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D-Day +50 Semarang, Central Java

The city of Semarang, the capital city of central Java, located at the North coast of Java Island, about halfway between Surabaya City in the east and Jakarta city in the west.

The city of Semarang probably cannot be compared with the two megacities, Jakarta as the capital city if counted with the surrounding urban areas has more than 40 million people, Surabaya on the east has more than 20 million, while Semarang has around 6 million people.

Between these three cities, Semarang seems nothing special, but in this Doomsday Era, the city of Semarang will be the key to survival for the people of Java Island. Of the 5 Doomsday pillars that will drop in Indonesia, the only one dropped in Java island will be located 10 kilometers south of Semarang City.

Therefore this city has been an important goal for Alex. The 200 kilometers journey from Surabaya City took Alex and his group around a week, since then Alex has spent the last two weeks trying to liberate the City of Semarang from the undead infestation. The plan is to make the city into the next home for the people of Java.

Cleaning up 5 million zombies is no easy task, currently, Alex and the team have been setting up a defensive base in Semarang's biggest university complex, Diponegoro University.

The 200-hectare square university complex is located only one kilometer away from the outskirts of Semarang city. It has dozens of multiple story buildings, a 4 tower apartment, a sports stadium, and even its own hospital inside the complex.

Currently, there are already about 60.000 plus people taking refuge in this complex.

These are the survivors of Semarang city, its surroundings, and the refugees gathered by Alex and the team along the journey from Surabaya. There are also the refugees brought by Colonel Rano, the Second Division Unit from Jakarta, sent by General Rico.

Semarang City Base

University of Diponegoro

Area: 204 hectares

Civilians: 64.672

Defense force:

Jakarta 2nd Division: 2.867

Madurese fighters: 5.213

Colonel Rano and his 2nd Division have arrived in this city a few days before Alex's group, even with the two Tank 'Badak' units, but they still had a hard time defending themselves from the hordes. The arrival of Alex's team has been a heaven-sent for them.

General Rico has briefed the colonel about Alex, therefore the Colonel has been very cooperative. The last two weeks the joined forces of 8000 men have killed half of the surrounding zombies.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Around the University complex, groups of fighters seem to be fighting using spears, stabbing the incoming zombies. These are the Madurese fighters.

"Watch out there's a few of the red ones among them!"

Although most of these fighters already reached the mid-stage to high stage Mortal realm, seeing the ferocious red mutated zombie still made the anxious.

Suddenly a figure ran off from the back

Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

"Don't worry, Ruslan is here!!"

Ruslan is the leader of the Madura Fighters, and also their best fighter. He's also the down-to-earth type that likes to joke with his men, he's really popular among the people.

Ruslan jumped into the group of red zombies holding a spear and s.h.i.+eld made of mutated crabs. With just a few swings, he managed to easily kill the surrounding zombies. The men behind him cheered for him.

"Ruslan! Ruslan! Ruslan!"

A minute later a dozen zombies, that have been roaming to these side of the gate were down.

"Ok, this area is secured."

One of the men approached him and gave him a big thumbs up.

"You are the best Ruslan, I think you are the strongest Madurese fighter... No, no, I mean the strongest in the country!"

Hearing the compliment, Ruslan felt really proud but before he could respond, another man laughed at the comment.

"Hahaha, I guess you haven't seen Alex and his group, have you?"

"Alex? Is he stronger than Ruslan?"

"Not just Alex, I think everyone in his group is stronger than Ruslan."

"Really? That's crazy."

Hearing them talking about him as if he's not there irritated him. Sometimes he thinks as their leader, he's a bit too friendly with them...

"Ehem... I am standing right here you know."

"Yes.. of course, you are... We are not blind."


"Excuse me... not all of them are stronger than me... at least I am in the top 10. No the top 5."

The men were not convinced...

"If you are that strong why are here when the group went fighting in the city?"

"Well, they asked me to stay guard the base you know... This is also very important."

"Yeah... Yeah... Alright. We believe you."

Ruslan was really irritated with their comments, not really because they were wrong, but because deep down he somehow felt that they are right. Alex has been forming skirmish groups consisting of only the strongest fighters and it has annoyed him that he didn't get an invite.

At the same time in one corner of Semarang City, a small group of fighters was being surrounded by thousands of undead. Currently, it seems in every 10 normal zombies there is one mutated red one. Hundreds of mutated zombies circled the group of 50 men preparing to jump on the prey.

None in this group of fighters holding firearms. All were holding melee weapons; spears, swords, axes, and hammers. Even though they were surrounded 100 to 1 it seems none of these men were nervous.


All the undead went in trying to grab a bite of flesh from the humans in front of them... They are hungry for some fresh meat... but what was waiting in front of them was sharp cold steel.

SLAs.h.!.+ STAB!! SWIs.h.!.+ STAB!!

The 50 fighters moved with great rhythm. They did not appear to be in formation, but they were able to hold the lines. Each of the men was able to fight multiple undead individually.

Just within a minute, hundreds of undead got decapitated in pieces, dropped unmoving on the ground.

This group of 50 men was handpicked by Alex among the survivors who have reached the peak stage Mortal Realm.

Alex forbade them from using firearms, as in the future, firearms will become ineffective. Among these 50 men, half of them came from the army so the past two weeks have been a great experience for them.

Alex currently watched them from the top of one of the buildings with the golem standing next to him. Since the fight with the black zombie, Alex couldn't be careless.

James Randall and his men were among this group, Winter, Red, Zee, Flea and a few others have picked a different kind of edged weapon. Winter, even without firearms killed zombies left and right easily. Alex was sure this Winter has to be a spirit enhancer.

The twins kept getting better and better, with their double sabers. Both were jumping around between zombies, within each stop a zombie's head would rolls.

Theo already got the knack of using the pickaxe and Cindy always still seems excited about all the fighting.

"Yeeesss another one... Double kill with one whip!!.."

But among all these fighters, currently, Alex focused his attention to the girl in a black suit fighting alone separated from the group.

Aria the ice queen currently trained herself in using small daggers. The weapon was first chosen because of its small size as it won't be a hinder to her when she holds a sniper rifle. But with time she came to like using it more and more.

Aria beautifully moved among the hordes, moving in rhythm, she's flowing along with her fighting techniques.

SLAs.h.!.+ SLAs.h.!.+ SLAs.h.!.+

Unconsciously she's able to pace her breathing with her skill. Although she moved really fast, her consciousness was totally calm like an ocean. Suddenly something within her body seemed to change...


Alex and some of the men noticed that Aria is changing... Aria's body was covered in mist. The mist thickened and started to reflect light, slowly Aria's body started to disappear.

Dozens of zombies found themselves stabbed and slashed from out of nowhere, they couldn't see their attacker. Seeing the situation, a big smile was on Alex's face.

"She really is special."

After 10 minutes, there were only a few dozen zombies left, and Alex quickly gave an order.


The group quickly moved back together, running a few hundred meters into a designated location. A minute later the previous killing field already had already been swarmed with another wave of zombie hordes. In fighting zombie hordes, it's important to know the right timing to retreat from the battle.

The group of fifty finally entered a safe zone, some men approached Aria.

"What the h.e.l.l was that?"

"That was awesome!!"

Aria did realize something changed with her body, but she really had no idea how to explain. Alex moved closer to Aria and said:

"Don't worry too much, you will eventually get used to it."

In his previous life, Alex knew there were a few special spirit enhancer who were able to show their spirit proficiency even before their transformation into the Earth Realm, these people were considered as the talented one.

Hearing Alex's explanation, the twins felt jealous.

"How about us, teach us how... Teach us!"

"Sorry, I really can't help."

t.i.t!! t.i.t!! t.i.t!!

Alex radio communication suddenly made a sound.

"Yes? OK. That's great."

After the short radio com, Alex called out the 50 members.

"Ok boys, time to get back, finally our guest has arrived,"

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