Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler Chapter 408 - To Put the World in Great Disorder (III)

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408. To Put the World in Great Disorder (III)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

“I didn’t think much when s.h.i.+ Qingzhou fell victim to a venomous insect last time, but now I guess from then on he has been targeted.”

“Golden King Insect?”

“I thought about it. If it was the Golden King Insect, it was impossible for me to save him in such a simple way, even though that method was very dangerous. However, I have never heard that the second owner of the Golden King Insect could survive. Therefore I guess at that time, there was another type of insect in s.h.i.+ Qingzhou’s body, but it never showed symptoms, so I don’t know about it.”

“Is it a Black Insect?” Long Xiaoyuan quickly asked.

Liu Suifeng shook his head. “I don’t think so. It’s easy to detoxify the Black Insect. I detoxified all the victims of the Black Insect in Pan Mountain. However, s.h.i.+ Qingzhou isn’t affected by the Black Insect, which I could easily detect. Besides, he would not be controlled easily by a Black Insect.”

Long Xiaoyuan’s expression changed again, “Where is that place in Northern Barbarians? Who are those people?”

“Back then, my master killed everyone there even though he was seriously injured. Those people were not saving his junior fellow at all. Instead, they turned him into a zombie. How could my master let his junior fellow live without dignity? He killed everyone there. This is what he told me… My master didn’t know the ident.i.ties of those people, and he only knew that they were from Northern Barbarians, and they were very mysterious. But now, I think that he didn’t kill all the people in that place.”

“The Black Insect is not available in any other place of Northern Barbarians?”

Liu Suifeng looked at Long Xiaoyuan. “I’m worried that the black Insect is just the beginning.”

Long Xiaoyuan closed his eyes desperately.

“Of course, there are other possibilities. At first, my master brought back some Black Insects so we could guard against it. He said that the people in that place were too evil. If they didn’t die out, we should kill them all when they show up. When my master left, he destroyed the place completely, and he burnt all the venomous insects with fire. He brought back the Black Insects to teach me to use the venomous insects to detoxify the insect poison. It was a pity that I failed to learn all of his methods.”

Long Xiaoyuan took a deep breath. “Qingzhou went out today to see Zou Qingyuan. Maybe he knows about something.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. “We have to find out as soon as possible who is using this venomous insect. If it comes from that place, we must know how many people there are.”

Long Xiaoyuan immediately asked the Shadow Guardians to bring Zou Qingyuan over.

“Is there another venomous insect in Qingzhou’s body?”

“Yes, there should be. If it is not a venomous insect, in any case, it looks odd. I don’t believe that the aftereffect of the Golden King Insect can be eliminated so easily.”

Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips.

“We have to wait until he wakes up…” Liu Suifeng said softly.

Long Xiaoyuan closed his eyes. “What shall we do when he wakes up?”

“If he can remember what happened to him, we might find a clue. However, none of the Shadow Guardians who had been hit by the Black Insect remember anything. s.h.i.+ Qingzhou has other venomous insects in his body. I’m not sure if he can remember since he was poisoned by the Black Insect. ”

Long Xiaoyuan turned gloomy all of a sudden.

Liu Suifeng slowly lowered his eyes. “Bring Huhe Huangcheng to the imperial palace. I have to stay here these days.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded. “I got it. I’ll have him brought over.”

Liu Suifeng nodded.

Less than an hour later, Zou Qingyuan arrived. Long Xiaoyuan frowned at the mention of Wu Xiangyuan.

Long Xiaoyuan asked Liu Suifeng to examined Zou Qingyuan.

Liu Suifeng examined Zou Qingyuan’s physical condition carefully and found that he was fine without any venomous insects and he was not poisoned.

After that, Long Xiaoyuan said that he would send Liu Suifeng to check on Wu Xiangyuan later, and then he asked Zou Qingyuan to leave.

After Zou Qingyuan left, Liu Suifeng said, “I’m sure he isn’t poisoned, but I’m not sure if he has been hit by any venomous insect, and what it is if he has been hit.”

Just like s.h.i.+ Qingzhou. He had felt s.h.i.+ Qingzhou’s pulse many times, but he had never found out that there was a mysterious insect in his body. If s.h.i.+ Qingzhou hadn’t been controlled and gone to Pan Mountain this time, he wouldn’t have known that he got hit by a venomous insect!

However, Liu Suifeng felt something was strange.

He thought about it and told Long Xiaoyuan.

“Long Xiaoyuan, something is odd. s.h.i.+ Qingzhou has a venomous insect in his body. If he hadn’t been ordered to go to Pan Mountain, we wouldn’t have known about it. However, since the evildoer is able to control such a hidden insect, why did he expose s.h.i.+ Qingzhou so easily? Isn’t it more useful to keep s.h.i.+ Qingzhou? This time, Pan Mountain was exposed too… Most importantly, the evildoer didn’t seem to have benefited from it. The conspiracy was revealed so easily.”

This was what made Liu Suifeng feel odd.

Since the person behind had placed two kinds of venomous insects in s.h.i.+ Qingzhou’s body, he should conceal s.h.i.+ Qingzhou so he could make him do something at critical times.

It was not a critical time, so how could he expose s.h.i.+ Qingzhou?

Moreover, if he exposed s.h.i.+ Qingzhou in order to kill Long Xiaoyuan, why didn’t he do that long time ago?

Why did he choose to do it now?

Long Xiaoyuan sneered. “Because an idiot has ruined his good plan.”

Liu Suifeng was stunned. “What?”

Long Xiaoyuan closed his eyes. “The person who placed the mysterious insect is different from the person placed the Black Insect. These two people don’t know about each other.”

Liu Suifeng gasped. “Two groups of people? Does that mean…”

“That’s good. We can catch the easy one first, and maybe we can find the person who is hiding in the darkest corner.”

“Why is s.h.i.+ Qingzhou?” Liu Suifeng muttered.

“This kind of venomous insect comes from Northern Barbarians, right?”


“s.h.i.+ Qingzhou is the Empress favored by the Emperor. It’s not difficult for him to kill me, to kill s.h.i.+ Qingshan, and even Qin Yueguan. As long as there was a good opportunity to gather these people together, it wouldn’t be difficult for s.h.i.+ Qingzhou to kill us.”

Liu Suifeng gasped when he heard this.

“Does Northern Barbarians have such great ambition?”

“Not necessarily the Emperor of the Northern Kingdom.” Long Xiaoyuan said slowly.

Liu Suifeng got more confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure, but the plot is not in the interests of the Emperor of Northern Barbarians. Those people are in Northern Barbarians, which doesn’t mean they work for the Emperor there. Evil things appeared in the Eastern Darkness and venomous insects appeared in Northern Barbarians, both of which were used on our country… I think that person wants to put the world in a great disorder.”

Liu Suifeng was dumbfounded. “To put the world in great disorder? Why?”

Long Xiaoyuan slowly lowered his eyes. “I don’t know. We’ll know when we find out…”

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