elf sitting outside on the gra.s.s were both stunningly beautiful, making it difficult for her to look away from them. In comparison, the orcs were quite hideous, but she didn't mind looking at them, either.

Everything appeared to be so harmonious and peaceful. Babla's nerves were soothed significantly. This city was completely different from the barren wilderness that she had imagined it to be.

Babla looked around from side to side, and her eyes suddenly widened as she caught sight of something. She immediately stepped forward, and exclaimed, "Unhand that woman at once!"

"Huh?" Yabemiya had just emerged from the restaurant, and she turned toward that direction with a confused look. There, Xixi and Lulu just so happened to be making their way out of the magic potion shop hand-in-hand. Both of them wore blissful smiles on their faces as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Miya, Amy, who's this?" Xixi turned to Babla with a smile upon hearing her outburst.

Meanwhile, Lulu was appraising Babla with a wary look, and his hand tightened around Xixi's as he pulled her behind him slightly. He could sense a hint of enmity coming from this little girl.

"Hmph! How dare you hold a woman's hand in broad daylight? In the name of the moon, I'm going to destroy you!" Babla raised her wand and pointed it at Lulu.

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