A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 607 Is There A Cure For My Condition?

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The freshly roasted beef kebabs were still piping hot, and an alluring aroma came wafting toward Babla. Her eyes immediately lit up, and she found it incredible that roast meat could smell so insanely good.

However, she had pinched her own leg under the table and the sense of pain was very real, thereby indicating that this was not a dream. Instead, it was reality—there really was a plate of irresistible beef kebabs in front of her.

"Alright, it doesn't look particularly appetizing, but I guess I'll have a taste of your roast beef." Babla tried to put on a disinterested look as she picked up a kebab. Eating meat in this manner wasn't very elegant, and under normal circ.u.mstances, she would never eat food directly off a stick. However, the little girl was doing exactly that, and it gave her the impression that this was the correct way to eat roast beef kebabs.

Mag took a glance at Babla before making his way over to the kitchen with a smile on his face. He had seen more than his fair share of people trying to denounce his food before being completely conquered once they tasted his cooking.

Amy pursed her lips with a skeptical expression, and said, "Not very appetizing? I feel like you're lying."

Yabemiya and Sally also wore smiles on their faces. This little girl had gulped down her drool on many occasions in front of them, so her words were completely unconvincing.

Let me see if this old man's cooking is actually tasty or not. If it only smells good, then I'll definitely ask Father to close down this restaurant! Babla's blush deepened as she bit off a cube of beef with a grumpy expression on her face.


Babla's eyes immediately lit up with her first bite. The tender beef virtually melted in her mouth, and the rich meaty taste combined with the delicious flavor of the sauce, creating a flavor explosion in her mouth. It was as if her tongue had been ignited and her taste buds were screaming for joy!

Every single bite she took struck her with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, and she simply couldn't stop eating. This was by far the most delicious roast meat she had ever eaten. No! It was the best thing she had ever eaten, period!

The spicy sauce was an absolute masterstroke, elevating the rich flavor of the meat to a whole new level.

Babla felt as if she could see a strong and healthy cow galloping over a gra.s.sland. The supple muscles of its body made her salivate, and more and more of those cows converged, forming a large herd as they all galloped over the land. The sound of their thundering hooves created a mesmerizing percussive rhythm that had her completely entranced.

Is this really beef? It's incredible! How can it be so much more delicious than the beef roasted by the chefs in the palace? They're like two completely different types of food! Babla's soul was trembling. She felt as if all of the roast beef she had had in her life thus far was fake beef.

The tender beef slid down her tongue and into her throat before being swallowed. Babla felt as if there were a flow of warmth making its way into her stomach. The warmth then spread all over her body; her feeble limbs were slowly being revitalized, and a hint of color returned to her pale face.

This beef is amazing! It can even help me recover my energy. Babla abruptly opened her eyes as she stared at the kebab in her hand with amazement and incredulity. She had always been feeble from birth, and often fell unconscious as a result of her chronic condition. She had eaten countless types of exotic food and medicine, and received treatment from the best doctors in the moon nation, but none of that amounted to anything. Who would have thought that just a small cube of this roast beef would produce a more p.r.o.nounced effect than eating a spirit fruit?

Babla took a second bite of beef with an expectant look on her face. The delicious flavor washed through her mouth again, making her almost forget how to breathe. After swallowing the second cube of beef, the flow of warmth in her stomach became even more p.r.o.nounced, and she could literally feel energy flowing through her veins, being carried into every corner of her body.

This was an extremely blissful feeling, like rain falling on a parched desert. Furthermore, she could sense that the replenishment of energy was not from the beef alone. Instead, the beef was catalyzing a certain process in her body that was producing energy for her.

This… Could it be that there's a cure for my condition? Babla was struggling to believe what was going on. Her condition had been deemed incurable by countless doctors, and every time she fainted, she had to get up and pretend as if nothing had ever happened. Was there finally something that could put an end to these nightmarish days?

Tears welled up in Babla's eyes as she took another bite of beef. As she basked in its delicious flavor, she was also praying that it would be able to cure her.

"What's wrong, Big Sister Pink? Does it taste so good that you're going to cry?" Amy asked.

"Probably. I remember I felt like I was dreaming the first time I tasted Boss' food. It was simply far too delicious." Yabemiya nodded with approval.

Mag wore a vibrant smile on his face as he stood in the kitchen. As expected, the allure of his food was irresistible. This arrogant little princess' haughty facade had been completely stripped away by his cooking.

Babla finished the kebab very quickly, and she couldn't help but praise, "This roast beef is really, really delicious."

However, she soon noticed someone looking at her with an amused expression from the kitchen, and a humiliating blush appeared on her face. She thought back to what she had said, and was struck by the urge to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

"Was the kebab to your liking, Your Highness?" Mag asked with a smile.

"It… It wasn't too bad," Babla conceded sheepishly as she stole a glance at Mag.

Back when she had just been teleported to this place, she was feeling quite nervous, and didn't have an opportunity to look at Mag carefully. All she remembered was seeing his facial hair before immediately branding him as a s.h.i.+fty old man.

However, looking at Mag now in his clean chef's suit, she suddenly discovered that the mustache above his lips wasn't all that hideous to look at. Instead, it lent him a sense of maturity.

This guy isn't so bad, after all… If he gets rid of that mustache, he wouldn't be too bad. Most importantly, I can already feel that I have a lot more energy from eating just one kebab made by him. If I can eat it regularly, it should be able to help me recover. As those thoughts flashed through her mind, Babla became a little dazed as she looked at Mag.

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