The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 162 - The Viper King Reveals His Fangs

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Chapter 162: The Viper King Reveals His Fangs

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Every single one of their training began with real combat. In these two weeks, there wasn't a single recruit that was uninjured while training, and this included Qin Fen.

After the seasoned soldiers truly understood Qin Fen's and the other's strengths, they no longer kept up the att.i.tude of playing a game. Instead, they went into a true combat state. Whatever was known as using equal strength to engage in fair fights and battles didn't happen at all.

All the seasoned soldiers utilized their full meteor level strength in combat. Along with this, they relied on their plentiful experience, many years of coordination at a deep level with each other, as well as first-rate high-level weapons to suppress the recruits' martial strength. Every time they struck Qin Fen and the others they would scurry over Happy Paradise Island.

However, there were some places that the seasoned soldiers didn't feel good about. It was the fact that they were very rarely able to obtain an ultimate victory. Lin Ling and the others, under the command of Qin Fen, formed a small team. They were as slippery as might fishes. Every time the seasoned soldiers almost pressured them into desperate straits, they would always find a way to escape, time and time again, during crucial moments.

This was especially true for a seasoned soldier of the five-star meteor level. He just barely manufactured a chance to fight against Qin Fen one-on-one and had planned to capture Qin Fen alive, seeking to fiercely give this slippery kid a beating.

In the end, there were wounded that appeared among the seasoned soldiers. The seasoned soldiers that had fought with Qin Fen in secret not only had six of his ribs broken but he had also received heavy damage to the meridian that ran from the foot and through the liver.

As for the other side of this fight, Qin Fen didn't receive any injuries at all. Actually, he looked lively and was full of energy.

The seasoned soldiers harbored emotions of curiosity. They waited until their unconscious companion woke up, and they asked him what had happened during their fight. In the end, the seasoned soldiers said that absolutely not a single piece of information about his encounter with Qin Fen could be leaked to the outside world. He only told his comrades two things. Qin Fen didn't use any crafty plots or machinations, nor did Qin Fen use any biochemical beasts. Qin Fen completely relied on his true makings to score a victory in their duel.

The second thing was a warning to his comrades. If one didn't possess six-star meteor level strength, one must not choose to duel one-on-one with Qin Fen in a small environment. Otherwise, such a person would leave the stage in a very miserable manner. This kid was an absolute monster.

After this fight, Qin Fen was revered among the recruits as the recruit with the number one martial strength in this training.

Du Zhanpeng merely gave a gentle smile in regard to this a.s.sessment. He didn't dispute too much. There are some people who inquired him in private about why he wasn't contesting this. His answer generated respect.

“We are all of Chinese blood. Many years ago, we are all of one ancestor. The number one is Chinese. Is there a need to discern between you and me?”

To be able to say these words of such breadth of mind, such a person made one hard to imagine that he would be so harsh toward Du Peng.

As for Lin Ling's reaction when she heard that Qin Fen got this t.i.tle, she was just as indifferent as always. It was as if the t.i.tle of number one didn't mean anything to her.

Just as these recruits gradually began to like this crazy training, the East Asian military region nervously called together a small conference.

“He's been kidnapped? The chief production expert of the nano combat suit has been kidnapped? Where were the special forces in charge of security and safety? Did they all die?”

When faced with the roar of a four-star general, the transmitted virtual image of the official revealed a very tranquil expression, “General, right now they indeed have already become dead people. Because using S-level and above special forces soldiers means that those with intent can easily guess the importance of this expert, we followed convention and deployed the most ordinary of special forces soldiers.”

The conference room table wasn't that large. A dozen or so high-ranking officers sat at this table, their expressions dark. The lowest ranking officer present was a lieutenant general, and it was a lieutenant general with true authority and power.

Everyone's complexion was so unsightly to the point it was as if their loved ones had died. The nano combat suit was an important secret between the military of Earth and Mars. According to its theoretical design, as soon as the development of the suit was completed, it would allow individual soldiers to fly and do combat in the cosmos of s.p.a.ce. The military would be able to get rid of the usage of s.p.a.ce fighters to a certain degree.

If a soldier was allocated with other secret weapons in development as well, soldiers could completely eliminate s.p.a.ce fighters and even cosmic wars.h.i.+ps in decisive battles in the cosmos. When that happens, Earth and Mars could once again control the leaders of the planets that were fighting out of their control.

The leader of the research and development team of the nano combat suit could be described as a crucial matter of life and death for the Federation, and that would be no exaggeration.

The virtual screen on the conference table faded by now. An old man, with sideburns that had white spots, sat to the side of the table. He slowly opened his mouth. “Everyone, what should we do?”

Everyone fell silent. In the end, a young lieutenant general spoke. He spoke to the old general, the one with white spots on his sideburns and a waist that was healthier than that of most young men. “General, you are the Viper King of the Federation, sir. Your suggestions carry even more weight in such times.”

The old man with white spots on his sideburns was none other than the leader of the Du Family and the man with the t.i.tle Viper King in the military world of the Federation—General Du Hen!

“Lieutenant General Zuo Ben, have we found out who did this?” Du Hen casually asked.

The young Lieutenant General Zuo Ben quickly and nimbly tapped a few times on the table with his fingers. The virtual electronic projection appeared once more in the surroundings of the conference room table. He began to explain in a very capable and experienced manner.

“Our initial investigations have revealed that the mobilized attack force indeed ranks number five among the top ten terrorist organizations—G.o.d's Chosen Nation. It is just that they mostly engage in material destruction for their terrorist attacks. They have never done this sort of campaign where they kidnap a researcher of the Federation. This time, no matter how I look at it, things are a bit strange. According to the a.n.a.lysis from the general staff, there is a ninety-seven point two percent chance that behind G.o.d's Chosen Nation is…”

Zuo Ben didn't continue speaking. There were some words that didn't need to be spoken to be understood. Everyone knew, very clearly, the meaning behind his words and its implications.

Du Hen rested his chin on his hands. His two eyes radiated with threads of cold glows. He fell into serious thought, and the several generals who sat at the table were all able to feel a terrifying aura come from this old man's body, from he who was known as the Viper.

Du Yu, who had barely spoken this conference, opened his mouth to ask, “Have those behind G.o.d's Chosen Nation made a move already?”

“They haven't.” Zuo Ben's ten fingers of his two hands were clasped together. “It may be a.s.sumed that they are scared of evoking far too fierce of a response from us, now that we have noticed, right? I estimate that soon they will use secret methods to create a diversion. Looking at how the sole troops of G.o.d's Chosen Nation are looking after the hostage, and the fact that G.o.d's Chosen Nation has also sent an electronic message requesting ransom money, it is estimated that they are stalling for time and are paralyzing us as well.”

“Then we need to seize the chance.” Du Hen contemplated for quite a while before slowly speaking. “Find out the current location of the leader of the research and development group. Then, seize him back with a might as sudden as lightning.”

The young lieutenant general spread his hands in helplessness. “General, we should describe the methods in more detail.”

“One. Find the location, and ask Song Wendong to step in.”

Everyone sitting present revealed wry smiles when they heard this proposal. Song Wendong? Song Wendong the Qilin? The Earth Martial G.o.d? The person who might not make a move even if the president of the Federation asked him. The person who the Sacred Martial Hall needed to give some leeway.

He might be persuadable if asked to fight in a great cosmic war, but to save an expert? It would be a wonder for the messenger to deliver this request not to be sent to the hospital to live for a year.

Du Hen clearly knew that this option was not possible. He spoke indifferently. “The second method. Since the power behind G.o.d's Chosen Nation doesn't want to draw our focus, we can take the middle route. We don't need to dispatch the strongest of the strongest lineups as our troops to engage in an attack. We just need to get troops that have some combat power but aren't too amazing at the same time. We can have such troops engage in a frontal a.s.sault and s.n.a.t.c.h the expert back.”

All the generals sitting present began to fall silent. Such forces weren't that easy to find. G.o.d's Chosen Nation was not your typical terrorist organization. Many of their soldiers had a combat essence that could contend with the seasoned special forces soldiers of the Federation.

“In addition, “Viper King spoke once more. “We find a small squad with very few people, and we think of a way to have them infiltrate in secret. They shall be the true troops to rescue our expert.”

“How about the recruits who are training at Happy Paradise Island right now?” Du Yu opened his mouth once more. “They have strength, and at the same time, their ident.i.ties are that of recruits.”

“Not bad.”

“There's reason behind this.”

“General Du's child seems to be among them, right? This mission is very dangerous…”

“General Shen, there is only recruit Du Zhanpeng on Happy Paradise Island. I have no child there.” Du Yu's tone had darkened a bit. “Those who are scared of death shouldn't have become soldiers.”

General Shen, who looked to be fifty years old, gave a faint smile. He just so happen to see Lieutenant General Zuo Ben's smile as well. Within each other's eyes, they could see the implications behind their smiles.

Who would care about the life or death of another family's child in this place? What everybody was truly worried about was meritorious service! This time the person who needed to be rescued was none other than the chief designer of the nano combat suit. It relates to many things regarding the Federation's future combat strategies.

If they were truly able to rescue the expert successfully in such a mission, would Du Zhanpeng's meritorious service be small? None other than two members of the Du Family sat at this table. Not many people hoped that there would be a young Du Zhanpeng appearing at this table in the near future as well.

“If you guys have better ideas, just pretend that this old man is just babbling nonsense.”

Du Hen crossed eight fingers of his two hands together. His two thumbs supported his chin. A cold glow flickered in his eyes, causing people to see the image of a viper once more.

“Hehe. The old general's proposal is obviously the best one. I, myself, approve of it.” Zuo Ben smile looked to be that of extreme delight. He took the lead in casting his vote.

“I approve as well. Experiencing the baptism of the flames of war will prevent the recruits from causing us to lose face in the future tournament.”

“That's right. I approved as well…”

Everyone was on the same side of the conference room table. The decision pa.s.sed unanimously. Everyone's smile was that of extreme delight. Whatever thoughts occurred within one's mind, only the respective individuals would know of them.

With an atmosphere that seeped with tension, the closed conference room had its door slowly open.

The generals walked out in a single file. Du Hen's expression was tranquil as he looked ahead of him. He used a whisper so low that only the person next room could hear him say, “Today, you have done excellently. Ignore the selfish opinions of the others, and don't think too much about scrambling for power. As long as you display the strongest strength, it is yours. You absolutely won't be given less.”

“Yes, father.” Du Yu followed closely behind and responded with a whisper. It was hard to tell that this cautious and solemn middle-aged man was actually a general of true power and authority in the military.

“Oh, right. How goes the preparation of Zhanpeng's food?” Du Hen, who always had the t.i.tle of Viper King, had quite the tenderness appear from the bottom of his eyes when he mentioned his own grandson. The love of a grandparent towards a grandchild wasn't something that only happened in ordinary households. Such a thing also existed among the rich and powerful.

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